Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – Covid Witchiepoo

Medusa, Caravaggio, 1597

Over the last eighteen months Australia has been transformed into a nation consumed with Covid fear and overflowing with Covid hysterics. This hysterical fear has been fomented by various Australian governments, federal and state, as well as bureaucracies, both of which have deliberately nurtured and cultivated fear amongst the populace through manipulation, panic, and coercion. We’ve witnessed the rise of Covid shills, who feed off the fear of the virus and use it for tactical reasons to belittle and smear others or they really believe that the virus will kill them. I’ve long believed that the only pandemic we’re in is a purely psychological one, akin to the witchcraft hysteria of old. Whilst the virus kills a few, mainly elderly, the man-made fear and panic is far more widespread and is much more detrimental and destructive to societies and individuals.  This fear has brought out the worst in people, selfishness, exhibitionism, narcissism, nastiness, and intolerance.  We now have people dobbing other people in for attending a protest, as what happened to a young woman I work with, we now have people consumed with aggression and disdain all because a bus driver fills up a bus with a lot of passengers. And here’s my little theory, not everyone buys into this fear, most here at the Cat don’t, I don’t.  So, why are we the dissenters and heretics?  Whilst I generalise, I believe a lot of the Covid hysteria is usually aligned with an individual’s political ideology.  So those who buy into the Covid hysteria are usually on the left, those who don’t are on the right. 

During the lockdown, from mid-June to the absurdly named “Freedom Day” on 11 October, I was fortunate enough to be able to go into the office every day to work.  I received “special permission” from the powers that be.  Whilst I enjoyed being one of the few on the bus and in the office, I was depressed with the emptiness of the city, all small, medium, and large businesses in Sydney’s CBD were shut with the exceptions of Priceline, Coles, and Woolworths.  

Since “Freedom Day” here in New South Wales, more people have been coming into the city, something that warms my heart. The first few days after Freedom Day were quiet but I’ve noticed a steady build up of people on the bus in the morning and afternoon.  I’m glad, I don’t think it’s healthy to work from home. I really want to see the CBD revive and I think people want to return to the office. 

This week I’ve really noticed how busy the bus has become, most days it’s now standing room only. It’s still compulsory to wear masks on public transport but at least more people are coming into the city. So, one day this week, at 5.05 p.m., I left the office, hopped onto the bus and two stops later a woman who lives in my block got on.  Now let me preface this before I go on, I don’t like this woman very much, she’s a rabid Green but her real crime is that she’s one of the most boring people I’ve ever come across.  In order to avoid talking to her I usually try and move quickly to the back of the bus, or I have my head in a book or tablet and pretend not to notice her.  But alas today I was caught out. Firstly, I noticed how she sat in the middle of the section reserved for prams and elderly people and she put her bag on one seat and sat on the other. She deliberately prevented another person from sitting on one of the seats. I thought, how rude and selfish. I then noticed a pinched and nasty look on her very plain face.  She started talking to me and she told me how her work was having a function and that she flatly refused to go because it’s indoors and she’s worried about catching Covid.  I looked at her perplexed, I remained polite and said nothing, but I thought to myself, why is she so scared?  She has told me before how she’s double jabbed. Why would a jabbed person be so scared of going out and mixing with other human beings?  I then watched her become increasingly agitated and her plain face became consumed with anger.  At the bus stop near Museum station more people got on the bus, it became standing room only and her plain face became even more pinched.  Despite the crowded bus with people standing, she still hogged three seats, preventing another person from sitting down. I watched her as she looked on at others with nastiness.  For some reason, whilst observing her, I was reminded of Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf, which is probably unfair to Witchiepoo.  This awful woman was rattled because the bus was full of other human beings.  When she got off at Paddington, before she exited the bus she belittled and abused the bus driver for letting so many people on, so the bus driver responded in kind by telling her to “get stuffed”! You’d think that if this woman was truly worried about contamination from plague-ridden bus passengers, she’d hop off the bus and walk home but no…no….no…she wanted to make a nasty statement.  It was nothing to do with the virus, it was all about her exhibiting her narcissism to the driver and passengers. The progressive Green was being nasty, obnoxious, and intolerant to other human beings.  What this Covid religion and its tenets of fear and panic porn have done is to vomit up the toxic nastiness found in many of our fellow Australians, particularly those of the progressive variety!  

