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Deluge, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1864

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  1. calli Avatar

    Just trying to imagine what I’d do if I caught a vandal in the middle of vandalising. Too short to crash tackle them, too wary of litigation to ferrule them with the brolly. And mean words wouldn’t stop them.

    Probably best to alert security with a shout of “Fire!”.

  2. Zyconoclast Avatar

    Coming to a State/City near you…

    Portland’s new charter could declare it sits on stolen land

    It reads, in part, “Portland is located in the unceded territory of the Aucocisco Band of the Wabanaki … European colonizers displaced Wabanaki people by force and went on to displace and harm indigenous peoples throughout what is now Maine and the United States.”

    It goes on to say, “We acknowledge that displacement and that harm with sorrow, even as we celebrate and honor the Wabanaki knowledge and culture that continue to thrive in the Tribal Nations that have and always will call this place, the Dawnland, their home.”

  3. Roger Avatar

    If the team can reengineer the sensor into a compact, rugged device, the technology could safely guide vehicles where GPS signals are jammed or lost.

    Jolly good, but it makes you wonder how we ever managed with just a map and a compass.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Face masks no longer mandatory at Dubai airports

    Fits. Face masks are unhelpful for facial recognition software.

  5. rosie Avatar

    Exactly Calli, I’d call security but would be very reluctant to tackle vandals.

  6. calli Avatar

    Face masks no longer mandatory at Dubai airports

    Burquas and niqabs okay.

    The only people I saw wearing face nappies over two months ago were foreigners, and definitely not all of them. The locals…meh.

  7. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    ““Yes it is a danger because I think he is toxic and obnoxious, they’re all about saying and celebrating everything that’s wrong in the world, and they’re trying to make it worse.” (Community Action of Rainbow Rights member) Mr Readford said.”

    When you do a google search of “Owen Marsden-Readford” (the double barrelled surname is a clue), it has him attending Arden Anglican School, located on Sydney’s leafy North Shore. So clearly Marsden-Readford didn’t grow up in suburbs like Macquarie Fields, or Bankstown, or Mt Druitt or even Parramatta.

    Marsden-Readford was also behind the CPAC protest, I recall him on the Sunday morning being talked to by the police. Given Marsden-Readford’s privileged background, it confirms what I said when I confronted the two young zombies putting up posters five days before the CPAC event here on Oxford Street, I confronted them, tore down the posters and I pointed at them and said that “come the revolution, middle class scum like you will be dealt with”. Their reaction? They run a mile because they’re cowards, and Marsden-Readford is no different.

    You see, that’s how you deal with the likes of scum like Marsden-Readford.

  8. rosie Avatar

    “Fits. Face masks are unhelpful for facial recognition software.”
    You’ve never been to Dubai?
    Full face coverings were de rigueur there long before covid.

  9. OldOzzie Avatar

    Netball boss takes a brutal swipe at players after Gina Rinehart terminated $15MILLION sponsorship deal with over racism scandal: ‘Money does not grow on trees’

    . West Coast Fever CEO hits back at players who saw $15million deal withdrawn
    . Her team lost major $2million deal with Roy Hill – owned by Hancock Prospecting
    . Concern over Hancock Prospecting logo raised in support of Aboriginal player
    . Donnell Wallam objected to logo due to racist comments made by Lang Hancock
    . Mining company announced on Saturday they would be terminating the deal
    . CEO of the Australian Netball Players Association also broke silence this week
    . Kathryn Williams said Diamonds had agreed to wear uniform with Hancock logo


    Lisa Wilkinson is savaged over her criticism of Gina Rinehart pulling $15M sponsorship for Netball Australia as viewers say she should ‘stop pointing the finger’ and ‘fund the sport herself’

  10. Winston Smith Avatar


    The arrivals hall at Schiphol was a nightmare, packed with many planes’ worth of passengers- if anyone was going to pass on any airborne infection, that was the place. There were no mask rules there at all, and we looked at each other wondering what the idiotic “vaxx” rule was all about given the obvious slackness within the airport itself.

