THE VOICE of energy realism

Mark Mills explains why the green energy transition is not happening. 5 min

On the limits of wind and solar power. 5 min

Nigel Ballantyne

On the beauty  of nuclear power. 4 min

What sea-level rises? 2 min

Welcome to COP 27 1 min

RC The tragic tale of peaks and troughs in windpower 8 min

RC The German trifecta of failure 6 min

5 thoughts on “THE VOICE of energy realism”

  1. Thanks, Rafe. Some good reading here. I’ll open whatever I can cruising here on the sea of the Caribbean, where the internet is very limited (company policy to cope with the traffic) and doesn’t much like linkies. They will save for later though. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rafe. I note that the aemo now includes ” renewable penetrative” on the data dashboard. They crap on about 100% continually while ignoring the times when little is available.

  3. Thanks Jock, we have to keep reminding people that the green transition is not determined by the penetration of RE on good days, it depends on lifting the RE input on windless nights to meet more of the demand, more than next to nothing, towards most or all of the demand.
    In the absence of feasible and affordable storage at grid-scale that will never happen.

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