Rafe’s Roundup 4 Sept


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The usual suspects


The Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC

Classical liberalism rebadged as bohemian or hippie conservatism. Inspired by a long lost manuscript jointly authored by Karl Popper and Fritz Hayek titled “Why we are not boring, old-fashioned fuddy duddy conservatives.”

CPAC The Energy Realists   IPA Net Zero Aust Spectator    Centre for Ind Studies Conservative Vagabond   Jo Nova     The Monarchists   Quadrant   The Free Press   Bettina Arndt   Menzies Research Centre   IPA       Sydney Institute   Mannkal  Taxpayers   Alexandra Marshall `   Australian Inst for Progress

3 responses to “Rafe’s Roundup 4 Sept”

  1. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Rafe, I think I’m a member or sub to all of these.

    You forgot one…..CPAC.

  2. Rafe Champion Avatar

    Thanks Cassie, fancy forgetting CPAC already:)
    Will fix!

  3. Old Goat Avatar
    Old Goat

    Thanks for the links . Haven’t seen some of them so I know what I’ll be doing for a while …

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