Victoria’s ‘Finest’

The following is a compendium of incidents involving Victoria Police attempting to uphold COVID orders following the large protest in Richmond on Sept 18, 2021. This is really only portion of what is probably available so please add incidents in the comments and I will update the post as we go. 

Sept 18 2021:

Sept 22, 2021 in Melb CBD:

Sept 22, 2021 at the Shrine:

Sept 23, 2021:

Sept 24, 2021 in CBD:

Sept 24, 2021 at Northcote Plaza:

Sept 25, 2021:

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  1. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Thanks for these, Dover. They really do need to be gathered somehwhere as a record of events.
    I listed a few the other day on the open thread. Some of them are recorded above.
    But ther was one where the Anti-Terrorism Police in army fatigues floored and monstered a man in hihg vis gear who was a protester which really should be included.. I can’t link to twitter but maybe someone else can gather this one and add it.

  2. Plasmamortar Avatar

    There’s a quote that comes to mind.

    Something about people who make peaceful resolution impossible…??

  3. dover0beach Avatar

    Added Lizzie. Need more info on the head cracked incident though.

  4. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Thanks DB. I find the clips very distressing. I find Victoria very distressing. I find Australia very distressing.

  5. Mater Avatar

    The fox hunt:

  6. mem Avatar

    Does anyone know what the increase in the Vic police force has been over the past 4 years? It’s like Dan has set up a mega army. There are swarms of them.

  7. dover0beach Avatar

    Anything before Sept 18, 2021, I will add on another post. Just too daunting to do all in one. But please feel free to add here.

  8. Rabz Avatar

    Been sending the video of Avi outside of CFMEU house on Monday evening to various people I think could be swayed to our cause.

    The truth, in real time. Over 90 minutes.

    Setka is a low vile rat. He sold out the rank and file and the latter knew it (in real time). Hence the righteous subsequent anger.

    Will take my allies where I can find them at the moment. They are allies. I live among them, in my “LGA of obsession”, friendly, salt of the earth types who always say hello, when I’m out doing my run.

    My polyglot neighbours are decent people. We will hopefully shortly bring this bizarre stalinist idiocy to a long overdue end. 🙂

  9. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    DB…here’s one of Avi being arrested in September last year…

    I hope the link works

  10. Flyingduk Avatar

    Only serious violence ends this.

  11. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    There have been numerous times where trivial news items have triggered split opinions in msm and government. In This situation msm is in lockstep with Vikpol and Government. It is seriously a disturbing situation. The violence inflicting upon Melbourne citizens is appalling. Where the fuck is the HRC? Still sucking on each other’s pronouns?

  12. Rabz Avatar

    Only serious violence ends this

    There is nothing violent about HOP Time. It is a righteous and long overdue ending of totalitarian idiocy.

  13. Muddy Avatar

    Mater says:
    September 25, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    The fox hunt:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but I believe it is referred to as seal clubbing.
    It’s back in vogue, but only for VIPs.

  14. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    If VicPol are randomly gang tackling and bashing people I wonder how long before random groups of people start gang tackling and beating isolated Police?

  15. WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now) Avatar
    WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now)

    No wonder these scum are referred to as pigs . . . apologies for saying this but this just makes me so angry !

  16. Rabz Avatar

    There are peoples here who are doing it tough.

    So it’s time for some unrepentant beauty. 🙂

  17. flyingduk Avatar

    If VicPol are randomly gang tackling and bashing people I wonder how long before random groups of people start gang tackling and beating isolated Police?

    Aka ’cause and effect’

  18. Crossie Avatar

    This is something Victoria can be proud of, they are the best in the world at oppression and police brutality.

  19. OldOzzie Avatar

    The Tyrannical Scenes out of Australia Grow Darker and More Disturbing

    What’s going on in Australia may be the most disturbing story of the year. A once, somewhat flourishing democracy has been reduced to a tyrannical medical state in which people are violently abused by government authorities for daring to walk outside. All in the name of fighting COVID-19, of course.

    Unfortunately for those that live Down Under, there is no end in sight, and the scenes are only growing darker.

  20. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    I suppose Victoria is a fertile recruiting ground for our new “Quarantine “ camp guards.

  21. mizaris Avatar


  22. Lee Avatar

    The irony of those most outraged about the death of an American serial crim in police custody – George Floyd – being now the same people cheering on police brutality here, like the cop who had a young woman in a choke-hold.
    In fact, double irony, for those people who think it is okay to protest on behalf of a dead American crook (which he was), think it is also okay for police to crackdown in Australia very harshly on those protesting the rights to have their freedoms and jobs preserved, without interference from government and others.

  23. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    In one of those links, two male coppers are holding a woman down. One appears to have his knee on her neck, the very tactic which supposedly killed Floyd.

