Revenge is a dish

It’s not about Right and Left … It’s about Right and Wrong

With hope Ian Cook will suck the oxygen right outta Dan’s hunchback lungs

Shakespeare couldn’t have written such a delicious story

LoL … My kingdom for slug

22 thoughts on “Revenge is a dish”

  1. Loved Mark Knight’s sluggate cartoon.

    It would be such poetic justice if Ian Cook knocked the crook off his perch.

  2. I’m thinking about dumping the Libs to give Cook some support. Even if he doesn’t win at least he could land a few blows against the Crook. The Libs have fluffed around and still no candidate for Mulgrave. And Besides it might be fun!

  3. Well may, “revenge be a dish best served cold”, but there’s this:

    “When planning revenge, always dig an extra grave”.

    Pre-emptive “work”? Anybody got a line on such ventures?

    “The man who just wanted to be left alone”?

    Unknown in identity, quantity, intensity, determination, capability and location”.

    Read up on the subject; quite interesting.

  4. “My kingdom for slug”

    Dyslexia kicks in at the oddest times. That one parsed as “my merkin for a slug”, wonder what my therapist will say about it.

  5. any day now Dan’s gonna start having nightmares where the ghosts of his victims all waft out from under a bus to haunt and taunt him.

    I shall despair. There is no creature loves me;
    And if I die, no soul shall pity me
    – Act V, Scene 3

  6. I fervently hope Ian Cook thrashes Dan Xiaoping.
    Mr. Cook’s persecution is an extreme case, with a quantifiable outcome & demonstrable malfeasance by petty officials.
    He’s far from the only one. Many are in similar circumstances, or have felt the evil hand of petty officialdom in some way. Most are in murky situations, very few are as clear as is his.
    On behalf of a multitude of persecuted small businesses, I hope he slaughters the bludging labor pig.

  7. m0nty says: August 31, 2022 at 5:37 pm

    I saw the photoshop in the Hun featuring Ian Cook and a slug… all it needed was Jabba the Hutt for the family photo.

    That will happen when Ian Cook defeats Jabba the Hutt & takes his seat.

  8. how savory would it be if a Labor are return without The Hunchback?

    Given his overbearing nature, and penchant for throwing his colleagues under the bus, I imagine there’d be quite a bit of muted celebration within the ranks.

  9. I saw the photoshop in the Hun featuring Ian Cook and a slug… all it needed was Jabba the Hutt for the family photo

    Add m0nster and you’ve got the Fat Four.

  10. The Libs have fluffed around…

    What else would you expect fluffers* to do.

    *Im not talking about pillows.


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