Who’s better?

I didn’t say he was the new Winston Churchill. I  said Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now. Let’s compare him with that brace of Treble-J clowns: Jacinda, Joe and Justin. Scott Morrison is so far ahead of that crew of far-left grifters, I cannot believe there was any issue with what I wrote. I also prefer him to Boris Johnson.

So let me say it again. Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now. I am grateful for these small mercies in this time of political insanity. Everything is poll-driven, but even so, at the back of my mind I actually think the PM is trying to do what needs to be done – taking on the Chinese over Taiwan, limiting the damage from the climate-change scam as much as possible, and trying to open the economy in spite of the massive fear-driven Covid mania we have from our media and at virtually every other turn as well.

There are sophisticates I deal with occasionally who think having a socialist government run the country for a while will end up working in the right direction since everyone will learn their lesson. These things are too hard on my nerves.

Does no one even notice what is happening in the United States? In Canada? In New Zealand? In the UK? So now we have this, which I fear is all too true: Scott Morrison says he’s the underdog in looming federal election

Politics is famously the art of the possible. With well over half the country dreading climate change and more than half wanting tougher action on Covid (Daniel Andrews, heaven help us, may even be the gold standard!) we may yet find out how bad things can get. 


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  1. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Yeah, Scotty is great.
    Not only did he give Macron a wedgie, he had Sharma [COP26 Boss] in tears
    over his big win for Coal Miners in Glasgow.
    Billy Hughes famously caused Wilson’s nervous breakdown at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, so Australia definitely punches above it’s weight on the international stage with our take no prisoners non Labor Prime Ministers.

  2. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    I’d say Scotty is turning out to be the guy we thought Trump might be, before he cucked and let us down.

  3. Botswana O'Hooligan Avatar
    Botswana O’Hooligan

    For Christ’s sake stop ingesting whatever it is you are using to blow yr mind mate for this bloke has made the indulgences of Rudd and his pink Batts look like an exercise in tuckshop loose change, and please don’t hammer the –Labor would be worse line– for it’s almost impossible for them to be worse unless of course they hired many more staff. The country is buggered until we have another –cometh the hour, cometh the man– and TA was one and just maybe Dutton is another, but in the meantime don’t hold yr breath.

  4. harrys on the boat Avatar
    harrys on the boat

    Is this a joke? It’s a bloody sick one if it is.

  5. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    He’s the stupidest man to be PM since Artie Fadden, so if he’s the world’s best, that’s the world’s problem.

  6. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    Just out of curiosity, Steve, were you Hammy? Because this is Hammy-worthy.

  7. FlyingPigs Avatar

    I’ll support your argument on principle but your comparing him to a pretty low standard.

    If he announced that he has withdrawn Australia from the so called UN and all its filth organizations then I’ll accept.

  8. Luzu Avatar

    Is this the moment I should announce I am a distant relative of Winston Churchill’s?*

    Not really wanting to talk about ScoMo. Just hoping to lighten the mood a little.

    *It’s true. We share a common ancestor back in the time of the Duke of Marlborough.

  9. rosie Avatar

    You might just be right Steve

  10. HGS Avatar

    There is a special place in hell for all politicians, but some may be worse than others.

    The Russians, Chinese and Indians has political leaders who seem far better operators than Morrison.

    He may be the best of a very bad bunch within the western circle, faint praise.

    He appears unable to sell us any thing; there seems no effort to sell the values of free markets, social freedoms, reliable power generation.

    He is a poor politician who has been bullied and controlled by others within the ordinary storms of power politics.

    But if he is the best on offer, there is no hope for us!

