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The Moreno Garden at Bordighera, Claude Monet, 1884

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  1. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    NDIS is “highly limited and constrained to people with permanent and significant impairment”.

    Many people still struggle to get basic equipment or personal care, others have had plans cut, and the prolonged assessments and bureaucracy mean that this is hardly a luxury,” he said.

    “highly limited”, “basic equipment”, “personal care”? LOL. Sex workers anyone?

    But the complaints about bureaucracy are probably valid.

  2. cohenite Avatar

    BEST kick-arse scene I’ve seen (Reacher TV series: She pretty.):

  3. 132andBush Avatar

    Pauline Hanson slammed over depiction of NDIS in ‘Please Explain’ video

    It’s a great video.

    “Voted for the greens? Get in here with your cognitive disability.”

  4. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Are you still “doublin’ down on stupid” in relation to the US Civil War

    Or the United States Navy battleship fleet, in the Pacific, during World War Two?

  5. will Avatar

    Filet O’ Fish.
    An abomination from the very depths of hell. And that does not include the “Tartare” sauce.

    I am sure it actually includes fish, maybe heads and fins and scales. Amazing what the modern food industry can conjure up.

  6. OldOzzie Avatar

    Banking behemoth CEO flaunts federal incompetency and proposes the use of ‘eminent domain’ against American citizens

    It’s one of the more bizarre experiences in life to witness the unsuspecting sheep shuffle on towards the abattoir as you openly declare the danger ahead, telling them they are in fact moving towards a grisly death.

    What’s even stranger, is when those sheep bleat back, asserting the slaughterhouse is actually a utopia, and once inside, everything will be more just, more free, and more fair.

    Of course, the analogy above is akin to the struggle of the awake conservative and how we relate to contemporary everyday leftists. They really have no idea they’re nothing more than pawns, utterly dispensable, and they too will be told to ‘face the wall’ if — as Tucker Carlson labels them — the “lizard overlords in Davos” get their way.

    Speaking of whom….

    Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and World Economic Forum crony, dispatched a letter to all shareholders just two days ago which contained several revealing tidbits, two of which I will highlight.

    The first?

    Dimon proposes the seizure of Americans’ private property as a viable path forward for the “green” agenda.

    In his words:

    We may even need to evoke eminent domain – we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.

    As we all know, the Inflation Reduction Act was really just the Green New Deal, with billions of confiscated and unbacked dollars funneled to “green” industries — and now the globalists are openly clawing for our real estate too.


    Dimon reveals how deeply inept (or is it putrescent?) the Federal Reserve, and the Biden troupe as a whole really is — and I actually don’t think it was intentional. Speaking to the recent financial fiascos,

    Dimon wrote:

    Regarding the current disruption in the U.S. banking system, most of the risks were hiding in plain sight. Interest rate exposure, the fair value of held-to-maturity (HTM) portfolios and the amount of SVB’s uninsured deposits were always known – both to regulators and the marketplace.

    It is unlikely that any recent change in regulatory requirements would have made a difference in what followed. Instead, the recent rapid rise of interest rates placed heightened focus on the potential for rapid deterioration…. Even worse, the stress testing based on the scenario devised by the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) never incorporated interest rates at higher levels. This is not to absolve bank management – it’s just to make clear that this wasn’t the finest hour for many players.

    “The stress testing based on the scenario devised by… (the Fed) never incorporated interest rates at higher levels.”

    If economic “experts” with noteworthy “credentials” couldn’t figure out that raising the rates was going to be the only way to temporarily mitigate the unfettered spending — something even I knew — then they rival Bill Cooper’s example of “the stupidest” people to ever “walk the face of the earth.” Or, they’re not that dumb, and they manufactured the financial crises… central bank digital currency anyone? Either way it remains inarguable — the Fed completely fails at its stated mission “to foster the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the nation’s monetary, financial, and payment systems so as to promote optimal macroeconomic performance.”