    Imagine, if you would, that formidable mob of old bulls and heifers just saying “Fuck this for a lark”, and just pushing through the barriers.
    What would happen?

  11. calli Avatar

    it has him attending Arden Anglican School, located on Sydney’s leafy North Shore.

    Beecroft and Epping. Definitely didn’t take the school motto to heart – “In God My Joy”.

    I know the primary school…well. 🙂

  12. calli Avatar

    What would happen?

    The heavily armed Dutch version of the AFP would shoot them.

    Immigration is a b*tch, but lead poisoning is worse.

  13. rosie Avatar

    Dubai was always a nightmare pre covid.
    Never enough lanes open, no orderly queues, still no-one ever took on security.

  14. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Full face coverings were de rigueur there long before covid.

    The dangerous ones aren’t women. As I said I think the Gulf States security services will be on edge for the next few months. Covid stuff is a convenient excuse for a lot of stuff they’d want to do, without generating as much pushback as might otherwise happen.

  15. OldOzzie Avatar

    The Guy is Totally Ga Ga

    Joe Biden gets lost in his own garden: More worrying footage shows president ask ‘where do we go?’ and look confused after tree planting event for White House groundskeeper

    . President Joe Biden, 79, appeared confused as he tried to make his way back to the White House following a tree-planting event for the groundskeeper Monday
    . Biden and First Lady Jill Biden planted an elm tree in honor of Dale Haney, the chief White House groundskeeper who marked 50 years on the job
    . Footage posted on Twitter showed the president being turned around after he was going the wrong way on the White House grounds
    . It’s just one of several awkward moments Biden has had in the past few months, some of which have called his declining health into question
    . Last week, the president struggled to get off stage after his speech in Pittsburgh
    . In September, Biden was seen wandering about the UN stage after a speech and in August, he struggled to put on his coat and his wife had to help him

    Comments not Kind

    – I can’t believe the entire country watches the Demonrat Party commit elder abuse on a daily basis and we don’t do anything about it. We need our vibrant healthy President Trump back in office.

    – He must be removed from office. This is outrageous

    – My god.

    Where’s the Easter Bunny when you need him?

  16. Big_Nambas Avatar

    Mundine, was is and always will be! A fuckwit.

  17. rosie Avatar

    I used to hate Singapore too, far more orderly than Dubai but the gun toting military were intimidating.

  18. Lysander Avatar

    Have to laugh!

    Optus stadium will only be half full (or is that half empty) for Australia’s cricket clash against Sri Lanka tonight.

    Most people ringing into talkback cited: Langer sacking, Cummins wokeness and several (including myself) said they now go for anyone but Australia!!! 😛

  19. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    I went through Dubai airport in the early 90s before much of the development really took off. No lanes through passport clearance you just crowded around the desk and waved your passport in the air. Fortunately the Arabs are pretty racist so a whitey got ahead of the Africans and Asians. No complaints from me.

  20. OldOzzie Avatar

    October 25, 2022 at 11:43 am
    I used to hate Singapore too, far more orderly than Dubai but the gun toting military were intimidating.


    you know, I never noticed them in Singapore or Dubai

    In Dubai, have only ever been transit and do priority security then up to Emirates 1st Class Lounge which is really peaceful, only problem is as travelling – Economy, lift down to flight stops at A380 upper level 1st & Business, and have to go down stairs to Economy Loading

    Coming back through Dubai usually arriving from Europe around 1100, have taken to taking Airport Hotel for a great sleep – most comfortable beds, then up 1 floor to 1st Class Lounge for Breakfast and 1030 Flight Y to OZ

  21. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    I didn’t mind Singapore. Gun toting security aren’t really an issue unless there is a real probability they will actually shoot you. Likewise 50 machine gun toting gendarmes when you are enjoying your morning croissant.

  22. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    At least not going to the cricket at Optus you are spared the privations of not going to the cricket at the WACA.

  23. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    How would the US react to China having a military alliance with Mexico, and supporting it financially?
    The answer is “badly”.

