Open Thread – Weekend 4 Dec 2021

The Triumph of Judas Maccabeus, Peter Paul Rubens, 1635

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  1. Winston Smith Avatar


    The box will be filled with a mass of storage drives and have internet connectivity, all powered by solar panels on the structure’s roof.

    Jonathan Kneebone is a backer.
    Solar panels to last 100,000 years – we can’t even make them last for 100 bloody years!
    So I suggest we all have a go at suggesting contents.
    My suggestion is:
    1. The original glitter coated turd, mounted on the clean end.

  2. Winston Smith Avatar

    I looked for JC’s video of President Trump calling General Milley “a fucking idiot” and did a search for it.
    No video found using Brave.
    Bullshit, thinks Winston.
    It’s on Rumble.
    Here – for your enjoyment.

  3. Winston Smith Avatar


    I disagree with forced vaccination, can I make a complaint?

    If you do not want to receive a vaccination because you are opposed to it, this is unlikely to be a sufficient basis to lodge a discrimination or human rights complaint.

    After the Revolution, we shall have a purge.
    All of these bullshit sinecures that we’ve erected and have now shown themselves to be utterly gutless shall be torn out – root and branch.
    Then we will forbid any of the PS who worked in them shall ever work for the people again.

  4. Winston Smith Avatar


    The fearful @rseholery up here is a thing to be wondered at. I even had friends wanting to put a Checkpoint Charlie up at the only road in to “stop the virus”. Idiots.

    When this lunacy is over – and it will end – our society is going to be very aware of the informer types that live with us.
    It is not going to be pleasant.

  5. Winston Smith Avatar


    Watch our floppy dildo taped to a bonnet leaders continue to roll out the pre-bought boosters and monster refusers as if nothing is any the blooming different.

    I understand the ‘booster’ is the same vaccine that was originally touted as the ‘cure’ Is this correct?

  6. Winston Smith Avatar


    Then they’ll lean on the homeschooling brigade and make the handful of parents who refuse jabs and pull their kids out of school a family services / health / social interaction issue and start threatening to fine parents and take kids away.

    Damn straight they will.
    The pricks want everyone shot up so there’s no control group.

  7. Winston Smith Avatar


    For a people who recite the same four Monty Python skits over and over again for the last five and a half decades, you really are a thin skinned lot.

    Four Monty Python skits? Looxury!
    We were so poor, we could only hear the neighbours TV from a cardboard box in the middle of the road! We were so deprived of Monty Python skits, we had to decode the snap! crackle! and pop! from our cold breakfast gravel that we had to eat before we got up because we weren’t sent to bed until then!
    What looxury!

  8. Winston Smith Avatar

    What about the cheese shop?

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