So, as I walked home after getting off the bus, I thought to myself what a nasty, po faced, embittered, hysterical, ugly woman.  It was her nasty behaviour that made her look ugly…like a witch!  Australia is now full of similar Covid witches who behave like something out of a Hammer horror film. After observing her behaviour on the bus, I’ll make sure to keep a Cassie safe distance from this ugly witch. 

P.S. I’m being unfair to Witchiepoo. Witchiepoo could be funny, there was nothing funny about this woman. 

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  1. calli Avatar

    Cassie, this thing has brought out a lot of casual cruelty in people.

    We see it everywhere – the dismissal of others, sometimes even as far as dehumanisation. Scoffing at others’ plight, assumptions about where they’re at and what they’re thinking. And the terrible need to convince others, by force if necessary, to conform and comply. It almost verges on mental illness.

    But there is another side – tremendous kindness and care and understanding, amongst the frustration. A tip for Cats and Kittehs who are struggling under the hammer – a kind word or action will make your day glow with warmth. Like the young lady, masked to the eyeballs, who stopped my sad mother one morning at the shops and told her what a pretty colour her cardigan was. Her eyes smiled warmly and mum’s heart sang.

    Be kind. It makes a difference.

  2. WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now) Avatar
    WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now)

    Excellently written Cassie.

    I’ve been a student of history all my life, and I have always wondered how Germany could descend into the immoral barbarism of the Nazis . . .

    I now know it was not something peculiar to Germany or the times, but something which any civilised and democratic society can descent into.

    I’m seeing it unfurl before my very eyes with each day passing with that tyrant Andrews.

  3. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    That’s vaxxies for you.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Ms Medusa appears quite insulted by Perseus’s impertinence. She also looks not unlike Gladys, although her nose is different.

    We have a gigantic blue eyes/brown eyes case study going on, and it isn’t working out well.

  5. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    so the bus driver responded in kind by telling her to “get stuffed”

    More of this please.
    All the way to the top.

    I still cant quite get over the fact we have a chap, who had reactions to vaxes in the past (non covid), then has a life threatening reaction to the covid jab was blithely told by “health professionals” that he should just try a different brand of vax next time.
    Hives, LOC/breathing difficulty the full body reaction.

    Hes in the .01% chance of death age group.
    Its insane, but no-one is slowing down and asking “are we the baddies”…

    Im almost willing to bet he wont get an exemption from the docs in a couple of weeks.

  6. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    The Covid jab is the first product in the history of the world where it’s failure is blamed on people who didn’t use the product …

  7. Lee Avatar

    I was reminded of Witchiepoo from H.R. Pufnstuf

    Remember the show well; thought I was about the only one who did.
    Seems like eons ago.
    Far better times then (early 1970s).
    Mind you, even three years ago was much than the Dictator Dan enforced living hell here in Victoria now.

  8. egg_ Avatar

    Is the “Great Reset” a Gates/MicroSoft app?

  9. Rabz Avatar

    This hysterical fear has been fomented by various Australian governments, federal and state, as well as bureaucracies

    Ahem, Cassie – no mention of the braindead lamstream meeja imbeciles incessantly megaphoning the hysteria from many, many rooftops?

  10. Roger Avatar

    Cassie, this thing has brought out a lot of casual cruelty in people.

    It was always there, just waiting for an opportune time to be demonstrated without the guilt and shame that follows in normal times.

    Having said that, I’d suggest there was not a lot of fear or hysterics or casual cruelty outside of the large urban connurbations that our capital cities have spawned. City living seems to bring out the worst in people.

  11. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Ahem, Cassie – no mention of the braindead lamstream meeja imbeciles”

    Quite right Rabz….apologies….governments, bureaucrats and MSM scum.

  12. egg_ Avatar

    During the lockdown, from mid-June to the absurdly named “Freedom Day” on 11 October

    George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, William Golding et al must be turning in their graves.

  13. Pete of Perth Avatar
    Pete of Perth

    I would single out those in the medical services that have kept quiet, perhaps out of fear of being ostrasized or purposefully remaining blisfully ignorant to get along.

  14. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    Cowardly too, given she waited until alighting before spouting her vitriol at the bus driver.

    Great post Cassie.

