Danish Health Ministry: COVID ‘no longer a critical threat to society’

Illustration: Vilhelm Pedersen, 1837

In the words of the Danish Health Ministry, COVID in its extant variants is no longer a ‘critical threat to society’, and as such, it will remove all its current COVID restrictions, including any vaccine mandates, by September 10 having fully vaccinated 71% of the population. The only remaining restrictions involve agreements with other countries regarding international travel that should begin to end in October onwards. Keep in mind that this is occurring with a daily case rate of 925 new cases, compared with 976 new cases in Australia (note, Australia has a population almost five times the size of Denmark).

However, here in Australia, our political elite are seeking to impose restrictions on the unvaccinated through vaccine passports once 70% of the population over 16 is vaccinated and to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Now why would Denmark be removing vaccine passports as it passes 70% coverage as Australia prepares to implement them as it reaches 70%? Why would the Danish Health Ministry deescalate the threat of COVID while Australian federal and State Health departments crank the fear porn to eleventy? What possible rationale is behind the continued house arrest of at least a quarter of the Australian population in Victoria and Greater Sydney? I’m at a loss to understand the justifications for this given the facts on the ground, and given that we are now almost a year and a half into this crisis of policy, I’m well past the limits of charity. There is something both malicious and ostentatious afoot here politically; but at the level of policy and expertise, there is rank stupidity. Frankly, all three are admixed throughout.

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  1. cuckoo Avatar

    Something is NOT rotten in the state of Denmark (sorry, someone had to say it).

  2. rosie Avatar

    Utter utter cowardice and stupidity.
    Because they think they have god like powers to banish a virus.
    Clearly they don’t.

  3. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Something is NOT rotten in the state of Denmark (sorry, someone had to say it).

    But in the states which were once Australia the rot stinks to high heaven.

  4. Mater Avatar

    Good post, DB.
    What more needs to be said?

  5. calli Avatar

    What happened to the Corona Pass?

    Does Denmark have it, or did that go the way of vaccine mandates too?

  6. rosie Avatar

    Roger said we would end up a laughing stock.

    My US buddy knows all about Australia the land of the pathetic.

  7. calli Avatar

    Danish restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms, sports stadiums and hairdressing salons have been open since that date for anyone who can prove that they are fully vaccinated, have a negative test result less than 72 hours old or contracted Covid within the past two to 12 weeks.

    Thanks rosie.

    Is there any scientific reason for the three month cutoff for recovered sufferers? Does the naturally occurring immune response wither in that time or is it just an arbitrary guesstimate?

  8. rosie Avatar

    Still only open to vaxxed visitors though

    Not Australians though because we aren’t allowed out, unless we are rich or special.


  9. calli Avatar

    So not Heaven on Earth then.

    Thought not.

  10. rosie Avatar

    Wait till October and it might change calli, besides that’s a Europe wide agreement the Danes signed up to.

  11. Zipster Avatar

    Our bugmen will not miss an opportunity to expand the administrative state. They know better, it’s for your own good.
    To infinity and beyond!

  12. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    I wish I could link to this in teeny-tiny font so that I won’t get blasted by the oh-no-it’s-the-conspiracy-site people, but I’m going to stick my neck out and recommend ‘The Highwire’.

    Do they cherry-pick the material? Yes, I’m sure they do, but as Del points out – there’s a lot of cherries to pick from. They cover what’s happening in our poor, sad country and the interview with Ryan Cole (pathologist) is really interesting. He’s looking at the blood samples from both ‘rona and vaxxed patients and he’s concerned with what he’s seeing.

    So here you go: https://thehighwire.com/watch/


  13. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Since when was Covid ever “a critical threat to society”?

    Always fun when pollies screech danger, danger, then when it becomes clear there’s no real danger they then claim they saved everyone from the invisible enemy which never existed. So sorry about your freedom, businesses and metal health, can’t make invisible omelettes without breaking a few eggs.

    Covid does have one aspect though, which it is actually somewhat dangerous to some people, unlike the pollies’ pet invisible critter known as global warming, which is a pure myth.

  14. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    Denmark: hot women and good looking dudes depending on what you’re interested in. Interesting language. Plain food which is fine unless you’re a food snob (seriously, a hotdog on a street corner is awesome). Weather’s a bit shit but otherwise it’s currently 1,000,000,000% better than the shithole that is Australia

  15. srr Avatar

    Thanks for this Ellen. –

    So here you go: https://thehighwire.com/watch/

    It is very much appreciated at platforms that have very busy posters of what MSM is already shoving in our faces, and who then yell at us if we don’t accept the ‘authority’ of those MSM Jab Selling spiels.

  16. rickw Avatar

    1,000,000,000% better than the shithole that is Australia


  17. Lizzi55 Avatar

    How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny:

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