How much will any of this matter when the Americans vote next time?

From right now.

I thought about putting the word “vote” in quotes, but Democrats could not care less. And whatever may happen, it won’t affect anyone within the US for at least five years, so why worry? We should worry, but even we have at least five years before whatever happens happens. It won’t be good, but che sera, sera as they say.

“There is no scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines improve the health of the individual”

While there is plenty of evidence that these vaxxines do harm. Articles such as this one are suppressed to the fullest extent possible: US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”. Here are the final two paras of what is a quite long but very readable article.

There is an old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This saying can be applied to the COVID-19 mass immunization program. The US anthrax attack of 2001, which originated at US army is Fort Detrick, has demonstrated that there are people in the US government who desire to attack US citizens with bioweapons [10]. According to the chief FBI agent leading the investigation of the US anthrax attack, conspirators were likely not apprehended in part because the investigation was prematurely ended and prior to stopping the investigation, people at the top of the FBI deliberately tried to sabotage the investigation [11]. In the US anthrax attack of 2001, people high in the US government publicly anticipated the anthrax attack as early as 1999 [10].

Similarly with the COVID-19 attack, people high in government anticipated the COVID-19 attack [12,13] several years before the attack took place [10]. There is even data that an effort was made in 2018 to protect certain populations against COVID-19 by immunizing them with MMR vaccine [14]. In such a hostile government environment, the citizens need to individually evaluate the science of immunization with COVID-19 vaccines and not rely on philosophical arguments propagated by government officials. In this case there is no scientific evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines improve the health of the individual, much less of the population as a whole. Mass immunization with COVID-19 vaccines is certainly leading to a catastrophic public health event

And there is other evidence that they may actually do harm.

Vaccine passports are not inevitable

There are a number of problems with contemporary conservatism. One involves its near universal voluntary surrender of public office over the last 30 or so years to its enemies. Another is its fatal mistake of thinking that culture was downstream of politics, not vice versa. But the mistake I want to concentrate on today is its usual surrender to what it believes is now inevitable. Nothing encapsulates this better at present then Tom Elliot on 3AW Drive ‘conceding’ that we just have to prepare for vaccine passports and the two-tiered life that this will involve in the near future. Go to the 1:33:00 min mark and listen to the short exchange between Tom and a caller.

Beyond the ridiculous argument that the vaccine greatly reduces the chance of transmitting COVID at a large public event (the absolute risk reduction (ARR) is 1.3% at best; people that focus on relative risk reduction (RRR) and not ARR are being tendentious because the chance of catching it and getting sick are already quite low) you see him suggest at the end of the exchange that vaccine passports is ‘just where we are headed’. And if you think that being fully vaxxed means two doses now, sorry to inform you, passports will likely require you to keep up date, which means regular boosters, to remain valid.

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Mater’s Musings #16: How Deadly?


I’ll let the graph do most of the talking, but it’s important to note that the age group <70 years of age represents 89% of the population. The demographic that also tends to die less through natural attrition (but that’s for another post).

From this, it can be seen that the risk of dying from the 2009 Swine Flu in Australia (if you contracted it) was anywhere between 1.75 -15 times greater than for Covid-19, if you are/were below 70 years of age. What posed a greater risk to the future of this country?

In about 4 months, we had roughly 37,000 cases of Swine Flu doing this, yet in 18 months Covid has racked up around 50,000. What should have caused the most panic?

Did they lock us down? Were we subjected to tyranny? Were Parliaments suspended? Did we have curfews? Were we divided up into ‘essentials’ and ‘non-essentials’? Was our country split into parts? Could police randomly demand ID when walking in the street? Were we put under house arrest? Were our kids denied a proper education for at least 18 months? Did we rack up hundreds of billions of dollars of debt, money that could have solved a lot of problems in this country?

No. We are being taken for a ride, and it seems most are happy to strap in and put their helmets on for it. It’s unbelievable.

