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  1. Rabz.
    You know I know.
    And I know you know.
    As the only two holders of the emoji superpower, we could divide the Catworld between us.

    Or I could just paste my Python script here and then anyone who can follow 5 instructions on their computer could join the ⚛ club, causing a mushroom cloud of emojis to blossom all over the blog at least until the novelty wore off.

  2. As your comment is content-free,

    a string of emojis apparently make sense ?

    you’re fucking insane

  3. dover,
    Yeah it would be easier if we could just copy and paste unicode characters as-is into the comment box and not have them utterly devoured by WordPress, which e.g. turns a ? (House) codepoint into question marks.
    But when that wasn’t working, I decided to write some code in Python to do it.
    Here ya go.


    import sys

    s = sys.stdin.read()
    for c in s:
    if ord(c) < 127:
    print(c, end='')
    print("&#%i;" % ord(c), end='')

    So to use this…

    Install Python.
    Save that script to your computer, (and on Linux or Mac OS make the script executable).
    Use Character Map or https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html to find the right characters for your message.
    Run a command line and echo whatever emoji-laden message you want into the script with a pipe.
    You can then paste its output into the WordPress comment box.

    Linux example:

    $ echo Monty eats ? all day. | ./emojii2html.py
    Monty eats 🍩 all day.

    Having said all that… I later found there is an even easier way.
    You just go to onlineunicodetools and their tool does it all for you in the blink of an eye.
    I still like my version better because it leaves all the letters and punctuation intact and only encodes the characters that need it.

    I am now the A.Q.Khan of emojis.

  4. And your version of WordPress does not accept the <PRE> tag either, so it messed up all the spacing and that text won’t work as a python script.
    Ah well, you have the onlineunicodetools doomsday device instead, which is more than sufficient.

  5. Come on peoples, what’s with all this bonhomie?
    No-one’s been called cock smoker all day. Lift your game!

  6. Come on peoples, what’s with all this bonhomie?
    No-one’s been called cock smoker all day. Lift your game!

    Andrew Hastie’s entry cannot be topped.

    A German porn star would in my opinion be envious of the grogan Mr. Hastie has in my opinion unloaded onto BRS.

    Have I time to move into the electorate of Hastings, so that I may vote against Hastie?

  7. How the heck did that happen? Bluddee autocorrect! Canning.

  8. Yep, this is one of the main reasons I follow the Cats. The unmasking of Hastie is a revelation – to think that some of us (not me, I had no idea one way or the other) thought that Hastie was a valuable asset to the conservative cause. Now we know otherwise, but the average follower of events via the MSM or worse, social media, will have no idea.

    That story about a media outfit covering his personal legal bills is just appalling. How can a Minister of the Crown justify that? He should be sacked forthwith.

  9. Beware military people going into politics.

    The joint’s awash with them. They use their previous military background (and, I suspect in some cases – looking at you Hastie – planning to use it while they’re still in) to gain instant cred with a large chunk of their prospective electorates. ‘Oh, a military man. Not just some layabout’ and so on.

    Too often, as demonstrated by Hastie, Lambie, Tinley (in WA), Urban (speaking of WA) and others, it’s all about them – and they use their prior service as a platform for their own profile, to hide their uselessness and to establish a firm place at the trough.

    Don’t start me on Bosi.

  10. No-one’s been called cock smoker all day. Lift your game!

    Not here, no. I’ve been yelling it at people outside the shops all afternoon.

    Mixed reviews.

  11. Been here after waking up late in the pm because (a) my sleeping patterns have never been of the 24 hour variety; and (b) roofers have been working on the next door building, starting at 7 am, but basing themselves on the balcony outside my door. This means that from about 6.30 am there are shufflings and murmurs and phlegmy coughs and chuckles and bangs about 3m from my bed. Then they get on the metal roof next door wearing work boots and fire up the power tools. Usually 3 or 4 of them.

    I get that being a roofer is a hard job – even on days here when it was only 25C it would be searing hot on a metal roof in the sun. But the one hour smokos, the rubbish (discarded drink cans/bottles and food leftovers, plus boxes and bits of tape and plastic) left here and there do not endear them.

    I’m not doing an Elizabeth Farrelly on tradies here. Tradies are the bread and butter of the motel, and the vast majority of them are ordinary people, not particularly virtuous or bad. But they do work hard, and I just heard the first of them leave the carpark. I am told by management and the housemaids that some of them leave their room as though nobody was there, except for the slept-in bed.

    Could it be that because it is a hard job, roofers get away with more?

  12. Local anecdote time – grasshoppers aplenty around here. Presumably that means that there are many, many more grasshoppers in the rural areas they came from.

  13. Oh, and I note from way back the (correct) comment about Dettol not being suitable for deep wounds because it kills everything. Then again, deep wounds should not be treated at home.

    It is wrong to suggest that therefore it should never be used when the skin is broken. It’s one of the best ever household health products, along with Tea Tree Oil. Both need to be diluted at least 300% before use on skin or wounds.

  14. Looking up, I see that the Space Station’s still up there, despite some master trolling by Putin about where it could fall. They had an infusion of Russians in the last couple of days, allegedly wearing ‘controversial’ colours that looked like the Ukrainian flag.

    Russians said that they were allowed to choose their own outfits, but there was a surplus of blue and white, so …


  15. Eyrie:

    Liked the bit about the diving board on the roof with the sign “Think of it as evolution in action”.

    Interesting novel.
    The social pressures that weren’t very well explored in it are probably a necessity if we are to develop Generation Ships.
    The attempt in the US didn’t – as far as I am aware – have the necessary population density or numbers to do a proper trial.
    Again, IIRC, the trial there was more about construction methods. And the funny part of that was the diminishing levels of CO2 when the curing concrete started to suck it out of the air supply and the crops were failing. You’d think the fact of lower CO2 and dying crops would have been remembered with the gerbil wormening crowd, but no, inconvenient facts are ignored.

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