No, it isn’t, Josh.

Why is representing Perfidious Dan in a Nazi uniform offensive? According to Frydenberg, because (i) it shows a lack of understanding of history; (ii) it fuels hatred and danger; and consequently, (iii) has no place in public debate.

Regarding (i), he doesn’t actually explain how the analogy lacks historical understanding. The Nazis are infamous for any number of things: their exploitation of public fear following the Reichstag fire in 1933 and subsequent passing of the Enabling Act in that same year, the Anschluss of 1936, their occupation of the Sudetenland and then annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1938, the Aktion T4 program, among others, but importantly here, the exclusion of non-Aryans from significant areas of public life under the so-called Nuremberg laws of 1935. Can it show a real lack of historical understanding to focus on some of these similarities when the question of a Enabling Act-like bill is being rush through the Parliament? Or when the powers under that bill would extend the present discriminatory apparatus that excludes unvaccinated yet COVID-negative members of the Victorian public from going to work, attending a public or municipal building, celebrating with family or friends at a restaurant, and the like? Or coercing members of the public to partake in a medical procedure under threat and thus against their will? I think not. If the analogy is arresting it’s because it is apposite. Further, the failure to recognize the applicability raises the hackles of those moral numb to the enormity of the current situation and thus confronted with the embarrassment of their silence, at best, or by their complicity, at worst.

Does it fuel hatred and therefore is it dangerous? Possibly, but righteous indignation when confronted with moral injustice is a sign or moral health and ought to be encouraged. Moreover, a system of segregation itself fuels hatred, because it is unjust, and the injustice is amplified and thus more dangerous given the power of the institutions involved in its propagation, whether academic, bureaucratic, journalistic, medical, and political. When people are now routinely threatened with the loss of medical assistance without the slightest unease, I would have thought a placard or two at a protest was the least of our worries.

Which leaves us with the third complaint, that such an analogy should never be made in public debate. This is simply too much. The only people that never want such an analogy to be made are politicians or their lackeys, and they are the only people that are protected from such a rule. If policies are so egregious that they invite the use of this analogy, then rhetorically, the analogy should be made. As a matter of prudence, you don’t want to overuse the analogy in order to lessen its sharpness; but when it is called for by the circumstances involved, it would be derelict not to use it.

If that makes the political class uncomfortable, all the better. Don’t want to be likened to a Nazi? Well, then, don’t establish or seek to establish Nazi-like laws, and do so while exploiting fears unscrupulously.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Don’t want to be likened to a Nazi? Well, then, don’t establish or seek to establish Nazi-like laws, and do so while exploiting fears unscrupulously.


    I’d add that whilst everyone knows about Nazis much fewer know what a Soviet uniform would look like or mean. And the warm fuzzies the Left have for communism doesn’t make that comparison cut through as well.

    In general though it’d be more accurate to render him in a Nazi uniform rather than a Soviet or Maoist one since the Nazis were totalitarian lefty statists in cahoots with big business. Which is exactly what Dan is.

  2. FlyingPigs Avatar

    I can understand Josh’s concerns

    Truth might get out that nazis were/are communist.

  3. bemused Avatar

    Perhaps he think it would be better to represent Dan in Chinese Emperor clothing?

    However, I came across this video today and it’s quite apropos when it comes to many things in today’s world: Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity.

  4. Botswana O'Hooligan Avatar
    Botswana O’Hooligan

    One might opine that from reading history and believe it or not, from watching actual footage on SBS in past months that shows the Nazis as they were, the only difference between that nice Mr. Andrews and the Nazis is seventy odd years.

  5. Annie Avatar

    Bemused: That’s good. I was reading about that a few days ago.

  6. Roger Avatar

    Don’t want to be likened to a Nazi? Well, then, don’t establish or seek to establish Nazi-like laws, and do so while exploiting fears unscrupulously.

    Well said.

    Frydenberg needs to be a little less precious in this area.

  7. DrBeauGan Avatar

    Frydenberg needs to be a little less precious in this area.

    Frydenberg’s argument is simple. “We haven’t sent anyone to a death camp yet, so it’s unfair to call us Nazis.”

  8. Rabz Avatar

    Frydchickenberger is the one with no understanding of history. What a tin eared dolt.

  9. Luzu Avatar

    Righteous anger is the only type of anger that should be experienced. And if injustice doesn’t move you, you’re as good as dead anyway.

