Open Thread – Mon 4 March 2024

The Bridge at Bougival, Claude Monet, 1869

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March 6, 2024 11:31 pm

AIs struggle to distinguish between fact and fiction, leading to misinterpretation and reinforcement of their own beliefs

very, very JC

the guy is basically a retarded bot

March 6, 2024 11:33 pm

spazz chuck in 3…2…1…

Johnny Rotten
March 6, 2024 11:39 pm

Barking Toad
Mar 6, 2024 11:02 PM
Britneeee – seeking hospital treatment after day one of meditation discussions.

I helped a friend by attending a stressful all day mediation meeting with him last year. Afterwards, we went to the Pub and relaxed. It worked a treat. There was no need to burden the Healthcare System whatsoever. But then again, we are both resilient people.

Wally Dali
Wally Dali
March 6, 2024 11:44 pm

Come in, kowalski

March 6, 2024 11:53 pm

Its easy as hell to grow your own tobacco plants in Australia
Can someone explain why that in Australia in 2024, cannabis plants are legal to grow yet tobacco plants are illegal as cannabis plants used to be?
Bunch of fucking retards making the rules (was going to write in charge, but their authority has been wasted away)
p.s – the answer to the rhetorical question is that – make no mistake-the popo run the most profitable trade

Dr Faustus
Dr Faustus
March 6, 2024 11:54 pm

Racism news (the Hun):

Police will allege Football superstar Samantha Kerr called an officer “a stupid white bastard,” after a night out with friends.

The Sun tells us:

The judge said she understood that Kerr’s defence would be that she did not intend to cause alarm, harassment or distress to the police officer and that her behaviour was not racially motivated.

In the current UK environment, particularly where paler citizens are receiving custodial sentences for causing similar hideous offence and unhappiness, this clever defence strategy appears likely to come under scrutiny.

Aussie Sam might have been better with the more traditional: ‘I’m sorry, I was shitfaced, I’d just hurled over the backseat of a cab, I have no idea what came over me – obviously I’m devastated by letting myself down like this – and I’m currently doing a D&A program which has inspired me to be a better role model for young people…

March 7, 2024 12:25 am

At the archaeological museum, in the former Auberge de Provence, later the British Union Club?
The museum officer told me the French auberge was destroyed during world war two. There is also archaeological research being conducted in relation to the Auberge.
The walls of the ballroom are being restored to their early 19th century British state, though they have discovered the early Knights artwork in a niche. Three female artists working while I was there. Last time was a function on and I couldn’t go in.
There is a display of Neanderthal skulls I don’t recall from last time.
‘In everyday life, one is usually able to distinguish whether a person is biologically male or female from their head and face alone. Many of these morphological differences between adult male and females are present even on the skull. Oesteologists look out for such indicators when trying to identify the sex of a skeleton from a skull’.
A neolithic scandal of gender proportions.
Also noted the first archaeologist working with these remains was a Jesuit priest who died suddenly before presenting any findings.

Boambee John
Boambee John
March 7, 2024 8:11 am

Mar 6, 2024 10:42 PM
I see Pesutto has leaked Matt Guy’s membership of the Freemasons.

Now, if only he could leak Moira Deeming’s links to the Grampians Nazis…

He would if he could, but he can’t leak what doesn’t exist.

Have you bashed any Nazis at those regular pro-Hamarse demos in Melbun? Or do real Nazis (unlike Deeming) scare you too much?

Winston Smith
March 7, 2024 12:49 pm

Black Ball
Mar 7, 2024 6:05 AM

Believe all women:

Ms Higgins, a former Liberal staffer who three years ago went public with allegations of rape against a then-colleague in 2019, was treated at Royal Perth Hospital late on Tuesday following a long day of court-ordered mediation talks in the case being brought against her by Ms Reynolds.
A source told The Daily Telegraph Ms Higgins was at the hospital on Tuesday night, and discharged on Wednesday afternoon.


Who had “‘iggins” and “Mental Health Card” on their Bingo sheet?

Winston Smith
March 7, 2024 1:16 pm

Mar 7, 2024 8:43 AM

We’re suing Springer Nature for $250M in punitive damages for the unethical retraction of our COVID harms paper

Well done – if their claims hold up in court – and I think they will, the paper is in a bit of trouble.

March 8, 2024 12:41 pm

“Nearly 40 Percent of U.S. Gen Zs, 30 Percent of Young Christians Identify as LGBTQ, Poll Shows


Have to wonder how many fit into: “Oh yeah, I’m bi-sexual – but at the moment, I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship with someone of the opposite sex.”
Viola! All the advantages of being the “oppressed minority” without doing anything different.

March 8, 2024 1:33 pm

“A couple years down the track, it might be a bit easy in hindsight to pore over that decision-making, but I can assure the member for Hill, and everyone in this house, all of those decisions were made based on the advice that we had available to us, the advice that those steps would keep Queenslanders safe, and we stand by those decisions.”

“I see. Will the Minister name those advisors? And would the Minister care to enumerate the steps taken to ensure that those who gave that – what now appears to be ill-considered – advice are never in a position to render advice to government again on such matters? If not, why not?”

March 8, 2024 2:13 pm

“If the world went to Bitcoin as its currency, how would you propose handling that sort of transaction turnover. At best, Bitcoin would max out at 604,800 transactions per day. (7 x 60 x 60 x 24 = 604,800).”

Umm… is that per block chain node?
Because there is already at least one South American country that has bitcoin as its official currency – if they have even 10 million people making just one transaction a day, they would have already overwhelmed your puny 604k/day.

March 8, 2024 2:26 pm

“If the world went to Bitcoin as its currency, how would you propose handling that sort of transaction turnover. At best, Bitcoin would max out at 604,800 transactions per day. (7 x 60 x 60 x 24 = 604,800).”

Google on-chain vs off-chain transactions. Any transaction volume can be handled using combination of off-chain and on-chain processing.

Anyways, Bitcoin is very old & limited tech in crypto. Some better candidates for handing human-scale processing volumes could be Ethereum(3k TPS using rollups) or Solana(65k TPS)

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  1. Let them permanently close down Columbia since it no longer has anything to offer future students or society at large.…

  2. People who have been neighbours and friends for generations no longer talk to each other and the usual public events,…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x