    So how can we slow the bleeding? Well, Dimon offers us that answer too — albeit seemingly intentionally. Read below:

  7. Rockdoctor Avatar


    If Craig Wallace is the useless and utterly incompetent former Thuringowa member perhaps a question should be asked about his continuing snout being in the trough. A former local member of mine till we got moved into Hinchinbrook by boundary changes, Sam Cox a decent member dispatched him but regretfully lasted 1 term.

    Nice to see he is still slithering around.

  8. Siltstone Avatar

    Rabz quote from Theodore Dalrymple (6:30pm) is one for the ages.

  9. OldOzzie Avatar

    Donald Trump, Tiberius Gracchus, And America’s Imminent End

    Donald Trump’s indictment makes one wonder if the members of the Democrat party have ever picked up a history book, walked by one in a library, or accidentally heard an episode of the History of Rome podcast.

    I doubt it because if they had, they’d know that Rome didn’t transition from a republic to an empire overnight, and they’d be familiar with the modern iteration of the George Santayana adage:

    Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

    By the time Caesar became dictator in 49 BC, the Republic was already gone in everything but name only. The Republic’s collapse had been put in motion 80 years before with the murder of Tiberius Gracchus.

    Gracchus was a populist Plebeian tribune, essentially the equivalent of being a member of our House of Representatives. Citizens loved him, and the aristocratic Senate hated him. His assassination points the way to Caesar:

    [T]he oligarchy had introduced violence into the political system with the murder of Tiberius Gracchus and over the years the use of violence became increasingly acceptable as various political disputes in Rome led to more and more bloody discord.

    With Gracchus’s death, violence became an increasingly common political weapon in Rome, with Sulla’s purges early in the 1st century BC as the clearest example. Sulla executed 9,000 rival Marian partisan supporters, without regard for age or sex.

    Three decades later, Caesar would take control, only to lose his life at the hands of a cabal of his establishment rivals. This widespread political violence only came to an end (temporary as it might be) when his adopted son, Augustus, become emperor. Tellingly, however, Augustus achieved that peace only after executing thousands of his political enemies.

    Rome devolved from a republic in which domestic politics were decided mostly by words and relatively objective laws, to a dictatorship where laws were anything but objective, and the emperor could take life and property on a whim.

    The late Roman Republic had the equivalent of our “Swamp,” which it called the Senate.

    While ostensibly there were balancing powers of influence, such as the assemblies, two Consuls (a split executive office with a term of one year) and, occasionally, the appointment of a temporary Dictator, the reality is that the Senate, made up of the richest and most powerful citizens, ran the Republic. Even when one of the assemblies or one of the Consuls seemed to be ascendant, it was the senators calling most of the shots through their relationships with the state officials, familial connections to this or that general, and their control of the purse strings.

    So, you have a body of rich and powerful citizens having ostensibly limited power through the visible levers of government, but actually exercising real power through the connections, relationships, and shared ideology of the apparatchiks in the bureaucracy, the opinion makers, and those who indoctrinate the youth who always act as the frontline shock troops. Sound familiar?

    Things have changed a lot in 2,000 years, but the nature of man…not so much.

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As with most things today, political changes happen faster than they did in the past.

    America has been loosed from the anchor of the Constitution and the rule of law that kept our citizens free for two centuries.

    While the blood of the regime’s enemies may not yet be flowing in the streets, history very clearly tells us that, unless we change what’s happening, it will be.

    The question is, are there enough Americans who are familiar with history and willing to pull us out of our national death spiral before that terrible end is upon us?

    How Americans respond to Donald Trump’s persecution is the canary in the coal mine that will likely answer that question.

  10. Rabz Avatar

    Depicts greenfilth imbecile Jordy Hyphen-John, who pretends to utilise a wheelchair and is the nation’s latest intellectually disabled senator, surrounded by sex wukkas

    Sounds like a case of the utterly useless irreparably brain damaged imbecile being busted for his hypocrisy. Resulting in one irreversible outcome*

    HOP Time™.