    There is a protest this Saturday in Perth and Junior Baby Bird (my younger son) and I are going. He has a temporary exemption but still has to front a cardiologist to obtain a medical one. I have been asked what I hope to achieve by attending. I don’t expect any outcome. I simply want to be on my feet, standing among like-minded people and not going quietly into the night.

  10. Megan Avatar

    Here’s a clue, Josh, you pathetically sooky piece of LNP political flotsam.

    I take extreme offense at losing almost all my freedoms and becoming a second class citizen in the very country I was born in, thanks to a political class who currently holds me, and others like me, in supreme contempt.

    Don’t want to hear or see the Nazi word tossed around? Then do something to bring the Nazi behaviour by your fellow political dickheads to a complete and rapid end instead of miserably whining about how offended you are by a sign you don’t like.

    You are the offensive one in this situation.

  11. Pommyal Avatar

    Frydenburg needs to shut the fuck up if he wants to stay in parliament.
    You’ve just let everyone know where your sympathies lie. Not with the common man obviously. As if anyone needed another reason to not vote liberal. Fucking filth.

  12. Lee Avatar

    Never forget that the Left started all this by comparing President Trump with Hitler and fascists generally.
    In his own way Andrews will have powers that Trump never dreamed of (and probably never desired).
    Should this legislation get up, Andrews will be a law unto himself, answerable to no one, and his diktats backed and enabled by the most dodgy police force in the country.
    The comparison with Hitler is very apt with regard to a leader with unfettered powers and absolutely no oversight or checks and balances. All Andrews has to do is declare, or get his health minister (as if he/she will go against the most controlling premier in Australia!) to declare “pandemic!”

  13. calli Avatar

    They could always depict him as Ché Guevarra…on the slab.

    Might focus his attention.

  14. Lee Avatar

    Frydenberg’s argument is simple. “We haven’t sent anyone to a death camp yet, so it’s unfair to call us Nazis.”

    I am not by any means suggesting death camps in Victoria, but “Pablo07” has this very disturbing thing to say in the comments section at Quadrant today:

    Would new pandemic laws allow for unvaccinated to be detained for along time? Camps seem to be in the process of construction close to the freeway in northern suburbs. [of Melbourne]

  15. calli Avatar

    It’s been done before.

    I now realise that these guys were Frydenberg’s political bruvvas. Did he have a little giggle behind his hand then? Maybe this time the stakes are higher.

  16. John A Avatar
    John A

    Mr Frydenburg is a member of the Victorian Liberal Party which is an indictment in and of itself.

    The State Opposition Leader threw Bernie Finn under the bus over that very apposite poster. This is a continuation of the same senseless idiocy that will keep the Vic Coalition on the Opposition benches. The power brokers of the Victorian party are just as bad as the idiots in the NSW party.

    They have all drunk the Kool-Aid of power for power’s sake.

    They are playing the same game as the ALP and losing.

    Mr Abbott seems to have been the last Liberal Party leader with any philosophy of government as a servant of the people. There may be a number of others in Victoria with similar understanding but certainly not enough to throw out the ALP-lite rascals (being the Wet, globalist, faux-greens).

  17. calli Avatar

    Frydenberg’s argument is simple. “We haven’t sent anyone to a death camp yet, so it’s unfair to call us Nazis.”

    You’ve co-opted big corporations to do your bidding, ruined small business, locked people in their homes and created a two tier society, used the media relentlessly to mouth your propaganda, silenced and coerced doctors to do your bidding, ruthlessly put down any form of protest*, and stood by while state premiers have run their states like petty tyrants, one of which is about to enact draconian laws.

    What part isn’t Nazi, pray tell?

    * and that was because optics prior to the vote

  18. JMH Avatar

    So this arsehole wants me to put the Coalition first on my L/H ballot? Not happening, you gormless cretin. Frydenberg. You and your lot of putrid UN suckholes will be going last. Below the ALP and Greenscum.

    If no decent candidate stands, then enjoy my artistry!

  19. calli Avatar

    This slithering, soft-handed snake should have got up on his hind legs like Craig Kelly and addressed the Melbourne crowd.

    The reason he didn’t is because he’s happy with what Andrews is doing.

    The lines are so blurred as to be indistinguishable. The Liberals and Labor are like conjoined twins, and surgically inseparable.

  20. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    Below the ALP and Greenscum.

    At least the Liars and Slime are honest about their intention to destroy the economy and democracy.

  21. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    Here is a German phrase Josh needs reminding of:

    “Lebensunwertes Leben”

    If Josh needs a reference, try Bob Carr’s comment about the unclean being denied health care.
    Or Victoria’s CHO. Same .

