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  1. Citation, or you’re a liar.

    Where’s your citation for your claims that John Curtin was planning to commit treason, in the event of a Japanese invasion? I won’t mention the battle fleet at Pearl Harbor.

  2. Rogersays:
    March 24, 2023 at 8:33 pm
    Ukrainians voted for Zelensky as an anti-corruption candidate.

    They may have been naive to do so, but the popular will to deal with the issue was there.

    Zelensky came to power in May 2019 and I haven’t been in Ukraine since then. Not because of him but other things and then covid came along so no travel possible.

    He was ‘lucky’ the war with Russia happened inasmuch as the endemic corruption (and it is endemic) proved to be far more resilient than he might have thought. Consequently, his popularity was failing as his claim to root out corruption seemed like yet another unfulfilled political promise.

    Separately, there were allegations (unproven) that Zelensky was also corrupt and was intending to prune the lower branches of the corruption tree but only as a sign he was ‘doing something’. He and his mates would continue to feast from the trough. (This could easily be sour comments from his political opponents).

    But, who knows!? The war happened and everybody’s attention was drawn elsewhere. However, there is ample evidence the corruption is flourishing during the war crisis with numerous reports and video footage of military materiel being spirited away (and not towards the troops) only to turn up in distant locations.

    I can say with utter certainty that corruption by officials in Ukraine was totally routine. It was just the way of life. Even the lowest public servant was in for their share. Nothing was achievable unless you paid extra, in cash, and if you really wanted prompt action, offer US$. Whether that is still true, I don’t know. It is entirely possible that many who voted for Zelensky were not on the receiving end of this income but were instead contributing towards it. Therefore, anybody promising to stop the practice would garner a lot of votes.

  3. I’d give John H some leeway, because there is a meaning to this

    Objective Specificity … does that mean like, getting to the bloody point?

  4. All regional Victoria Cats – Mater is organising a meet up on Easter Saturday with me and Hairy when we are in Bendigo absorbing operatic strurm und drang. No Opera for us on the Sat.

    Mater suggests any regional Cats who would like to engage in a few drinks and chat a some venue on that Saturday get in touch with him. As he notes, most people have other arrangements, but all known commenters here would be welcome. Dover can probably assist with Mater’s details.

    I will repost this tomorrow and next week sometime too for those who don’t check in regularly.

  5. Objective Specificity … does that mean like, getting to the bloody point?

    A rationally-based relationship to a clearly nominated thing? Something like that would be my take-out on it. John H can let us know.

  6. Philosophers, like scientists, aim for precision by specific ways of defining that which they discuss.
    Dover might have something to add about this. Sometimes complex language can have a genuine utility. Domain utility. Everyone else knows what is meant by a given concept.

    It can of course become self-serving and completely obscurantist, as in post-modernism.

    And not suitable for bedtime. 🙂

    Off to watch James Morrow’s US Report now, on replay. I really like James. He’s fun and clever too.

  7. And then there is Rudd’s ‘programmatic specificity’. Not much of a political slogan, that one. lol.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bearesays:
    March 24, 2023 at 11:10 pm
    Objective Specificity … does that mean like, getting to the bloody point?

    A rationally-based relationship to a clearly nominated thing? Something like that would be my take-out on it. John H can let us know.

    Come on Lizzie, you’re baiting me to go down that rabbit hole again! You know this all too well … .

    Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language.
    –Ludwig Wittgenstein

  9. Boambee John says:
    March 24, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    a sovereign Gunnai Gunditjmara DjabWurrung woman

    Is that something like a sovereign citizen?

    She’s used that form of words a few times, and it seems an awful coincidence if that is what it is.

    The loony, if often slightly adorable, ‘SovCit’ movement may yet be of some benefit. You just keep on swirling that particular drain, Lydia.

    … DjabWurrung…

    I can understand that the first letter of all these so-called nations gets capitalized, because of our whitey sentence structure (aka structural racism). How, exactly, does the name of a tribe with no written language end up with a capitalized letter in the middle, sans hyphen or any other white-privileged interference? It’s like some SciFi invented name. There’s no-one taking the pi$$ here, is there?

  10. Lizzie, Bendigo invite sounds good. Might be a stretch to get there. But if can join will do so.

  11. Just watched AfL Bne Lions v Melb Demons. Black xunt out midway thru last qtr. sorry load shitting. What a third world city the princess has turned Brisbane into.

    Meanwhile we in Vic refuse to dig for gas…goes back into cnr and waits to whiskey effects to wear off. FU Dan! Grrrr!!!!

  12. Gold just hit

    can’t be right,
    that barbarous relic seems to be going the opposite direction to everything else
    i wonder why

  13. Ed Casesays:
    March 24, 2023 at 10:10 pm
    “as a sovereign Gunnai Gunditjmara DjabWurrung woman” claiming the protection of the legal system of the colonial power?

    Are you saying that a foreign tourist isn’t entitled to the protection of Australia’s Legal System?
    Or just Lidia Thorpe?

    You’re not a deep thinker are you?

    She claims to be “sovereign”, but as soon as the claim is tested, demands protection from an organisation she claims to reject. Do foreign tourists reject Australia’s legal system?

  14. Who was the British guy who wrote about the Nuremberg Trials so the facts would be the facts and not rewritten – can anyone help me?

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