    *Or “Snoutcome” as a certain personage might opine. 🙂

  11. Indolent Avatar

    Parents of High School Football Star Markus Martinez Who Suffered Major Heart Attack, Speak Out

    Two of the comments –

    This whole story has parodied what happened to me . I was in perfect health. as a former athlete I was always in good health and was careful with diet and took no pills or medicine. One year after the fzr. vaccine I went to see my doctor because of pain on my left shoulder and arm . I was sent to hospital and was diagnosed as having 3 arterie blockages one being the main arterie that carries 70% of blood supply to the hearth. I had emergency heart bypass one week later. I had told the doctors and the cardiologists initially that I had not felt as good since I had the vaccine . My comments were ignored.

    My 23yr old foster son just passed away this past December 28th, from sudden cardiac arrest. He didn’t smoke, or do drugs and he barely drank alcohol. He only got vaccinated because his employer required it. Up here in Canada, the UNvaxxed were treated like lepers. (We couldn’t travel on planes, trains or busses, etc.) I am SO angry at the doctors for sending him home with a diagnosis of anxiety, and a prescription for antidepressants, about a month before he died. I am SO angry at the government. I am SO angry at the mandates. I am SO angry at the obfuscation of data by the pharmaceutical companies and scientists. I am SO angry at the media, for the propaganda. I am just SO angry…
    We need to DEMAND investigations into the rise in sudden deaths, especially in our young people! What’s going on is criminal, imo.

  12. Gilas Avatar

    calli says:
    April 7, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    Greenwich also labeled Latham as “dangerous”

    Communist leftards have a gift for hurling baseless insults, without fear of retribution.
    I can’t wait for that fear to become a constant incubus for cowardly scum like Greenwich. Then a more sane society can rid itself of this scum.

    And no, it won’t be through understanding and compassion.

  13. Rockdoctor Avatar


    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Bong Gully is apt 🙂

    Bendigo in the ’90’s used to be full of interesting characters. Another late night delivery I did to a house behind the reservoir in Strathdale. Big bikie answers the door, voice from the loungeroom asks is that the Chinese? Bikie dude thumbs at me and says na does he look like a wingnut to you?

    I got a hundred similar stories of characters like that. Funny only ever remember feeling threatened once out back of Golden Square by some drunk dickheads that we blacklisted and I did whatever crap job was going to put myself through uni.

    Wouldn’t do it these days for quids unless I had kevlar.

  14. Razey Avatar

    April 7, 2023 at 8:45 pm
    BEST kick-arse scene I’ve seen (Reacher TV series: She pretty.):

    This one is better. “Do you know the difference between justice, and punishment”.

  15. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    It being Good Friday, here is the story of Sr Maria Restitita, who was arrested and ultimately executed by the (real) Nazis after disobeying an order to remove the crucifixes from the hospital where she worked.

    Nowadays she would be called a Nazi for refusing to take them down.

  16. Rabz Avatar

    The three most prominent intellectually disabled parliamentary bipeds that enabled the NDIS:

    Teats Peanuthead
    Juliar Gillard
    The Yabbott

    Shutting them down a la the nayzees is too quick. They need to keep on suffering interminably, especially teats, for whom I’ve reserved a special place in Hell, after I’ve tortured him incessantly for the next four or five decades.

    Given he has been f*cking Miss Personage.

  17. Crossie Avatar

    As for the high heels – I once had a beautiful pair of red patent leather very, very high heels – which I successfully walked around in. I simply cannot imagine how on earth I did that, since I now totter on quite modest heels.

    I still have a pair of gorgeous black high heels that I wore to my brother’s wedding. They are still in perfect condition (they made them well in those days) and I try them on every once in a while just to check if they fit (they do). These days I have to hold on to something while slipping into them.

  18. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Zulu Kilo Two Alphasays:
    April 7, 2023 at 8:47 pm
    Are you still “doublin’ down on stupid” in relation to the US Civil War

    Or the United States Navy battleship fleet, in the Pacific, during World War Two?

    Or the locations of the USN aircraft carriers on 7 December 1941 (Hawaii time).

  19. Rabz Avatar

    Yes, it’s a big allegation and no, I don’t give a rodent’s.

    The Payback

  20. GreyRanga Avatar

    To all you short ladies, my wife claims 5’2 1/2″and lies about the 1/2″.