    Josh is indeed one of the bad guys.

  22. bemused Avatar

    I am not by any means suggesting death camps in Victoria,…

    The Mickleham facility already has 500 beds built, with another 500 on the way. You really have to wonder why and for whom? Who’s to say that the unvaccinated can’t be sent there under these forthcoming laws (the Qld doppelganger has already suggested as much for their facilities). We really are at such a point that nothing is inconceivable.

  23. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “It shows a lack of understanding of history. It fuels hatred. It’s dangerous & has no place in public debate.”

    Bollocks Josh. This Jew disagrees with you. In fact I would argue that many on the streets of Melbourne on Saturday know and understand history very well….which is why they were on the street protesting the criminal and thuggish Andrews’ government in Victoria.

    Every Victorian Liberal and National MP, senator and upper house member, state and federal, should have been on the streets of Melbourne on Saturday protesting arm in arm with their fellow Victorians……so what Coalition MPs were there? Bernie Finn….can any name anyone else from the Libs or Nats who attended?

    Was Groundhog Guy there?

  24. Chris M Avatar
    Chris M

    As the comparison is entirely equitable and appropriate this leaves only two options here:

    Frydenberg is a Nazi enabler and sympathiser.
    Or he just really hates the Australian people.

    I refuse to believe he is just stupidly out of touch…. no, Josh is not stupid he’s evil and appears to be loving every moment of this reset.

  25. Carpe Jugulum Avatar
    Carpe Jugulum

    The only people that never want such an analogy to be made are politicians or their lackeys,

    No just the SFL’s and their lackeys.

    They have less spine than a jelyfish.

  26. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    Anyone still believe that our governments (state & federal) have not sold us and Australia out?
    (With vacant possession).

  27. Mater Avatar

    Perhaps the real name of the ‘Enabling Act’ might help bring it into focus for Josh:

    “Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Reich”

    It gave Hitler the power that gave us WW2, and all the associated horrors.

    There is no lack of historical context in the comparison.

  28. Keith Forwheels Avatar
    Keith Forwheels

    Frydenberg’s argument is simple. “We haven’t sent anyone to a death camp yet, so it’s unfair to call us Nazis.”

    This in itself is open to debate. Death camps come in many forms. St Basils? Withholding theraputic treatments? Sending the sick home without care after vaccine injury? Where do the camps begin and end?

  29. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    The image used looks like a generic Wehrmarcht officer of the time. The original might have been Eichmann, or Oberstleutnant Karl von Schtichlermann (officer in charge of paperclip requisitions with special responsibility for orientation of official stamps on government issued documents for conquered territories West of the Rhine, but south of Paris, yet east of Goering’s favourite tobacconist – no, the other one – on the even-number side of the street. Sieg Heil, everybody!*)

    Compare that to how many times we have seen pictures of Trump, Howard, Bush etc with the very distinctive (and indisputably pointed in use) toothbrush moustaches of a certain flatulent failed painter, failed political leader, failed military commander, but successful monstrosity of genocidal distinction.

    * I bet you think I made that up. But I bet you are not 100% sure. Can you imagine what Schticklermann’s full rank would have been? At least 350 characters long. The Germans may well have fared better in the war if they could pronounce officers’ titles before an assault by Russian or Western Allies’ forces had taken their objectives.

  30. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    Another example that shows anyone voting for Liberal is just voting for a slightly slower descent into hell. Anyone who thinks they are worth voting for has not woken up yet.

  31. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Heinrich Heine made the observation:

    “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.”

    “Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.”

    (Actually I prefer the translation “Where they burn books there, eventually, they also burn people.”)

    When you are monitoring and trying to correct people’s ideas, when you differentiate between ‘right’ thinking and ‘wrong’ thinking, you can’t just assume you do it benignly be oblivious to the vessels of the thinking.

    It is disturbing that Josh has already let himself off the hook. He accepts what he does for the ‘right’ reasons, and they cannot possibly lead to anything bad.

  32. win Avatar

    Both Daniel Andrews and Anastacia Palazcyzuk have that glow of infalability and the assurence they are untouchable.
    Both might prove to be exactly what people call them if suddenly Victoria and Queensland are annexed to China.
    China makes daily threats that no one seems to take seriously.

  33. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    All good comments – and DB great post. We have few leaders anymore with the country’s best interests at the centre of their thoughts and decisions. Not only that, but when the people, sick and tired of being reduced to penury by unending lockdowns, removed of decisions over theirs and their children’s bodies and threatened with the loss of their jobs unless they succumb to a health dictatorship, finally have had enough, we see the unedifying spectacle of a well paid “servant of the people” rail against what is the people’s current treatment and frightening future by the state.

