There were a lot more than 20,000

The headline in the Sunday paper today read 20,000 rally in CBD. There were a lot more than that, as I did my own count as the procession passed by on Flinders Street.

This was my calculation. There were approximately 16 persons in each row of the procession. Each row passed by at the rate of one row per second (I took out my watch to time it) which is around 60 per minute. The parade lasted around an hour and a half.

So on my estimate, there were [16 X 60 X 90] people which comes to 86,400. Be conservative and make the estimate 60,000. Come half way back, call it 70,000. A lot more than the papers will want to have been true which is why they have taken that absurdly low estimate.

The paper also mentioned there were no arrests, and why would there be? This was not a crowd of radical lefties trying to instigate a confrontation. It was the most middle class crowd you would ever see. There were a few Eureka Stockade flags but many mothers with their children. These were people who may have had the vax themselves but will fight to the end to prevent their children being mandated these experimental vaxxines.

The papers are still, of course, in full-on scare everyone mode, with this now the top story at The Age: Two Omicron cases confirmed in Sydney. For me, though, the best sign of the day read:

Why are we closing the country because of the 38th most important cause of death in Australia.

Not my stat, but I could not agree more. And if this is true, the people who manage our communal affairs could not be more vile. Sent to me by a colleague.

Schools are having children wear yellow wristbands to easily identify those who have mask exemptions and/or are unvaccinated so that they can be segregated from their peers.

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  1. rosie Avatar

    I agree.

  2. Roger Avatar

    Why are we closing the country because of the 38th most important cause of death in Australia.

    Check the OT today; the border closure has a few supporters here.

    Even some Cats have learned nothing from the last 18 months.

  3. Roger Avatar

    Even some Cats have learned nothing from the last 18 months.

    And they’re not among the dullards either.

    Just demoralised, I would suggest.

  4. Angus Black Avatar
    Angus Black

    It’s beyond me how – with a dozen major mutations over 2 years and “vaccines” with a half life of 3 months and leaky at best – anyone an believe there’s an alternative to living with the disease.

    Handy that it’s not very serious, really.

  5. jupes Avatar

    The ‘38th’ figure is where Covid was placed on the ABS list of 2020 causes of death.

    Thirty. Eight. No, seriously. It’s official.

  6. Damon Avatar

    The medical fraternity are not fools, and are well aware that the virus is only a risk to the elderly. Unfortunately, they have to be eminent or retired to risk their licences by publicly disagreeing with the orthodoxy.

  7. mem Avatar

    Appreciate your diligence. But never judge the crowd in attendance by the tail end of a big walk. Nearly 50% peeled off before Elizabeth Street. Went and got lunch, took kids to toilets then doubled back. Some just came to 12.30 start, stayed an hour to make their presence known, then went on their way. Yes I was there and happened to glance up to second story Flinders Street Station and saw a man with a clip board at one of the windows. Perhaps that was you.

  8. dover0beach Avatar

    Mem is right. There was a group of five women from the Riverina that peeled off the parade at Queen and Flinders St to head off home.

  9. Iron Cove Avatar
    Iron Cove

    Same I Sydney.
    It took me nearly 30 minutes to make it out of Hyde Park to the corner of Elizabeth and Market where we stood aside waiting for a mate to find us. I did a similar and very conservative estimate of 10 people passing every 2 secs x 30 mins for the rest of the crowd to pass by.
    There’s 9000 , the police estimate, just in the back half of the crowd.
    When I reached Market St the front of the march was already back up King St Macquarie St. That’s another 7 city blocks worth of people.
    My estimate was of a minimum of 20,000 and probably some thousands more.

  10. Dot Avatar

    Check the OT today; the border closure has a few supporters here.

    Even some Cats have learned nothing from the last 18 months.

    Not really Roger.

    It is less worse than house arrest and medical mandates.

    Like jupes, Rabz etc have said, this will end when we collectively stop listening to the MSM and wake up.

  11. bemused Avatar

    Get ready for another year of lockdowns and mask wearing until morale improves.

  12. Baba Avatar

    It is less worse than house arrest and medical mandates.

    Two weeks of border closures to flatten the curve.

  13. Bruce Avatar

    Fun Fact:

    “Omicron” is an anagram of “MORONIC”.

  14. Dot Avatar

    Two weeks of border closures to flatten the curve.

    The hardest part of course is the 1st 600 days.

  15. shatterzzz Avatar

    SHIRLEY NOT! .. where are they being this stupid?
    Schools are having children wear yellow wristbands to easily identify those who have mask exemptions and/or are unvaccinated so that they can be segregated from their peers.