What he means is that the media are filled with political fools from one end to the other

He doesn’t even add that there is a strong possibility that the election was stolen. He is focusing on the absolute stupidity of those who wished to see Donald Trump lose and Joe Biden win. And this was with virtual unanimity the media, not just in America but across the world.

When inalienable rights aren’t

It’s the exception that proves the rule is one of the more profound of expressions. Often misinterpreted. Replace ‘proves’ with its synonym ‘tests’, and its meaning becomes clear.  It means, as Catallaxy readers would know, that if the rule breaks down in exceptional circumstances, then it isn’t a rule at all. It has a Popperian quality. It only needs one contradictory event to undo a theory or a rule.

We have Covid, the exceptional circumstance. The rule in this case is that our freedoms are inalienable and protected by our representative and democratic governing principles and practices. Well, how well has that rule stood up? We now know, there is no such rule. Our inalienable rights (e.g., to meet with our friends and family, to assemble, to earn a living, to eat out, to travel) are privileges dispensed by state premiers and their public health apparatchiks. Sure, they can be restored. But can we never again describe them as rights. We have ceded them to executive government.

Like standover men, governments allow you to go about your business for a price. Those choosing to be unvaccinated will soon find out. Think of dissidents in North Korea, in China, in Afghanistan for a parallel. OK you won’t lose your head, but your life will be made miserable.

A Conservative Hero?

monty writes:

Lt. Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police is a conservative hero, but in the strictly small-c sense. People who identify with the Conservative movement in America tend to hate him, because his action did more than anyone else to stop an insurrection which would have installed Conservative politicians in a coup. What Byrd did, though, was act to conserve the institutions he was sworn to protect. If you truly believe in conservatism with all the respect for authority and adherence to societal norms that entails, you should laud Byrd as an everyday champion.

Is Lt. Byrd a conservative hero? He shot an unarmed woman that posed no threat to anyone in her immediate vicinity, including armed Capitol Police officers that were directly behind her not in another corridor as was Lt. Byrd. Nor did he ‘do the most’ to prevent an ‘insurrection’. Only last week, the FBI conceded there was no evidence of an organized attempt to mount a coup at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

What he did contribute to, unwittingly though successfully, was an end to any Congressional oversight of the administration of the 2020 US election, that might have allayed some of the suspicions that the election was not conducting according to law. Given the extent of the changes to election law largely brought about by executive orders and administrative discretion in many of the States, which is contrary to Article 1, Section 4 of the US Constitution, on the grounds of COVID, Congressional oversight was entirely justified.

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Guest Post: MatrixTransform – Things My Nanna Said

My Nanna was born on the day England, France and Russia declared war on Germany in 1914.

In 1918 as a kid, she got The Flu and was left helpless presumed to die. Her Old Man wrapped her in brown paper with a mustard poultice, tipped a bottle of brandy all over her, and nestled her among some house bricks that had been warmed on the combustion stove. Life was tougher then and I wouldn’t be typing this if she didn’t survive.

Her father saw action in both wars and was in France in the worst of it, though I’m not 100% sure where he was in WWII.

In between the wars they got through the depression years, but only just. They were rendered homeless several times and they near starved to death right here in Melbourne.

After the depression, she was just a pretty teenager and the fella she would eventually marry was a circus trick rider, boxer, cattle drover, cane cutter, and a builder.

That fella was struck by her looks and charm and apparently stated that one day he was gonna come back and marry that pretty kid. Ten years passed and that is exactly what happened. Actually, two brothers of the same trades came back and married 2 sisters.

She worked for Myer and was deeply religious.

He built things and read every book in the local library.

The rest is history as they say and, of course, they’re all gone now.