    I hope he and everyone of his ilk gets done at the next election.


  34. Luzu Avatar

    I have come to think a lot about what is natural law.

    Let me say right here I am not Catholic but someone well-versed in the Bible having become a believer in my early 20s.

    One of the greatest Biblical truths is that we are all equal before God. This presents the greatest level playing field in that even if you are the richest, most powerful human being, you answer to a higher authority.

    Western civilisation flourished because it embraced that truth. Authority came with a burden and was not a means to personal enrichment.

    What we see before us is our leaders being completely unaware of that aspect of natural law. They lack vision and the people perish.

    As surely as a pendulum swings, there will be a reaction to what we currently see. But I feel it will be something we haven’t seen before. A modern saint for me is Bonhoeffer. I struggled for so long with his part in a plot to kill Hitler. But I have in the last few years begun to understand his viewpoint.

    Natural law puts those closest to us in the centre of our vision. This is how it should be.

  35. Perplexed of Brisbane Avatar
    Perplexed of Brisbane

    I do not know many Jewish people but I wonder if we asked those with the tattoos on their forearms what they think of the goings on in Australia, as opposed to those who have not known the conditions in pre-war Germany?

    It is almost like some have Stockholm Syndrome and defend those that would put them in the boxcars like their forefathers.

    Frydenburg seems like the second group.

  36. PeterW Avatar

    In Germany in 1935, it was al, about “health”. It was all about identifying THOSE PEOPLE, telling everybody that THOSE PEOPLE were spreading disease and denying THOSE PEOPLE the right to live normal lives and do normal business.

    Segregation and dehumanisation are the precursors to every genocide. Ever.

    Australia may not go down that road, but this is how it starts.

  37. MatrixTransform Avatar

    The State Opposition Leader threw Bernie Finn under the bus

    what happened to Bernie Finn ??

  38. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    Without wanting to provoke ire here, it has been a long time now that much of the world has been content to allow one faith to hold a monopoly on Nazi victimhood – and i can’t argue with the reasons why – but many others were targeted by that evil as well.

    I can’t agree that this should ever preclude anyone else calling out the obvious historic parallels we see today, that doing so somehow disrespects the loss and suffering, is inappropriate, or that we just can’t possibly understand.

    On the contrary I would say, many of us understand only to well the danger that now confronts us and have no wish to see a pathway to such horrors reappearing. I don’t believe calling out the parallels can remain ‘off limits’ now, lest our silence provide sanctuary for such evil.

    I feel similar sentiment applies with 18c, I completely understand the desire to outlaw hate speech coming from that historical context, but at some point there must surely be a recognition that the current drafting is corrosive and apt to generate perverse and unjust outcomes.

  39. Mater Avatar

    Without wanting to provoke ire here, it has been a long time now that much of the world has been content to allow one faith to hold a monopoly on Nazi victimhood – and i can’t argue with the reasons why – but many others were targeted by that evil as well.

    I absolutely agree.
    Much like Bob thought he had a monopoly on facts and feelings about Vietnam and conscription.
    MANY families in Australia, not of a particular faith, have suffered inter generational effects from the fight against the Fascist scourge and it’s knock on effects.
    Josh’s opinion is valid, but no more or less than those carrying the signs…or 25 million other Australians.

  40. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    The Germans also had a word in the 1930/40s for a health passport to seperate the unclean:


    Josh might want to deny that as well.

  41. lemmiwinks Avatar

    There is no voting our way out of this.

  42. eam Avatar

    Sorry, hit wrong button on Megan’s 4.41pm post yesterday.

    I meant to hit “thumb up”.

  43. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Frydenberg is just a filthy fifth columnist.

  44. rugbyskier Avatar

    Just a correction, the Anschluss with Austria was in March 1938, not 1936.

  45. Kneel Avatar

    “Frydenberg needs to be a little less precious in this area.”

    In this video:

    there is a woman in the protest who is wearing a yellow star on her chest, with “Not vaccinated” on it.
    She is Jewish and lived through some terrible times while in some pretty terrible places.
    Apparently, she is more upset by the use of a mandated vaccine than the use of Nazi symbolism, or references to such things.

    So I’m not convinced that those who would decry the Nazi symbolism as “bad” have a real handle on what it actually means to the people who lived through it – they certainly don’t want to see a repeat, but are concerned that is exactly what is happening. At least, this is one person for whom this is true. I suspect there are many others.

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