    Has definitely brought out the worst and best in people, but sadly mostly the former I think. Still, if nothing else, I no longer feel bad about thinning out my circle of friends and acquaintances based on how they’ve revealed themselves.

  15. rosie Avatar

    Interesting expectations your neighbour has, looks like she will have to significantly reset over the coming weeks.
    And I have to disagree Roger. One small rural business I know of threatened to shoot Melbournians way back in 2020 and the half of my sister’s town that aren’t reliant on tourism are quiet hysterical about visitors returning.
    Any offspring that snuck home during ring of steel times have literally had to lie low to avoid dobbers in.
    And despite now never wearing a mask outdoors I’ve not heard a bad word in Melbourne, though I did get yelled at once last year when I still wore my ‘not happy Dan’ mask, though most people loved it.

    Love pufnstuf still have the theme song off by heart.
    Though I think I found some of the episodes on video and rewatched when my children were young.

  16. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Medusa demands to speak to the manager!

  17. feelthebern Avatar

    In the olden the days (20 years ago) after someone behaved terribly – maybe their excuse was they got caught up in a crowd – when they had time to reflect, they’d admit their behaviour was less than ideal.
    No anymore.

  18. feelthebern Avatar

    Not anymore.

  19. Kneel Avatar

    Have you seen or heard about this:

    This sick, pathetic and repulsive parody of a human being thinks that regardless of why you are not vaccinated against COVID, you should not just be shunned, but ejected from society and required to fend for yourself – not just thrown out of your house and prevented from going to the shops for food, but denied any and all assistance to merely survive.

    Absolute scum of the earth and a plague on society – if ever there was an individual worthy of the same contempt and treatment as they profess to wish on others, this is him. Were I even a tenth as bad as him, I would recommend it for him. Alas I cannot in good faith do even that. But I would advocate that he be tarred and feathered, then ridiculed wherever he goes, for the rest of his miserable existence. Surely that is the minimum that is his due for such repulsive and inhumane thoughts.

  20. duncanm Avatar

    so the bus driver responded in kind by telling her to “get stuffed”

    Good on him.

    This is the other part of the nastiness I just can’t fathom.

    People on the front line – be they bus drivers, checkout chicks, the guy at the pub door – are all being asked to jump through contradictory hoops and ever-changing laws, whilst dealing with the increasingly-split public.

    Give them a fucking break. They don’t deserve anyone’s ire from either side of the covid divide.

  21. cuckoo Avatar

    Mrs. Cuckoo got an email recently from friends of hers who are rusted-on lefties (one of them used to work for the ABC). Their biggest fear was that Victoria was opening up too quickly! How do you reason with someone who believes that?

  22. duncanm Avatar

    Why reason with them, Cuckoo?

    Just tell them they’re absolutely right.. and the only way to protect themselves is to not go out in public.

  23. Justabloke Avatar

    It’s the same in the left leaning area I live in. There is almost universal assumption that you are double vaxxed and without prompting, you quickly get to know their view of the unvaxxed. I know a few months ago they were unconcerned about my status but now they would be if they knew it. Nothing has changed except they have been vaxxed. It saddened me at first, but I have resigned myself to the fact that they will no longer be part of my life nor me theirs. I find I am also trying to keep a safe distance and avoiding them where possible.

  24. Roger Avatar

    And I have to disagree Roger. One small rural business I know of threatened to shoot Melbournians way back in 2020 and the half of my sister’s town that aren’t reliant on tourism are quiet hysterical about visitors returning.

    Well, I haven’t seen any of that in my neck of the woods, rosie.

    Quite the opposite.

  25. Tom Avatar

    Lovely piece, Cassie – straight from the heart as usual.

    Two observations:

    a) “progressives” are the unhappiest people on earth whose existence is governed by self-hatred. But, because they’re also spoiled narcissicists, they demand everyone else should be miserable like them. They find happy, contented people personally threatening.

    b) The persecution of Donald Trump by the unelected Deep State was just a dress rehearsal for the global coup d’etat by the unelected bureaucracy against the free people of the West. The Deep State had been waiting since the end of World War II for the right moment to pounce.

  26. Bruce Avatar

    Kneel –

    Re that scumbag Chomsky:

    He is just liberating his inner KaPo.

    Not that he is alone. By the rapidly turning tone on THEIR GAY-BC and NEIN, for starters, things are ramping up.