  24. The Beer whisperer Avatar
    The Beer whisperer

    When Louise Milligan notices what’s changing, it’s clear the goodwill is running out.

  25. Maman Avatar

    Sadly, all the videos and stills that Victorians have taken will make convincing ‘evidence’ to be used by the government, media and police, to justify the putting into permanent, general legislation, the extraordinary powers that the police currently hold under this state of emergency.

    Would that explain some the outrageous overreaction and brutality of police? “Photo Ops”?

    On at least 2 occasions, at the end of his press conference, the chief of police seemed to be alerting people to the fact there would be another demonstration the next day. Seemed out of place to actually highlight an event you did not want to happen.

    After the X-Benchers have ‘negotiated’ with the premier and the legislation passes, Victoria will have officially become “Victoria, the Police State”.

  26. OldOzzie Avatar

    One to add to the collection above – 1 min 57 secs


    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Brags About Human Rights During U.N. Speech, While State Police Violently Beat Citizens in The Streets Protesting to Support Human Rights

    September 26, 2021 | Sundance | 134 Comments

    A remarkable contrast video shows the words the Australian Prime Minister delivered during the United Nations General Assembly, while contrasting the brutality that Morrison’s various police units are unleashing in the streets all around Australia.

    The original version of this video is being throttled by Google [SEE HERE]. However, a Rumble Version has been uploaded. The video used to overlay the speech is actual news footage from the past five days in Australia.

    In virtually every large metropolitan area in the country, State Police, Riot Squads and jackboots can be found beating citizens who leave their homes or refuse to show their approved transit papers. Australians, who attempt to protest the COVID lockdowns and forced vaccinations, are subject to being shot, beaten, arrested and in come cases of female victims, sexually assaulted by police officers. Australia has descended into totalitarianism, and is not easily the most dystopian state in the former free democratic world.

    The Taliban in Afghanistan are mild compared to the police units operating in many cities including Melbourne and Sydney. Checkpoints are commonplace everywhere, and quarantine camps for the non-compliant have been established. It is beyond absurd.

  27. Bill Avatar

    That video of scomo with the images of the Victorian Gestapo should be played daily during the election period next year to remind people that voting for any of the major parties will inevitably give this result.

  28. Major Elvis Newton Avatar
    Major Elvis Newton

    Having a kebab and ciggie not OK according to VicPlod

  29. Major Elvis Newton Avatar
    Major Elvis Newton
  30. Barking Toad Avatar
    Barking Toad

    Excellent thread Dover as you promised.
    I dips me lid.

  31. Gab Avatar

    I think their Robocop costumes make them feel brave to bash up citizens for sport.

  32. Rorschach Avatar

    Arrested … zero resistance yet still brutalised on ground…

  33. Rorschach Avatar

    Not Victoria … but makes very valid points

  34. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    FWIW, it is a bit hard to see Victoria’s finest. All those police keep getting in the way.

  35. OldOzzie Avatar

    WATCH: Police move in to force HEALTHCARE WORKERS out of protesting in Melbourne
    Masked, vaccinated and socially distanced but banned from speaking out.

    On Monday, dozens of police officers descended on Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy to break up a peaceful, silent protest against vaccine mandates.

    The protest was attended by some 50 healthcare workers and only lasted for about half an hour before a bus full of armed police officers arrived to issue everyone move on orders.

    Protesters, many of them already vaccinated, wore their scrubs and PPE and held placards denouncing the government’s attack on personal choice and bodily autonomy.

    I was on the scene to speak with the protesters and witness the excessive police response.

    WATCH and SHARE the moment police arrived to kick out the protesters:

    Avi Yemini
    Chief Australia Correspondent
    Rebel News

    One nurse who works at the vaccination hubs said, “ninety per cent of the people I’m vaccinating are there because they want their freedoms back… that’s not the right reason to make a medical decision”.

    Worth the 8 Mins 51 Secs watching

  36. rickw Avatar

    Northcote plaza from inside Degani’s

  37. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    One nurse who works at the vaccination hubs said, “ninety per cent of the people I’m vaccinating are there because they want their freedoms back… that’s not the right reason to make a medical decision”.

    That is the take away that needs to be broadcast far and wide.

    This is how much the governments have ground down the people, all the while pretending to be concerned, caring, and solicitous for their welfare.

    Gladys may be better than Sneakers, Stairman Dan, or Palacechook, but as Samuel Johnson said:

    Sir, there is no settling the point of precedency between a louse and a flea

    Well next election lets bring the Purina dog powder to get rid of them all and get the guard dog instead.

  38. Dot Avatar

    This article is morally and empirically wrong.

    It also claims to be morally and empirically correct.

    It’s offensive, apartheid bollocks.

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