    The Zimmerman telegram led to the US entry into WW I soon after.

  24. rosie Avatar

    Singapore security staff tried to force my then late seventies mother to strip to her singlet in public, not impressed.
    I think I was thinking of that Australian Vietnamese man who got caught with drugs transiting Singapore and was executed around the time we were passing through one year. Drugs were intended for Australia and here he would have spent a few years in prison.
    Gun toting military everywhere in France were actually a welcome sight, much better than a furious muslim v Frenchman confrontation a few inches from you cafe au lait.

  25. Lysander Avatar

    What’s all this about….

    Attorney General Merrick Garland will hold a news conference Monday afternoon to discuss “significant national security cases addressing malign influence schemes and alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States,” the Justice Department announced in an advisory.

  26. Lysander Avatar

    You know what, I reckon it’s going to be about how they’re going to take “special care” of ballot boxes.


  27. Lysander Avatar

    Yeah… I hate being right all of the time! 😛

    JUST IN – Biden admin set to warn about “threats to nation’s election infrastructure” ahead of midterms — an intelligence bulletin is slated to be issued this week, Politico reports.

  28. rosie Avatar


  29. Lysander Avatar


    Trump…. obviously


  30. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    What’s all this about….


  31. Lysander Avatar

    The DoJ/Biden Crime Syndicate are going to blame the Kleptocrapts biggest loss in US electoral history on election hackings… And they’ll throw Trump in there somehow too (perhaps by paying another person a million bucks to Make Shit Up Again.

  32. rickw Avatar

    I used to hate Singapore too, far more orderly than Dubai but the gun toting military were intimidating.

    Worst I have seen is Heathrow. Policewoman flicking the safety on and off on her MP5 while chatting with fellow officers.

    Kinshasa is also not great, visa on arrival they make a point of giving you a look up the wrong end of an AK-47 before taking you off to a side room.

  33. Top Ender Avatar
    Top Ender

    Mrs TE wants to “break the flight” in a trip to Europe next year by stopping for two days in Doha.

    Is there anything of interest there for a chap who’s not interested in modern buildings built on sand or Mussie museums?

  34. Lysander Avatar

    Is there anything of interest there for a chap who’s not interested in modern buildings built on sand or Mussie museums?

    I hear that ISIS are a real hoot! 😛

  35. will Avatar

    my plastic straws come via eBay, now all I need is a supplier of microbeads to make sure my clothes actually get washed in phosphate free detergent in minimal water washing machines

  36. rosie Avatar

    Nice hotel, sleeping in and having a swim?
    I had an unplanned stopover in Dubai once, offered a bus tour I opted for shower and sleeping.

  37. rosie Avatar

    And another reason why I like to arrive in Rome, after the long leg to Dubai the approximately six hours to Rome is a piece of cake.

  38. OldOzzie Avatar

    Top Endersays:
    October 25, 2022 at 12:37 pm
    Mrs TE wants to “break the flight” in a trip to Europe next year by stopping for two days in Doha.

    Is there anything of interest there for a chap who’s not interested in modern buildings built on sand or Mussie museums?

    THE TOP 10 Doha Tours & Excursions in 2022 – Viator

    Desert Safari with Camel Ride, Sand Boarding & Inland Sea Tour in Doha 64 Venture away from Qatar’s capital and explore the desert on this half-day adventure from Doha. Travel into the towering dunes, passing Sealine Beach along the way, and enjoy several activities throughout the day.

