How is this not the single most discussed issue in Australia today?

News of this has just been sent to me although it must have been around for a while since this is PHASE 3: the Government is trying to introduce Digital Identity Legislation that will give each of us an Identification Number through which anything that anyone from that time forward thinks it is relevant for the government to know will be immediately accessible. Go to the link where among other things you will find this:

Building on feedback received from the community during phases 1 and 2 of the consultation, the exposure draft stage is your third opportunity to provide feedback on the legislation. 

The purposes of the legislation are to:

  • enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector
  • enshrine in law various privacy and consumer protections, so that Australians can have confidence in the System and know that their personal information is safe and secure
  • establish permanent governance arrangements and a strong regulatory regime.

This is all being done under the cover of covid but even so, not to have heard a murmur of any of this is deeply disturbing. This is a massive intrusion on our rights and privacy.

I had a friend one time who was in the middle of a divorce who downloaded everything she could about her husband. There is no privacy on any file in the hands of government. Even if such “privacy” could be guaranteed, there is no reason to allow such legislation to be introduced, debated or passed into law, not now, not ever.

You have until October 27 to let the government know what you think. You can find the form on which you can make your views known here.

You might also have a look at this to get some additional background: New World Order? It begins:

Did you hear about Phases 1 and 2 of this legislation? No, neither did I.

There has been no reporting in the mainstream media to alert Australians to something that has potentially harmful outcomes, including identity theft, misuse of personal data, the potential for privacy breaches, and the implications of power and internet outages during severe weather events that are common in this country.

It is all that and more.

ALSO THIS: For further information on what we are dealing with: Your Guide to the Digital Identity Legislation. If you want to be sick to your stomach, you need to read the intro by The Hon Stuart Robert MP. And why do these people want what exists expanded?

In particular, legislation will allow for the further expansion of the System to state and territory governments and the private sector. This will mean that more Australian businesses, community organisations, state and territory governments and individuals can all benefit from safe and secure identity services.

That is, more people will be able to get their hands on more information about us. I can see why they might like it, but what’s in it for us? Such a dishonest document which everyone involved with its creation must absolutely know.

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  1. Rafe Champion Avatar
    Rafe Champion

    Thanks Steve, I promised a friend to blog on this but you got in first!

  2. Carpe Jugulum Avatar
    Carpe Jugulum

    So does anyone wonder why i am giving up my Australian citizenship.

    It’s over, i hope you enjoyed the country you once had.

    Enjoy life in the gulag.

  3. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    All under a so called Liberal conservative government. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…..actually I’ll get a bucket because this government is making me physically sick, very sick.

  4. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Carpe Jugulum says:
    October 22, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    So does anyone wonder why i am giving up my Australian citizenship.

    It’s over, i hope you enjoyed the country you once had.

    Enjoy life in the gulag.



  5. FlyingPigs Avatar

    The fact is doctors will kill you…. check their AMA death insurance.

  6. P Avatar

    Thanks Steve, I promised a friend to blog on this but you got in first!

    We look forward to posts from you Rafe.

  7. Carpe Jugulum Avatar
    Carpe Jugulum



    Why is that humorous?

    Do please explain.

  8. FlyingPigs Avatar

    the only product that Australian capital cities produce is piss, shit and wind.

  9. Pat Avatar

    I’ve sent my bitch in.

    Double entendre?

  10. Damon Avatar

    I recall being very vocal about the Australia Card. Now, if they want Victorian style authoritarianism, let ’em have it. At least it will cut down the number of immigrants.

  11. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    I’ll be putting in a response when I’ve done some background reading and research.

    But I can give it to you in three words already: I’m against it.

  12. Maniac Avatar

    And my country is toying with digital money:

    Mark of the Beast not too far off.

  13. feelthebern Avatar

    Carpe, how do you do that?
    Do you just let the Aussie passport expire?

  14. rickw Avatar


    I need some Mikuni carb jets sent from
    Japan to USA, website in Japan won’t ship overseas.

    Could you assist?


  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    And all in plain sight, but without telling anyone. They have the hide to say they are busy protecting our ‘privacy’ while doing it too. Why would anyone be for it??

    Bolt, Rowan Dean, Cory Bernardi, anyone?? Haven’t heard a thing.

  16. Dot Avatar

    Lizzie – we should send on our concerns. As should we forward our submissions onto our MPs and Senators.

  17. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    Even worse, at the same time as wanting to brand everyone with a ’trusted’ digital identity, they bring in legislation that allows them to hack and tamper with everyone’s online digital identity…

  18. Megan Avatar

    I’ve given my response online as requested and sent copies to my local member (Labor), JellyBack Morrison, the disgusting sponsor The DisHon. Stuart Robert, and all Vic senators. I’ve encouraged my family and friends to do the same.