  11. FAA Avatar

    Professor Kates, PM Morrison had his chance and mandate to make Australia the Sweden of the southern hemisphere. He declined. He has allowed State premiers to disregard the Constitution, close state borders, and propose totalitarian legislation. He has not protected the rights of the population from the “tyranny of experts” ever since the “two weeks to flatten the curve” nonsense was introduced. He devolved critical decision making to a group of medical tyrants who have been consistently wrong. At best he is a flaky pragmatist. After his earlier defence of coal power he caved at COP-26, only retrieved by the Indian delegation making realistic and sensible caveats. He criticized China when the ADF, due to lack of funds, is incapable of defending even Darwin, let alone Taiwan, and US support is uncertain. This is after the Port of Darwin was sold to the People’s Republic. He has betrayed his Christian constituency by remaining silent as experimental mandatory vaccinations are rolled out across the country. All he had to do was withhold the purse-strings to the state gauleiters and they would have had to fall into line. He has abandoned coal power, permitted looser abortion legislation and not opposed voluntary euthanasia. He has introduced no new legislation that would benefit Australians. He has no policy to reduce immigration to lower housing costs and raise wages. He is just another globalist who will retire as a multi-millionaire and his children will be protected from the consequences of his actions. For example, were you aware that the Health Minister Mr Hunt used to the work for the World Economic Forum? Unfortunately Mr Morrison is truly one of the world’s greatest heads of government. It just gives you an idea of what the rest of the world is like. Could that gormless, glaccid, ‘Tory-fighting’ second rate failure Albanese really be any worse? Maybe even the neo-United Australia Party is the best choice here. The existing fascists need to be taught a lesson. It may be our last chance to do so. The alternative might be in 10 year’s time when we are asking ourselves (after our 20th booster shot): “Are we the baddies???”

  12. jupes Avatar

    Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now.

    Yes, because he has kept such tight control of state premiers, the budget and hasn’t kowtowed to the climate change cult or Covid madness.

    BTW the world consists of a lot more countries than the five you mentioned. FMD, give yourself an uppercut.

  13. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Let’s compare him with that brace of Treble-J clowns: Jacinda, Joe and Justin. Scott Morrison is so far ahead of that crew of far-left grifters, I cannot believe there was any issue with what I wrote. I also prefer him to Boris Johnson.”

    Jacinda, Joe, Justin and Boris, it’s a low bar Steve……a very low bar.

  14. sfw Avatar

    Sorry Steve, he’s bankrolled the premiers destruction of federation, refuses to criticise Andrews or any of the other premiers, he’s all for mandatory vaxxes and hasn’t the guts to admit it. He could have got on board with Palmers challenge to the border closures and didn’t. He could’ve stood up for religious and personal freedom but didn’t, I could go on and on but its clear he has failed at every turn to do the right thing.

    Re climate change, he just folded and handed us to the internationalists. He is trying on China and that’s something but I doubt he has the spine or strength to continue for long. Our economy is shattered, the big businesses and public services have boomed and the medium to small are breaking and he has done nothing and continues to ignore it.

    The Libs (and Labor) can’t wait to get the mass migration ponzi scheme going again, what’s left of Australian culture is irrelevant to them as they identify as world citizens not Australians. The sooner that Morrison can kick the can down the road the better in his eyes.

    Only positive thing I can say about Morrison is that looking at the other pollies and parties none would have done better because they’re all broken people.

  15. bemused Avatar

    It’s like saying Morrison is the smart dude in ‘Idiocracy’.

  16. shatterzzz Avatar

    BRADBURY … the popularity poll .. LOL!


  17. Petros Avatar

    SloMo doesn’t realise that when there is a wave of Covid cases early next year, because the borders have opened up, he will be blamed for it, right before the federal election. They blamed him for the bushfires when that was a state matter. Does he think the MSM is going to let him off the hook for this predictable surge in cases?

  18. Figures Avatar

    A manifesto for any decent political party that wants to not just slow down the destruction of civilisation but to actually claw it back.

    Want forced injections? Then you’ll get them. Daily.

    Want more refugees? Then you will share your house with 20 unvetted immigrants (the more criminal the better).

    Don’t like coal? Well all electricity from the grid is shut off to you.

    Think public education is woefully underfunded? Your kids will be sent to capitalist indoctrination centres where they will be taught to hate their commie parents.

    Want higher taxes? You’ll be put on an 80 per cent tax rate.

