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Bedtime, Samuel Joseph Clark, 1881

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  1. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    The USN losses off Okinawa were horrendous. Thirty six ships sunk and almost 400 damaged would to any force other than the 1945 USN would have been a catastrophic defeat.

    Recall just two of the damaged ships, carriers Bunker Hill and Franklin. Each was hit while preparing to launch aircraft, resulting in catastrophic fires. Bunker Hill had around 400 dead from a crew of over 2200, Franklin over 800. And Okinawa was still a long way from the Home Islands. Operations close to those islands would have been a far more hostile environment.

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I have absolutely no need to be welcomed to country

    I know a bloke who’s contribution to “Welcome to Country” was dropping a very loud, very long fart…

  3. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    I’m surprised that Frank did not mention the Nimitz comment in Downfall.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    I like beans, but I don’t have that sort of control.

  5. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Digitally retouched – looks good and so does she.

    I wouldn’t mind being the man in the very back row.

    ??????? ????? – ? ???? ???? ??? – ???????? ????? ???? – ?? ????????

  6. caveman Avatar

    I think Stan may in need of an RUOK , im not being funny.

  7. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    ??????? ????? – ? ???? ???? ??? – ???????? ????? ???? – ?? ????????

    = Deborah Harry – I Want That Man – Official Video 1989.

  8. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I’m surprised that Frank did not mention the Nimitz comment in Downfall.

    Frank may well have – it’s been several years since I read the book.

  9. Gabor Avatar

    Rabz says:
    May 20, 2023 at 8:30 pm

    Modern life is rubbish.

    There – I’ve stated it, Cats.

    I actually liked it, until the vocals cut in, why do they have to ruin a good rhythm and tune with crap vocals nobody can understand anyway?

  10. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    I know a bloke who’s contribution to “Welcome to Country” was dropping a very loud, very long fart…

    We should be thankful this talented individual chose to use their powers for good and not for evil.

  11. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    We should be thankful this talented individual chose to use their powers for good and not for evil.

    May I pass that comment on to him?

  12. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    A fitting song for covid when the MSM were running amok. These digital retouches are great.



    Skyhooks – Horror Movie – Official Video 1974 – 4K Remaster

    Skyhooks – Horror Movie – Official Video 1974 – 4K Remaster

  13. hzhousewife Avatar

    Apologies in advance – but see the Bombers fly up !

  14. Muddy Avatar

    ‘Goodnight, Muddy,’ says Muddy.
    ‘Goodnight, Muddy,’ replies Muddy.

  15. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Those five bastards need to be charged. Lying bastards … remember Smollet? Of course you do.


    Mark Dice:


  16. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    My grandmother’s contribution to the war effort was raising five children, and managing two farms, when her husband and his brother enlisted. She always said that she was entitled to a service medal, as her contribution to the war effort was equivalent to that of any soldier.

    When the news of the Japanese surrender was announced, she wrote in her diary that “I suppose this means that the men will be coming home, and praise God, can we return to some degree of normality?”

  17. Rabz Avatar

    BoN – James, She’s a Star

    Featuring my favourite English Rose …

  18. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    I have just watch Stillwater on Netflix. Watch it.
    I look forward to analysing this filum in French about fate, symetry of life and perspective.

  19. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Following on from the Dice clip, all those D -heads asking for reparations wouldn’t have a clue about this bloke.

    Brilliant mind.

    You can be assured Y-Tube ( wankers ) has throttled this channel. 100% guaranteed on that.


    Thomas Sowell:

    The Truth About Slavery and Reparation | Thomas Sowell

  20. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    “Wild Mountain Thyme” – Billy Connolly did the best version of this song, but this one runs a pretty close second!

  21. Rabz Avatar

    The best covers you will never hear – until you do …

    Carolyn’s fingers

  22. Arky Avatar

    How rare, almost unheard of, that an artist has his best work at the end of his life?
    And it isn’t as if he didn’t have many, many wonderful hits throughout.
    Johnny Cash. Hurt:

  23. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Welcome to the party, gents.

    The clip they are viewing is from 1995.

    Thomas Sowell VIEWS On Conservatives And Liberals Left Us Speechless!!

  24. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity

    Arky says: May 20, 2023 at 11:31 pm
    How rare, almost unheard of, that an artist has his best work at the end of his life?
    And it isn’t as if he didn’t have many, many wonderful hits throughout.
    Johnny Cash.