    It’s a monstrous invasion of privacy and, most worryingly, the secrecy and lack of commentary from all levels of government and the media tells me they are all in this together.

    Perhaps that’s what they really meant when it was being ramned down our throats the last two years.

  19. Megan Avatar

    How is this not the single most discussed issue in Australia today?

    That’s the question, remembering the uproar over the Australia Card, I’ve been asking myself since Gab posted about it last week.

  20. Gilas Avatar

    After a 2-page submission, this is what I received.

    Thank you for your submission Inbox
    Have Your Say Digital Identity Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 12:48 PM
    Reply-To: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original

    This email confirms we have received your submission on the Digital Identity legislation. We thank you for your feedback.
    Your submission will help guide the development of the Digital Identity legislation.
    You can keep up to date on the development of the Digital Identity legislation on the Digital Identity website.
    Digital Identity team
    Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)

    Orwell couldn’t have written it better.

    As I wrote on Gab’s thread, I fear that the decision on this grotesque monstrosity has already been made.
    This is the theatre necessary to give these kunts plausible deniability… if the people succeed in finally erecting guillotines.

  21. Megan Avatar

    I’m sending a copy to Craig Kelly as well. Not seen it mentioned anywhere by him and it would be another solid link in the freedom story he is building his platform upon.

  22. incoherent rambler Avatar
    incoherent rambler

    A gentle stroll into slavery.
    Like coaxing the dog into the cage. Easy!

  23. Vicki Avatar

    This issue of the Digital Identity legislation is going to show up the fault lines in our society, and many of us are not going to like it.

    After discovering that the legislation was actually at Stage 3 in the federal parliament, without any discussion in the public media, I emailed most of my friends with the relevant information. These encompassed both right and left sides of politics.

    I received only ONE response. This is very unusual, because I would normally get some sort of comment or acknowledgement.

    Have people become so fearful/complacent/uninterested that such a development is of absolutely no interest to them? Afraid so.

  24. Vicki Avatar

    BTW a propos my last comment re friends being unresponsive to warnings about government direction in respect to the digital recognition law:

    I emailed information about the legislation to most of them. Only ONE responded – & this is out of a pool of both conservatives AND “lefties”.

    The scene is set for the complete annihilation (over time) of all that we hold relating to our democratic institutions.

  25. Vicki Avatar

    Sorry – had already posted!

  26. HD Avatar

    This ended up in the open thread, however belongs here:

    Thought wrt Steve Kates’ 19 October post regarding coordinated world wide contact tracing, that this is worth a watch:

    Essentially Microsoft began putting the software into place to do so, to connect such a system up in 2019 with Azure. The mad global rush to roll out 5G the initial requisite infrastructure to allow carriage of the volume of real time data. The scamdemic a convenient means of training people to use QR codes. Interestingly to reinforce via some kind of mass Stockholm syndrome promoting compliance for mass genomic/ DNA sampling. All those swabs as well as being component to establishing the vaccine passport/ digitial identity system and to ensure resampling as required. Which really couldn’t be rationalised for any other purpose than ongoing mass experimentation on the global populace.

    The patent referred to by Steve does make particular reference to the utility of the “proposed” contact tracing system for the purpose of identifying “super-spreaders” who could be notified privately to front/ present for vaccination boosters as required.

    Well, reallly in lieu of the above these presentations would rather be continuous application of “treatments” in the experimental protocol rather than having anything to do with some virus or immunity. More about tweaking this and that in the “booster” shots relevant to possession of individual genomic data from previous swabs, medical and everything else records. To work toward whatever end goals/ goals this global scale network pharmacogenetic- social experiment is investigating. It’s a no brainer to state that this experiment is about mass monitoring and control however there obviously would be a encyclopean range of inferences and conclusions that are, could be and will be investigated with such an absurdly all encompassing information “cloud”. God without the supernatural aspects perhaps(?) At least some nuts probably see themselves that way.

    So basically this local Digital Identity legislation, vaccine passports and the stuff no doubt to come has zero to do with a virus. Everything to do with integrating individuals into the planned IOT, smart cities and the like. Hope that all persons in receipt of their “medical” intervention(s) are happy with their newfound status as effectively a toaster or other similar “smart appliance”. If not already part of the cloud, then sooner or later.

  27. Cool-Snoopy Avatar

    Some people were aware of this a few years ago:
    Short version: One Card to Rule Them All [21 Jun 2018]
    Long version: Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order [15 Jun 2018]

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