    Think minimum wage laws need to be increased? Well if you ever start/run a business then you must pay your workers a minimum “living” wage of $100 an hour. Indeed, even if you’re a middle manager, your underlings must earn more than you do (and that’s before the 80 per cent tax rate gets applied of course).

    Any comments critical of the Church or Christianity are labelled as “hate speech” and attract a ten year jail sentence.

    If any political party implemented just one of these, then there would never be a left-leaning government ever again.

  19. Indolent Avatar

    Steve, you haven’t looked far enough afield. Look at Sweden, Denmark, Norway. They’re living normal lives without fear porn and without apartheid. Countries in Eastern Europe are better off than us. We are being pitied throughout the world, with reason, as the testing ground for this new “normal”.

    And where was Morrison throughout all this? Why, setting up the means to oppress us and sitting back and watching it happen without uttering a single word about freedom of choice or speech. On the contrary, the first thing out of his mouth was that EVERYONE would have to be jabbed, which he then had to walk back a bit, but don’t think for a moment he didn’t mean it or isn’t still doing everything in his power to make it happen.

    The only thing he’s better at is installing tyranny, something which they all seem to be competing for.

  20. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Warren Brown in “Toms toons” this morning summed up ScoMo perfectly.
    Trying to simultaneously drive a tradies ute in one direction and a green EV in another.

    But as for comparisons and who’s best? All are rotten and I hope that leads to a massive voter swing to really conservative parties, UAP amongst them.

  21. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    The best political leader in the world?
    Not by a long shot. It seem you mean “the best political leader of the West”. Perhaps.
    Here are some other world political leaders who are better for their citizens economically, culturally, and overall for improving their nations overall whilst not pandering to the left on silly issues; Vladimir Putin, Victor Orban, Xi Jingping, Jair Bolsonaro

  22. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    Bears repeating.

    And where was Morrison throughout all this? Why, setting up the means to oppress us and sitting back and watching it happen without uttering a single word about freedom of choice or speech. On the contrary, the first thing out of his mouth was that EVERYONE would have to be jabbed, which he then had to walk back a bit, but don’t think for a moment he didn’t mean it or isn’t still doing everything in his power to make it happen.

    All along he’s hidden behind the premiers whilst speaking out of both sides of his mouth. On the Victorian legislation currently before the Upper House he’s categorically announced his refusal to do anything and he’s done nothing about the borders when he could have taken a case to the HC or used in some of this the external affairs powers, all the while presiding over a spendthrift government.

    He may have made “strong noises” about Chyna but that seems to be it simply because without the US we can do nothing – I’m not suggesting that we should have said nothing only that unless Morrison goes out tomorrow and buys off the self American nuke subs then what does our strength really consist of?

    On Glasgow, he’s selling us a dud: two and a bit years ago he pilloried the Liars for their nett 45% reduction on 2005 levels – “it’ll be the end of the world,” said Chief Climate Sceptic and Sage, Morrison. Now, it’s the reverse. It’s a new iteration of Oceania at war with Eastasia after wiping clean the history books that outlined Oceania’s war with Eurasia.

    The bar maybe low, Steve, but he’s lost his right to determine on our behalf how low it should be before we start the rebuild.

  23. Angus Black Avatar
    Angus Black

    Cassie says:

    Jacinda, Joe, Justin and Boris, it’s a low bar Steve……a very low bar.

    It’s not so much a “low bar” to jump as a deep pot hole that Morrison managed to drive through, wrecking the suspension in the process.

  24. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now.

    Perhaps for a very limited definition of “the world”.

  25. lotocoti Avatar

    Least worst in the Anglosphere would not be an unreasonable assessment.
    But if he was laying in a gutter, I wouldn’t bother crossing the road
    to poke him in the eye with a stick to see if he still had a blink reflex.