    Apropos of morse code earlier in the thread.
    … and up pops mention of morse code operator Johnny Cash, who worked as an interceptor of Soviet military radio traffic.
    … with his place in history as being the first person outside the Soviet Union to learn of Stalin’s death, when the news was transmitted in Russian morse between Soviet army stations during Cash’s interception/listening shift & he picked up the importance of what was being transmitted.

    Air Force Morse Code interceptor Johnny Cash also had a later, second career, entertaining by singing & playing guitar for money.

  25. Arky Avatar

    I wish I could live to 500 just to see how the American story unfolds.
    No one wants to endure hundreds of years of existence just to see what happens to Australia.

  26. Rabz Avatar

    Collectivists in 1980, thinking they just had kick in the barn door and the whole rotten structure would come crashing down … 😕

  27. Rabz Avatar

    I wish I could live to 500 just to …

    … have gotten on down with as many beautiful bimbees as possible.

    500 hundred years – that is a lengthy period of time, Arks.

    Care to elaborate, mate?

  28. Arky Avatar

    Care to elaborate, mate?

    Just reflecting on the importance of the States to unfolding world history.
    And the magnificence of her culture at her best.

  29. Arky Avatar

    with his place in history as being the first person outside the Soviet Union to learn of Stalin’s death, when the news was transmitted in Russian morse between Soviet army stations during Cash’s interception/listening shift & he picked up the importance of what was being transmitted.

    Very interesting.

  30. Plasmamortar Avatar

    As we move forward into energy poverty, I would advise that everyone here switch to a diesel vehicle.
    Also, purchase a diesel generator for powering your home.

    Diesel stores for 4-5x longer than petrol (around 12-15 months) this way, you can power your home and car from the same fuel source.

    Recommend anyone who can store at least 500L of diesel fuel 🙂

  31. Rabz Avatar

    Hey, Miss Personage – out of time, you are
    You can’t come back
    and think that I would want you
    after the boobed one had done his deeds
    and the BLM* had purveyed it screeds …

    *braindead lamestream meeja …

  32. Rabz Avatar

    Just reflecting on the importance of the States to unfolding world history.
    And the magnificence of her culture at her best.

  33. Indolent Avatar

    First they came for the women …

    The Queers Versus The Homosexuals

  34. Rabz Avatar

    Reel by Reel

    We’re documented down like rats

    While catching on every squeal …

  35. Plasmamortar Avatar

    <a Just reflecting on the importance of the States to unfolding world history.
    And the magnificence of her culture at her best.

    =””> Call

  36. Plasmamortar Avatar


    Last link didn’t work…

  37. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    A bloke walking his dog. It’s the reaction of people that see Cash for the first time that is the fun part.

    Cash: 165 pounds, 7 feet tall standing up on his hind legs and two inches shy of the world’s tallest dog ever recorded. I reckon other taller dogs exist but we have yet to see them.

    I can understand if people find the clips boring. Not me. (:

    He’s now cool amongst big crowds.


    woof bark growl:

    Cash 2.0 Great Dane at the Simi Valley Spring Street Fair 2023 (3 of 12)

  38. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


    80s Movie Tribute (Don’t You Forget About Me)

    Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me

  39. Black Ball Avatar
    Black Ball

    Piers Akerman:

    One of Australia’s smartest lawyers has (inadvertently) nailed the utter absurdity of the blind support given by those backing the Voice to parliament.

    Currently leading the inquiry into the ACT’s failed prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann of the alleged rape of fellow staffer Brittany Higgins, Walter Sofronoff KC – distinguished jurist, former president of the Queensland Court of Appeal and former Queensland solicitor-general – unwittingly laid out the most telling legal argument against those arguing emotionally for a Yes vote.

    In probing the ACT’s Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold, Sofronoff asked of the DPP: “You could not possibly, as a barrister, say, ‘I’m prepared to give an opinion about this’, without proof from the man who made the document, could you? You would need some facts. And you don’t seem to have any facts, Mr Drumgold.”

    That equally applies to every executive of a major corporation (PwC, Qantas are you listening?) which has been forcing one-sided educational assignments about the Voice on its employees; it applies to every sporting body from Rugby Australia, Tennis Australia, the NRL and AFL to the AOC, and it nails Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, his Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney and Teals like Allegra Spender, who last week scolded her constituents to “get informed about the Voice to Parliament”.