  16. Rabz Avatar

    Those mendacious morons in the braindead lamestream meeja have now started screeching interminably about the latest fabricated variant of bat flu.

    They just can’t help themselves. Time they were all shut down.

  17. Kneel Avatar

    “SHIRLEY NOT! .. where are they being this stupid?”

    Wrist bands are easier to get then yellow stars to sew onto your shirt/jacket.

    And stop calling me Shirley!

  18. Muddy Avatar

    On Saturday on the Sunshine Coast, I counted those near me in the (stationary) crowd within a given area, say, half a tennis court, and then visually overlaid that same sized area on the crowd, in rows. It was a super rough way of doing it, and depended on being able to judge the extent of the population (not counting outliers and drifters) from my vantage point, which was not ideal. I also didn’t realise until later that the density of a crowd will change if they are seated & close to activity, such as a speaker.

  19. Muddy Avatar

    Yesterday at Kawana (Sunshine Coast) there was a nurses’s protest. I estimated about 300 present, for which I used a ‘pizza’ overlay: the speakers were in a rotunda, so the crowd was gathered around them. I visualised a pizza ‘slice’ & roughly counted those within that slice, then estimated the number of slices based on a standard width at a given radius. Not too scientific, I guess, but I thought it was practical at the time!

  20. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    The biggest worry here is that “omicron” will be used to justify forced “vaxxinations”.

    Funny how it is just before Christmas – is that our politicians/governments hand-over date to the CCP+ ?
    Scummo did say that Australia would be a very different country by Christmas…

  21. Bruce Avatar

    How many older folk, tossed on the scrap-heap by the official “response” to Kung Flu and having nothing left to lose, will refuse to “go gentle in that good night” as per Dylan Thomas.

    Or, as Sun Tzu put it:

    “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”

    (The idea is that if you bottle up a desperate and still motivated enemy, (“opposition”), they may just throw logic to the wind and “punch” their way to freedom, over a carpet of the corpses of the besiegers.)

    A VERY dangerous game is being played, here. Supplementary question:

    Who, at national and international levels, stands to benefit from societal mayhem?

    The KOVID KAPER timetable is running right up to the “Klimate Kaper” timetable.


  22. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Why would the MSM lie?

  23. Chris Avatar

    Crowd sizes matter.
    Truth matters. If the official sources are not telling the truth, it REALLY matters.
    I remember a demonstration that felt like 1200 at the start, finished like 5000, and the media reported as 600. The route allowed us to station a video camera at bottlenecks and provide a genuine count. But we didn’t.

    Since then, drone cameras are everywhere. If the pollies get laws against using drones over demos we should recognise how seriously they are trying to stop the benefits to the organisers and get other ways in place.

  24. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Miss Anthropistsays:
    November 29, 2021 at 1:02 pm
    Why would the MSM lie?

    Force of habit?

  25. Muddy Avatar

    There is a reason why I now call the majority of our media the Glossed Lips of the Elite. Sure,it’s pretty clunky, but they don’t represent the ‘mainstream.’

  26. Bruce Avatar

    Maybe the “experts” could have broken with “expert tradition” and named this latest “development” the “Grinch” variant. The timing is perfect.

  27. Bruce Avatar

    Young Miss:

    “Why would the MSM lie?”

    As self-declared “opinion-shapers”, that is their self-appointed reason for existence.

    The denizens of the “Fourth Estate / Filth Column” get their biggest psycho-sexual jollies from hearing or reading their shabby and dangerous opinions repeated by the “peasantry” and especially the pollie-muppets.

    Or, am I being too kind?

  28. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    We spoke to an elderly, Melbourne relative yesterday. She knew nothing about the protests, is convinced that only the unvaccinated are getting seriously ill, and will happily take her booster jab when it’s time.

    It upsets her to have any other perspective suggested. Remember the dwarfs in ‘The Last Battle’ (last Narnia book) where they thought they were still in a dark stable eating muck and couldn’t see anything else? There is such a veil over the thinking of people now – they seem to be in some kind of fear trance and nothing gets through.

    It’s horrid, but it’s also a pretty impressive psy-op. They could get everyone back in the 60’s & 70’s to question authority, be anti big business, anti government, anti establishment and now they trust and obey and we’re evil to question any of it . That really is amazing 1984 type programming.

  29. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Young? This geriatric thanks you.
    And thanks for not mistaking my gentle irony for biting sarcasm.

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