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  1. Poor Jacinta, to be harrassed by this bossy self-important man after he had the temerity to call her a racist, when she is a genuinely aboriginal woman who stands up for a better deal for her people than the deal they are being offered by the faux supporters of the so-called voice. This should give many more people cause to vote NO against this useless piece of meaningless symbolism. Stay strong, Jacinta.

  2. Eggsactly pedro. The human brain is an incredible pattern forming machine. If there’s some sort of pattern, it picks up on it and there is a pattern in terms of what you described and despite what the Driller says.

    This saintly, virtuous religious bilge the lunatic (Driller) is posting is the eggsact opposite of what he’s said countless times about various ethnic groups – all of it anecdotal crap.

    Maybe, just maybe I have it all wrong though and the Driller is in the throes of converting to Roman Catholicism with a view to eventually becoming a priest, bishop and finally pope in his later years. Who knows.

  3. Had more than one mate return home to the same scenario.

    There was one certain unit, which shall remain nameless, which had a “Rogues Gallery”, of the more notorious camp followers, on the unit noticeboard…

  4. I’d be very, very surprised if they have even half of that, incl. DPR/LPR.

    Dover – I’m just saying what I’m seeing. I have no side in this fight. I know a few Russians as friends but no Ukrainians.

    You’re probably getting towards accuracy if you more than halve the casualty figures the other side publishes for their enemy. Propaganda being what it is. Which gets you to near equal losses.

    I think the Ukrainians have lost more since the Russians have been using massed artillery tactics, although that has slowed recently. There’s a limit on how much artillery ammunition they squirreled away, and the amount they’ve been using is phenomenal. On the other hand the Russians also have been forced in the last few days to move units down to the Kherson area, which suggests the Ukrainian counterattacks have hurt some.

    If you take a step back though, and look at the maps, you’d be hard pressed to tell which side was doing better in the last two months. It’s damn near static. Which also implies equal losses.

  5. In text messages to The Australian, an agitated FitzSimons ­declared her account of the conversation “was not a matter of interpretation”. “Complete and utter DEFAMATORY nonsense, as I told her … will hand recording to (Sydney Morning Herald) lawyers and pursue. You have been so advised,” he said. He said it was a “friendly interview” and that he did not raise his voice at all.

    This bastard works for nein; and before the Judgment in BRS even comes down here we have nein threatening another disapproved person; no matter if she is a black woman. If the lnp don’t come out all limp dicks blazing in her support she should resign immediately and join PHON.

    Having said that I hope she has learnt her lesson in dealing with the scum left media.

  6. Saw a funny series on Netflix.

    Dude walks through a x-ray machine and sets off the buzzer. The guard points to the dude’s belt telling him he should’ve taken it off. The dude says that , yes the belt is to keep his pants up and he’s not a jihadi bride.

  7. Being watching The Expanse which is as good as it gets for S-F.

    Then for sentimental reasons taped The Silencers which is unwatchable.

  8. It’s the last two months that have been a nightmare for UKR casualty- and territory- wise. Lost Poposna, all of Luhansk, pushing now into Bahkmut and Soledar. The line above Donetsk is faltering. Interesting to see what happens around Kherson.

  9. Putin can claim to kill 1/8 of his enemy’s army, he has nukes and also claims “popular support” and he still can’t win against a country, nay a nation he says does not even exist?

  10. Plenty of unusual domestic arrangements in mining towns. Goes with the territory unfortunately. Best avoided if you can.

  11. If there is some kind of situation developing with Chinese banks I wonder if HK will be roped in. HSBC in HK might find itself in the mire. As I understand it the international banks like Citi run their own Chinese operation sequestered and therefore not insulated from what happens on the mainland.

  12. Years ago ,knew a bloke who split up with his wife of 20 years and decided he was God’s gift to women.Whilst being quite trim I thought he had a head like a robbers dog.
    Anyway he had a few romantic exploits and then met this very attractive woman about 10 to 15 years younger with a young child.
    They moved into his house and started playing happy .
    families.About two weeks later he chastised the young girl and mum was not happy.
    When he got home from work a couple of days later they were gone as was everything in the house.His clothes food private possessions everything including his Jag.House was totally empty.
    Apparently she went interstate.Not certain if he got anything back.

  13. Then for sentimental reasons taped The Silencers which is unwatchable.

    I saw it was on after Operation Petticoat which I taped ’cause Cary Grant but read the blurb on The Silencers and thought better of taping it

  14. Had more than one mate, married to an Aussie sheila, return home to the same situation. Cleaned out the house and the bank account and “shot through” with the new boyfriend.

    Oh God!
    This comes up an awful lot.
    I have found myself in that position more than once.
    The “new boyfriend” bloke.
    Not the “empty house” bloke.
    As if.

  15. H B Bearsays:

    August 8, 2022 at 11:02 pm

    Plenty of unusual domestic arrangements in mining towns.

    Is it treated like jail-homo sex?
    Not really counted as gay?

  16. Sancho Panzer says: August 9, 2022 at 12:05 am

    Is it treated like jail-homo sex?
    Not really counted as gay?

    Tell us more about this jail sex.
    Us honest people have no knowledge of that exclusive genre of the pleasure arts.


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