  26. Peter Smith Avatar
    Peter Smith

    There is a problem with he’s the best of a bad lot. It puts no stake in the ground. For example, however weaselly you are, and Morrison is weaselly, it’s fine if others are bigger weasels. A downward spiral ensues. The rot must be stopped. Personally, I cannot vote for the Libs under Morrison. Would Albanese and his Labor and Green mates be worse? Of course they would. But we go down the tubes all the same, albeit at a slightly slower rate, if this current brand of the Libs gets back. Best to go down fighting – maybe that gives a chance of surviving.

  27. Simon Avatar

    Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now.

    -Being better than Biden is faint praise – an ape would be better than him.

    Should we be grateful for such small mercies? Or should we be so outraged at Morrisons’ constant capitulation on all things of any real importance that we make our displeasure known?

    The fact is that Morrison has disenfranchised us, just as Turnbull did before him. And that is something I will not forgive.

  28. WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now) Avatar

    I have great respect for the articles Mr. Keats writes but not this one.

    Generally, around the world, the bar is so low in regards to the politicians who are supposed to serve us that to say Scumo is one of the best is stretching things too far.

    There are a handful of decent leaders in Eastern Europe (who can still remember the tyranny they experienced under the Soviet Union) but the landscape is very bare.

    Yes, I grant you, Ardern, Biden, Trudeux and Johnson are deplorable and are worse but saying Morrison is better is saying a cockroach is better than a scorpion.

  29. Roger Avatar

    Who’s better?

    Viktor Orban, for one.

    If political leaders are measured simply by how well they defend their country’s interests, Modi.

    And while it’s early days, Fumio Kishida is looking stellar compared to Morrison.

    Looks like the “quiet Australians” are giving up on him too.

  30. dover0beach Avatar

    I didn’t say he was the new Winston Churchill. I said Scott Morrison is the best political leader in the world right now.

    Why would you ignore Orban in Hungary or Morawiecki in Poland?

  31. Roger Avatar

    Morrison is such a dud he’s facing a revolt from key Liberal members and will have to rely on Albanese to get his $1bn low emissions technology rent-seekers fund through parliament.

    I suppose it’s only fitting; he has adopted Labor’s net-zero policies after all.

  32. lemmiwinks Avatar

    Who’s better? Putin, Lukashenko to name but two. Why are they better? Because they at least give the appearance of caring about the citizens of their country by acting more often in their interests than against them.

  33. Rorschach Avatar

    SCOMO may be the best of a very poor lot… but that does not mean we should then accept him. Morrison has shown that he can’t find his arse with either hand – the “success” he had stopping the boats was not him doing it – but it was Abbott micromanaging him. [And he then backstabbed him!]. He is nothing more than an opportunistic political parasite.

    With a Westminster system, the only way to for the voters to get a better leader is to vote their party out. Unfortunately for this to actually work the other party and its leader must be better. The dilemma is that to get rid of a crap leader, we have to accept possibly a shittier one. But this is at the margins … who cares? Not much difference between crap and shit. The voters need to cycle through them until they get the message.

    So we need to keep voting scummos out until such time as we get a better leader and team in. I for one will for the first time preference both Labor and Greens above Scummo’s party. Can’t be worse. I will just hope that enough people like me will give Senate control to UAP/PHON/LDP – who at the moment seem to have some respect for the voters and the constitution.

    Oh yeah – isn’t going to a fixed 4 yr term such a great idea in hindsight…. NOT. I was off the opinion that 2 years in the US House was too short. EFF THAT! We need to be able to cycle through the scum prob even faster than that.

  34. Intractable Avatar

    Who was the best (nicest) mass-murdering tyrant of the 20th Century?
    Adolf, Uncle Joe, Mao, or Pol Pot? Someone else?

  35. lemmiwinks Avatar

    I for one will for the first time preference both Labor and Greens above Scummo’s party. Can’t be worse.

    Sorry, wrong. It can and will be worse, may as well roll out the red carpet for the CCP (though our home grown Marxists may be as bad or worse, hard to tell at this point).

  36. Rorschach Avatar

    Sorry, wrong. It can and will be worse,

    Lib/Lab – makes no difference. They are as corrupt as each other. They are raiding premises without court orders, they’re already shooting protesters in the streets, they are building gulags, and they are doubling down on this. Scomo is doing nothing.