  39. cohenite Avatar

    Worth repeating:

    Cassie of Sydneysays:
    October 24, 2022 at 10:25 pm
    Tonight I attended a wonderful talk at the Centre of Independent Studies. I will write a post on that later. Nick Cater was there and I decided to have a chat with him about the state of the Liberal Party. I asked Nick about the SMH piece by Brandis the Bigot. He said he hadn’t read the piece. We continued to talk and he started saying that “we need to look forward”. I responded, “that’s all very well Nick but first the Liberal Party needs to learn the lessons of the past nine years”. He then said “Morrison is no longer PM, it’s all in the past”. I was left flummoxed and I said “I know Nick but if we don’t learn from the past then the party is bound to make the same mistakes”. I asked him “where are the conservatives in the party?” He said that the Party is a broad church. I said “yes, but to be a broad church it needs to have some moderates and conservatives and yet Turnbull and Morrison purged the conservatives. He then asked me if I liked Dutton and I said I did like him but he referred to CPAC attendees such as myself as “extreme right”. Nick said that wasn’t true and I said YES IT WAS. I then said “Dutton better say no to the Voice”. Cater didn’t answer.

    They haven’t got a clue. They still huddle around little johnnie’s broad fucking church, manners and a pip, pip approach to dealing with the left as the left wheels out the machine guns. As has been noted there are very few left in the lnp who can be relied upon: Antic, Rennick, Canavan, Chandler; there are none in the liars/filth. Then there is PHON and a few independents. Politically Australia is stuffed.

  40. Lysander Avatar

    Expert speaking about Xi and his congress from a few days ago is actually talking about Biden???

    A person drunk on power often makes catastrophic decisions. When that person is in charge of a country that isn’t afraid to be openly adversarial with the rest of the world, these events may portend a dangerous moment.

    The other thing I didn’t understand from the CCP congress was why everyone had masks on, except all of those in the front row. Why’s that? Cos, science?

  41. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    The other thing I didn’t understand from the CCP congress was why everyone had masks on, except all of those in the front row. Why’s that? Cos, science?

    China, by decree of Xi, is still officially chasing covid zero as its policy.

  42. Lysander Avatar

    I had lunch with James McGrath about two years ago and he was absolutely scathing of the Wets in the Libs so there’s at least one more solid citizen there…

  43. Lysander Avatar

    Yes FM
    I get that but why do front benchers not wear masks and the other 500 did?

    Btw – I’ll wave to you next week as I fly overhead to Carnarvon… **ugh**

  44. John H. Avatar
    John H.

    Researchers find key to keep working memory working

    The new study shows that these prefrontal cortical circuits depend upon the neurotransmitter acetylcholine stimulating muscarinic M1 receptors aligned on the surface of neurons of the prefrontal cortex.

    Another example of why I have been warning people about the potential dangers of anticholinergic drugs. Tricyclic antidepressants can have an anticholinergic effect. Mirtazapine is one such drug and is a potent anticholinergic. It is also prescribed for older people as a sleep aid. The general advice these days, in the literature at least though probably not yet in the clinic, is that older people (>55 years), should if possible avoid anticholinergics.

  45. cohenite Avatar

    October 25, 2022 at 12:56 pm
    I had lunch with James McGrath about two years ago and he was absolutely scathing of the Wets in the Libs so there’s at least one more solid citizen there…

    Yeah, I’ve heard that; but if push comes to shove is he going to be like Antic or Rennick and do it publicly and aggressively. Even Canavan isn’t mincing words anymore and he used to be circumspect. And what has happened to big Pete; little simon in his ear?

  46. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    as I fly overhead to Carnarvon

    May god have mercy on your soul…

  47. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    new fred

  48. cohenite Avatar

    Kate Perry is a bot. Slightly weird.

  49. Lysander Avatar

    Lol FM… I don’t want to go but have to for work…

    Donbass sounds nicer this time of year…

  50. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bearesays:

    October 25, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Hyacinth leading her best life.

    Bullshit, Bear. People like Hyacinth are most certainly on board, and good luck to them if being poseurs is their thing

    I couldn’t agree more.

  51. bons Avatar

    Be very careful of McGrath. He was the Turd’s hit man in QLD and is a power broker (UK trained). His protestations regarding the Moderates do not ring true.
    It was McGrath who lowered the boom on my branch after the coup.

  52. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer


    H B Bearsays:

    October 25, 2022 at 11:10 am

    Mashed potato (with butter and pepper) is too valuable to waste. Pro tip – buy a ricer. 

    Essential tool for making potato gnocchi.