  21. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    “Here’s what I’ll tell you about Anthony Albanese,” Crowe said.
    “When I took over the club every man and his dog asked me for stuff, you know. And he never did.
    “He never did. And he always turned up. If there was something big going on for the club and we wanted his presence he always turned up. And he kept up his own membership and he buys his own tickets.

    “With all the opaque bull***t we’ve had to deal with for the last 10 or 15 years, we’ve got a guy who is at least going to tell us the truth,” Crowe said.

    The truth!
    PowerlineBlog WIP probably summed it up best.
    Me? I’m just gonna just chuck a Shatterzzz and… “LOL!!”

  22. Rabz Avatar

    Fellas, I’m ready to get on up and do my thang

    I wanna get into it man, you know, like like a sex masheen, man

    Movin’ doin’ it, ya know

    Can I count it off, I asks ya?!

  23. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Or the locations of the USN aircraft carriers on 7 December 1941 (Hawaii time).

    Or which of the Japanese codes the Americans had – and hadn’t – broken.

  24. GreyRanga Avatar

    Rabz, the version of Give Blood on Pete Townshend Deep End Face the Face album is the best live one. The album features Dave Gilmore and Simon Philips. The whole album is magic.

  25. bons Avatar

    I have clung to the Windsors, convincing myself that as they are irrelevant we were safe to continue using them as a defence against marxist republicanism.
    No more, the ‘searching for relevance’ clown who has imposed himself upon the Commonwealth as king despite his advanced age has been unable to replicate his mother’s brilliance and is destroying the very underpinnings of constitutional monarchy.
    Unfortunately he has passed his narcissism on to both of his kids. William has no intention of complying with his job specs. He is a would be tyrant.
    We are better off dealing with our local ‘would be kings’ than Diana’s betas.

  26. Rabz Avatar

    Hey Rabz, if you see me striding proudly down the street, then

    Walk on by, you poor deluded ol’ individual …

  27. Rabz Avatar

    Hey Miss Personage,

    If you see me walking down the street … 🙂

  28. GreyRanga Avatar

    Gilmore put money into Quadraphenia the movie along with George Harrison if I remember correctly but may be mixing up George and Monty Python movies.

  29. Rabz Avatar

    Gilmore put money into Quadrophenia the movie along with Georgio Harrisoni

    The Gilmore is just awesome. Here he is, being gifted the No 1 guitarist slot for showing his faith in the magnifique womanage before she was even famous.

    It laid buried here
    it laid deep inside me

  30. Gabor Avatar

    cohenite says:
    April 7, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    Jacob Rees- Mogg interviews a stupid 21 year old girl peddling Stop Oil Now.

    Just listen to the codswallop bullshit she espouses to stop using oil. The level of incoherence is mind blowing.

    Just got to it, I wish I hadn’t.
    So much tosh I can’t remember hearing before, I must have, probably tuned out.
    Mogg has the patience of an angel.

  31. cohenite Avatar

    Fancy that, piers morgan interviewing stormy: one slut to another.

  32. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    “Do you know the difference between justice, and punishment”.

    According to the comment section (…ho hum…)
    Justice is served by (or on behalf of) the original victim and carries connotations of proportionality and uniformity, whereas punishment is more arbitrary and can be done by anybody (for any or no good reason).

  33. Rabz Avatar

    Poor ol’ Yarks, dispensing his wisdom to some passers by …

  34. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer


    April 7, 2023 at 9:16 pm

    To all you short ladies, my wife claims 5’2 1/2?and lies about the 1/2?.

    I think Mr Newman said it best.

  35. cohenite Avatar

    April 7, 2023 at 8:45 pm
    BEST kick-arse scene I’ve seen (Reacher TV series: She pretty.):

    This one is better. “Do you know the difference between justice, and punishment”.

    That Punisher is damn fine and Jack plays a big part too; but I’m still seeing Jack Reacher as edging it out.

  36. Rabz Avatar

    I Think It’s Going to Rain Today

    For when you have finally earned enough to purchase an M12 🙂

  37. Rabz Avatar

    Doves – that is a magnificent portrait of Christ on the Cross.

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