    We can protest, and we can vote. Not much else… They’ve taken the guns.

  37. Roger Avatar

    Sorry, wrong. It can and will be worse…

    The thing is neither major party deserves power.

    The only thing to do is keep voting them out until they get the message or, preferably, someone else comes along with better policies.

  38. Intractable Avatar

    November 16, 2021 at 11:22 am
    ‘The thing is neither major party deserves power.’
    Indeed. It is imperative to place any Lab/Lib/Nat/Grn sitting member…LAST!
    They must be removed from the parliament.

  39. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    If he’s the best I welcome our insect overlords.

  40. Speedbox Avatar

    November 16, 2021 at 11:22 am
    The thing is neither major party deserves power.

    Yes, true. At the next federal election, I will not vote Liberal as my first choice. Other than a single moment of madness back in early 80’s when I voted for Hawke, my personal refusal to place the Libs first will break some 45 years of voting pattern.

    I live in a safe LNP seat (Ryan) so my vote will have no real impact but to deny the LNP the ~$2.76 in electoral money for my vote. On the plus side, those funds will be captured by either UAP or One Nation.

  41. Kneel Avatar

    Madly poll driven, like all the them.

    Well, here’s a poll for you Scotty:

    Please answer yes or no:

    1) Are you concerned about business and jobs in Australia?
    2) Do you think freedom is important?
    3) Do you think your doctor knows more about your health than the government?
    4) Would you oppose lockdowns and vaccine mandates?

    Or, if you actually want this crap, you could ask instead:

    1) Are you concerned about COVID-19?
    2) Should the government help protect you from a deadly disease?
    3) Is your life more important than money?
    4) Do you support lockdowns and vaccine mandates?

    See? You are the perfect balanced sample of the population, and we can make you answer any poll to suit our agenda – it’s all in the context.

    Now stop concerning yourself with keeping your job and start doing your job!

  42. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    I sort of see where you are coming from, but the association of words like ‘better’ and ‘best’ with the word ‘good’ is what rankles.

    Technically it could be true that ScoMo is better than Brandon, BloJo, or the Trans-Tasman Gnashers, but that is like preferring to lose one limb over another.

    He talks a decent game in Australia but he is still shit player.

    He had a brilliant moment when he announced the nuclear subs, but now it has come out that they want to build them here, which means Australian industrial relations, Australian (union approved) quality, the likelihood that some technology is to be withheld because designers want to hold onto its advantages and don’t want to risk it being leaked via the third-rate, third-world corruption endemic here (and remember we have in Victoria a Premier who was prepared to sell out to China to make sure his hapless opposition got no credit for a tunnel), and a vastly delayed Australian schedule, and built by a consortium of invited tenders with vested non-defence interests in a non-competitive process.

    By the time we get nuclear subs others will have had for decades subs powered by interplexing phases of gravitational singularities. Anyway, our subs will be audible from 5,000km because the cooling pumps were built by business created by Superfunds, and besides which negotiations with the Greens involved registering every mission in a public forum so lentil-fart stinking aging disintegrating hippies in cardigans and neo-neo-neo-marxist inner city macrame artists can check no nuclear material ever travels near a reef, a shoal, an abyss, or the lettering naming a body of water which is hard to see on the surface but visible on maps.

    His national cabinet made sure that he could avoid having Labor governments denouncing Liberal governments’ Covid strategies, but with the consequence that there could be no discussion of alternatives – and even then he still got dumped on by Labor states. Idiot.

    If Morrison is not so bad it is because he is less effective – a sickly fish in a foetid pool.

    Less bad? Perhaps I can accept that. Or…least worst.

  43. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    This is going to be my final comment.

    You prefer ScoMo to Boris Johnson?

    I would prefer a PM who said no to vax passports to one who said yes to them.

    The end.

  44. jupes Avatar

    Steve sounds like just another faux conservative encouraging people to vote Liberal because Labor would be worse.

    No. Enough. The Liberal Party and SloMo must be destroyed.

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