    The REAL agenda of these vermin is a LOT more disturbing than at first glance.

    Churnalists: Mostly low-life types on phone-number sized salaries.

    Who needs “camps” when you have backhoes and scrapers?

  27. MatrixTransform Avatar

    classic psychological projection in action.

    their irrational fear, is most definitely your problem

    the progs are psychopaths

  28. Tom Avatar

    PS: one of the reasons I love this blog is that, even though I am a lower middle class cultural illiterate, Doverlord understands art. I love the illustration, Dover.

  29. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    October 28, 2021 at 3:58 pm
    Have you seen or heard about this:

    Indeed I saw it the other day — as for Noam Chomsky – is it any wonder he’s lived so long.?

  30. Farma Avatar

    People flatter themselves; they wouldn’t have been taken in by Nazism, but pointing out the obvious only makes it worse.

  31. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Brava,Cassie I have let me friends know my views and have culled my social circle accordingly

  32. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    @ Kneel.

    Chomsky is a Communist.

    Did you honestly expect anything less?

  33. Lazlo Avatar

    Chomsky was an interesting proponent of structural linguistic theory in the 70s. He was feted and invited – I heard him lecture at Cambridge.

    Chomsky was also an archetypal, east coast left wing jewish person out of the same mould as Leonard Bernstein et al (no racial disrespect, just identifying a certain political type).

    A problem with some who meet with international acclaim in one field, is that they feel entitled to proclaim as experts on everything, and in particular to pass judgment.

    An exception to this rule is Prince Charles, who has never shown anything other than he is a dim shit on everything.

  34. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    As Tom said, Cassie, heartfelt as always. And real. I felt I was on that bus with you.

  35. Adam Avatar

    The curse of secularism.

  36. feelthebern Avatar

    Indeed I saw it the other day — as for Noam Chomsky – is it any wonder he’s lived so long.?

    He moved to Arizona.

  37. Winston Smith Avatar

    Mrs. Cuckoo got an email recently from friends of hers who are rusted-on lefties (one of them used to work for the ABC). Their biggest fear was that Victoria was opening up too quickly! How do you reason with someone who believes that?

    It’s been said before but…
    “Your cannot use reason to move someone from a position that emotion put them in.”

  38. GreyRanga Avatar

    I’m sorry Cassie I thought Medusa was a selfie before your haircut when you were Cranky of Sydney.

  39. Winston Smith Avatar


    Indeed I saw it the other day — as for Noam Chomsky – is it any wonder he’s lived so long.?

    He moved to Arizona.

    Noam Chomsky moved to Arizona and now lives in a second hand dehydrator.

  40. GreyRanga Avatar

    Its impossible to keep a safe distance from people like that. They’re everywhere. Life has become so easy, nobody thinks anymore, just need more entertainment. Hate to admit it but I know some like that, public servants, always ready to expound on the next thing that upsets them. At least about the coof they are starting to realize they’ve been had, and haven’t enjoyed the experience. I taunt them with “wonder what happened to glowbull worming”, that was before the latest lovefest.

  41. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I must say, taking a minute this morning to contemplate it, that Caravaggio’s Medusa really does capture the angry female face very well.

    As Tom says, Dover, your chosen illustrations do add something special to the New Cat.

  42. Kneel Avatar

    “Did you honestly expect anything less?”

    Less, Rex? No, not less.
    But I did expect more.

    When asked, he even said the same fate was due to those brave souls at the front line of law enforcement, fire-fighting, medicine, grocery store check-out workers, truckers etc who risked not only their health, but their very lives and the lives of those they love the most in order to keep society functional and keep scum like Chomsky supplied with food etc, while Chomsky and co cowered under their beds in abject fear.
    Now that they do not behave as this…. individual desires, they are to be tossed on the scrap heap and left to die.

    What a great reward for such selfless behaviour, eh?
    What a change – from “hero” to “zero” in seconds, as soon as your usefulness has expired.

    At least some percentage of these brave souls actually got COVID and recovered – what use have they for a vaccine?

    At least some percentage of those brave souls have a sincere religious belief that they should not take the vaccine – the same religious belief that likely pushed them to take the risks they did to keep society going.

    These people (Chomsky et al) are truly the worst kind of scumbags – I regret that I must acknowledge we are of the same species.

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