Old Mac left this coil early and I was just a kid. I do remember him scraping out apples from off the tree with a teaspoon and him handing the spoonful to me on a sunny day. I was standing one-legged on the pole by the front gate, and we just ate apples in the sun and chatted with everybody walking by. He lost a kidney getting kicked at a rodeo in his youth, and riddled with cancer, he just got out of bed one day and walked right under a High St tram.

Mrs Mac went on and on until about 2008 and I swear she never stopped talking that whole time even to draw breath. Until the end when she stopped talking and decided to take nothing by mouth. Shortly after that, her kidneys failed and she is still sleeping now.

I missed her funeral because I had to choose between taking my kids to Brisbane for the Brass Band Nationals, and her burial. Still a bit ashamed to this day, I’d wager still she would have approved of my choice. I can almost hear her voice in my head, “Wish in one hand and spit in t’other … see what comes true first”

That woman was the source of endless mirth among my siblings and cousins for the things she said.

Mostly one-liners or biblical quotes, she’d just look at you over her teacup with a knowing eye waiting for you to fill in the blanks.

To catch up.

To read between the lines.

To understand.

Nan had a wisdom that only Nanna’s have and an understanding that can only be gleaned from living a life with no room for hubris. Wiser than anybody else I ever met, she would switch between idiom and aphorism as fancy took her.

I owe my own smart-mouth to her… and if you reckon I’m bad, you should tangle with my sister.

She’ll wreck your worldview before noon and smile murderously while you struggle for breath dying from laugher.

If Nan was still here, I’m certain she would have said of this current Cov-idiocy that, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” or, “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Maybe a few minutes later I hope, she might have said in a lower tone, “This too shall pass.”

But you know what? … I’m not so sure she would have.

We have become soft, pliant, timorous, and child-like. And look what happened. We have now become beholden to a bunch of unaccountable simpletons, whose fevered policy incantations they pretend are efficacious. Assuming, of course, they don’t have malintent.

But the real problem is worse than that. The idiotic spells our ‘rulers’ cast are perfectly suited to the appetites of a pampered anti-resilient population. Look around and listen to them. Apparently, we are collectively and literally gagging for it.

People these days worry about every invisible boogie-man that may harm them, though probably won’t – like imperceptible global temperature rises, life without sunblock, a Flu that barely has a mortality rate, and mean tweets.

All the time we walk dumb and obedient into a draconian techno-fascist future. Driven by self-interested bastards that are absolutely 100% sure about why your compliance is necessary.

It doesn’t really look all that different to the last centuries crises, except this time they have smiley-face emojis; they still demand compliance at the point of a gun.

Nan would probably have quipped, “The whole world is mad except me, and thee … and I’m not even so sure about thee.” … or, “only the living can hurt you, not spirits.”

I can hear Nan’s bones rattling right now.

Guest Post: MatrixTransform – A Calibrated Response

New science has prompted a recalibration of the Rulz …

Travel restrictions will be tweaked from 5km to 6.318km.

The new allowable distance is more finely tuned and accurate to a metre (must be measured from your mailbox)

Large construction sites must now reduce staff to 24.8%, revised down from 25%

You’re not allowed visitors to your home — except your intimate partner.

If you live alone, you can now form a bubble with 1.13 persons.

Essential retail can open as long as there are no more than 1.31 persons per 5.24 square metres.

Other/general retail can only open only for contactless click and collect.

The curfew in place will be adjusted and operate from 9:21:38s pm to 5:05:11s am each day. Daylight savings will be abandoned this year to avoid further confusion.

During the lockdown period, weddings are not allowed unless for end of life or deportation reasons.

Attendees are limited to between 5.00 and 5.99 people, including the 2 people being married, the celebrant, 2 witnesses and the (potential) foetus.


Funerals are allowed with no more than 10 people, plus those necessary to conduct the funeral.

The difference between a Marriage and a Funeral is the date on the death certificate


… and the AFL can do whatever it damned well wants because…money science

-Signed Dept of Highly Heuristic Stuff (DHHS)  — Keeping you safer … we are all scientists now