  53. bons Avatar

    I am absolutely banned from even considering transit through Dubai.
    Madam was thoroughly touched-up by a crow at a supposed random security check in the transit lounge.
    The Business lounge was up in arms with a crowd of Aussie women being very voluable in announcing that they will never be back.
    A town best left to Brit banker wankers.

  54. Winston Smith Avatar


    The world is moving on to the Next Thing. Which will probably be worse. It usually is.

    I don’t know if I’ve said this before but two nasties have been surfacing in media over the last few months – I make no claims to this, but just odd appearances.
    Marburg Fever
    And Foot and Mouth Disease.
    Marburg for us, and F&M for cloven hoofed animals.

  55. louis Avatar

    Statements like that are already included under the email signature block of most of the QLD government employees. And also ‘path to treaty’

  56. Winston Smith Avatar


    It’s a narrative shift when they saw the wind blow the other way.

    It’s something the Left is VERY good at. Listen carefully and when they do it, it becomes very obvious. It will also tell you where their weak spots are.
    Focus on ‘where is the money going’ – that’s their vulnerability.

  57. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I love you too, Sancho. You poseur, you.

    After dinner Hairy says do I want to see someone identifying as a comedian in the theatre?
    So we trundle along to try to identify as an audience.
    Actually, it wasn’t too hard as he was quite good, laid back with good timing.
    Warm up stuff about fatherhood and teaching the kids sports and then onto more meaty themes.

    He was about amusing loving thy neighbour and turning the other cheek.
    Jesus, he notes, was never stuck in traffic.

    He was hilarious acting out being made by modern life to work for them not them work for you.
    Supermarket self-check in stuff. He reckoned it was about time he got an employee discount.
    And more like that. We the audience lapped it up. We’ve all been there.

  58. flyingduk Avatar

    Face masks no longer mandatory at Dubai airports

    Fits. Face masks are unhelpful for facial recognition software.

    Each time I re-entered the UAE on previous ‘government business’, I was required to submit to a retinal scan….. I wonder if thats a ‘freedom sack’ workaround for the Arab World?

  59. flyingduk Avatar

    I just made a wasted 180km round trip to Bunnings to find the item listed as ‘In store’ on their website was actually not available – I told them I was disappointed by their error (not my exact words).

    On the way back, I filled the car at the local chain servo – and was aghast at the price of the pies: $7.50 for a standard meat pie and $6.30 for a sausage roll;

    Are you fcuking kidding me?? If this is what %7 inflation looks like (sarc), ghod help us!

  60. flyingduk Avatar

    More on the vax fraud in this excellent piece at Jo Nova where Mathematics Professor Norman Fenton shows how classifying the vaccinated as ‘unvaxxed’ until 2 weeks after the shot (or the 2nd shot, or the booster etc) could easily generate a 93% effective claim for the vax, even if it was 100% ineffective – must see clip.

  61. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    I see that tennis chap Williams is making a comeback before retiring. Just can’t let Margarets record stand. Going around one more time to take defence and offence to a new level.

  62. Winston Smith Avatar

    Bruce O’Newk:

    I’m wondering if there might be a contribution from reduced immunity, but the cited reason is entirely plausible.

    A very large component is the fact spitting isn’t dealt with by a good punch in the mouth, as well as the invasion of diseased no hopers who expect instant cure from us and refuse to take the entire treatment course of :
    If you have latent tuberculosis, you might need to take only one or two types of TB drugs. Active tuberculosis, particularly if it’s a drug-resistant strain, will require several drugs at once. The most common medications used to treat tuberculosis include from the Mayoclinic:

    Rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane)
    Ethambutol (Myambutol)
    If you have drug-resistant TB, a combination of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones and injectable medications, such as amikacin or capreomycin (Capastat), are generally used for 20 to 30 months. Some types of TB are developing resistance to these medications as well.

    Some drugs might be added to therapy to counter drug resistance, including:

    Bedaquiline (Sirturo)
    Linezolid (Zyvox)

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