“This once thriving liberal democracy”

If this is the best American members of Congress can do, they really should just keep their views to themselves: US Republicans call for sanctions against Australia over police treatment of protesters. There you find:

Along with this:

The group, which is chaired by former Republican Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, shared the article on Twitter and called Australia’s actions “contemptible,” adding, “We should expect better from one of our closest allies.”

They cannot distinguish between our national government and the governments of our individual states, who in relation to Covid are laws unto themselves. Why don’t they go poking their ignorant noses into what is going on in Canada?

It’s not that what is going on within our State system should not be condemned, but that is what should be condemned.

25 thoughts on ““This once thriving liberal democracy””

  1. Take this shit post down Kates.
    They’re right and you’re wrong.
    Morrison has done and said NOTHING to curb this shit.
    I guarantee some of those jack thugs on the streets today were Feds and that federal intel was also used.

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  2. Actually….I’ll state something here. Morrison IS to be blame for what is happening in Victoria. He empowered the premiers last year.

    You know what. I loathe Morrison more than I loathe Andrews.

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  3. “callisays:
    September 22, 2021 at 7:03 pm
    I’m an equal opportunity loather, Cassie.

    Gulag Glad makes the trifecta.”

    Yep. Agree.

    I’m now prepared for an Albozleazy government. I want the Liberals destroyed and I want to see that despicable hypocrite Scummo’s smirk wiped off his ugly face . I just hope and pray that after the next federal election that UAP, LDP, PHON have the balance of power in the senate.

    I want the Liberals annihilated.

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  4. I loathe both the State and Federal governments. I harbour suspicions about the council.
    Liberals, labour nats and greens are a blight on this country.
    Our police have devolved into sleazy bully boys for whoever is in power. They no longer have integrity.
    The media are liars. Like something out of 1984.
    Our taxes are pissed away on brain farts.
    Our public service has ceased to serve up.
    Other than that what a wonderful time to be alive

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  5. Scomo has just delivered Albanslezy the Lodge. Wow, the guy is on the ropes in polls however accurate and has the same judgement as Turnbull to alienate people.

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  6. No Americans, least of all a bunch of useless RINOs (BIRM) are in any position to be lecturing Australians about anything, as appalling and idiotic as what’s happening here is.

    Three signal examples why – that abomination of an “election” last year, that indescribable debacle in Afghanistan and Biden’s recent “vaccine” mandate (not to mention that recent farce of an election in Kalifornia).

    Go jump, you useless bumptious hypocrites.

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  7. No Americans, least of all a bunch of useless RINOs (BIRM) are in any position to be lecturing Australians about anything,

    They’re not.
    They’re lecturing, rightly, our useless “leaders”.

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  8. look in your dystopian backyard first

    Doesn’t it do US better to have them focussing attention on this totalitarian shit that you and I are barely living through?

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  9. “Rabzsays:
    September 22, 2021 at 7:36 pm”

    I wouldn’t mind an invasion force from Florida…led by Ron DeSantis.

    At least in the US there are states that are free. Here…nothing…every single premier is a fucking Ceau?escu.

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  10. Doesn’t it do US better to have them focussing attention on this totalitarian shit

    If I thought it would make any difference, especially bringing this insanity to a long overdue end, yes.

    In the meantime, it needs to be recognised for what it is, self-righteous posturing.

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  11. Throughout this pandemic Scott Morrison and the Federal Govt have provided protection for the state governments. There’s been no censuring of any overreach and abuse of power by the premiers in fact there’s been full support. Morrison has gone so far as to say that business could use property laws to deny service to unvaccinated citizens. Does that constitute the actions of a right-of-centre govt?

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  12. When I think of ScoMo and DanAn, this passage comes to mind:

    “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

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  13. Morrison is supporting Andrews. Morrison is a disgrace…..as much of a disgrace as Andrews.

    They’re all in this together – selling out our country to the Cabal/CCP/whatever.
    Politicians all over the world are doing what they are doing here.

    Evil the likes of which has never been seen in this world before.

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  14. And parochialism comes to the for.
    Sickening and idiotic parochialism.
    How dare they criticize us!!!!

    Our governments are unconstitutional criminals who took over our lives by force last year.
    Never, NEVER where any Americans or at any time anywhere bar North Koreas and here have people been imprisoned in their own country.
    The level of tyranny we are experiencing is extreme.
    There should be sanctions against Australian government.
    We can only hope that the opinion expressed by this pom, grows in sentiment.
    If you’re bum hurt because the rest of the world is horrified at what 40 % of this dumb fuck nation supports, I can’t fucking help you.

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  15. Parochialism? Stuff you St Ruth, I was criticising the fat bloviating RINOs’ staggering hypocrisy.

    But yeah, nice of you to completely misrepresent my argument, you idiot.

    Do you consider the USA to a “Liberal Democracy”, thriving or otherwise?

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  16. Fucking oath I do Rabz.
    In comparison to Australia it’s a bloody beacon of freedom we can only dream about.

    You hear a lot more about the bad stuff in the states, but it’s only in small pockets in Dem held areas, but the majority of the USA is free and has never ever been under any sort of tyranny as we have endured, thanks to the decentralised power of the individual states system, and a bill of rights.
    Nowhere in the anglosphere is as tyrannized as us right now.
    Nor China, for that matter.

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  17. Morrison is supporting Andrews. Morrison is a disgrace…..as much of a disgrace as Andrews.

    The supreme irony is that in return, Dictator Dan would backstab, pass the buck, or blame Morrison in a heartbeat, Cassie.
    Andrews has thrown members of his own government (e.g. Somyurek, Mikakos, etc.) under the bus to save his own skin or protect his own interests, why wouldn’t he do the same to a hated Liberal PM?

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