    As Sofronoff told Drumgold, you could not possibly present an opinion without proof. You would need some facts, and you don’t have any.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a barrister or a barista, facts help in any argument and when Albanese says the details of his much-vaunted Voice to Parliament will only be decided after it passes a referendum. Lack of facts, alone, should kill this proposition stone dead.

    Spender,the beneficiary of an education at one of the most expensive girls’ schools in the nation, appears not to have learnt much about logic.

    There are 11 Indigenous MPs in the federal parliament and the number of people wearing designer-cut animal skin cloaks (chortle) in state parliaments has grown exponentially in recent years.

    There are more than 300 organisations representing Indigenous people; plus the Coalition of Peaks, or the National Indigenous Australians Agency whose mission it is “to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a say in the decisions that affect them”.

    Which would make the Voice totally superfluous.

    Another issue not spoken of by the virtue-signallers is the lack of accountability for the $30bn of taxpayers’ money that is given to Aboriginal organisations – usually run by dominant tribal groups for the benefit of their clan – annually.

    Who knows how many people will put their hands up to cop the NSW government’s $75,000 ex-gratia payment offered to members of the so-called Stolen Generation?

    Applications from those who were placed in care by the NSW Aboriginal Protection or Welfare board close on June 30, though no court has found any child removed from a caring parent just for being Aboriginal.

    The Labor states are embracing the notion of open-ended treaties with various Aboriginal clans which laughingly use the co-opted Canadian description “First Nations”.

    The universally understood tests of nationhood require an acceptance of economic and social responsibility, and political independence and territorial integrity, neither of which existed on this continent in 1788.

    That this continent has been home to just one nation, Australia, as symbolised by the Constitution, is self-evident. Labor, and virtue-signallers like the Teals, wish to change that same Constitution and divide us.

    Don’t let it happen; we are all Australians.

  40. Black Ball Avatar
    Black Ball

    FMD. Hun:

    Senior Wurundjeri elder Aunty Joy Murphy has lashed the AFL and chief executive Gillon McLachlan for a perceived lack of presence at Saturday night’s Dreamtime celebration at the MCG.

    Attendees at the pre-match president’s function were stunned when Aunty Joy became highly emotional and said she felt disrespected because she believed no AFL Commissioners or McLachlan had showed up to the footy’s annual celebration of Indigenous culture.

    Aunty Joy was on stage delivering the Welcome to Country when she noticed the front table was empty and believed the game’s top brass had snubbed the event.

    She became highly emotional and accused the AFL of disrespecting her.

    However it’s understood there were in fact three AFL Commissioners in the room as well as four members of the league’s executives.

    The table was empty because the likes of Bombers president David Barham, chief executive Craig Vozzo and other senior figures did not want to take their seat during the Welcome to Country and were observing from the back of the room.

    The Commissioners present were Paul Bassat, Helen Milroy and Robin Bishop while the executive attendees at the MCG were Sarah Fair, Tanya Hosch Brian Walsh and chief executive-elect Andrew Dillon.

    It’s understood a timing issue forced Dillon to miss the pre-match function because he was completing the Michael Long Walk along with Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles and Premier Daniel Andrews.

    Dillon was seeing Marles off outside the ground when the function was on because the politician couldn’t stay for the match.

    McLachlan was absent from the event for what was understood to be an important social event.

    However with Dillon at the ground and multiple members of the AFL’s leadership present it’s understood the league was comfortable with its representation.

    Commissioners spoke to Aunty Joy during the function as she calmed down from her earlier outburst.

    Milroy and Essendon director Dean Rioli went on stage to console Aunty Joy as she broke down.

    It was not the first time Aunty Joy has taken aim at the AFL.

    In 2014 she unloaded on McLachlan and then-chairman Mike Fitzpatrick at the MCG for the AFL’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan because they had not acknowledged the traditional owners or elders.

    “There is one thing that is remiss, not acknowledging traditional owners or elders or community,” Aunty Joy said.

    “For me on National Sorry Day it kind of hit me very hard … I just wanted to apologise if I may on behalf of the Wurundjeri people to say that I’m sure this was an oversight, not meant to be, not intention.

    “But when you do read the launch (document) could you please bear that in mind especially to those of your family that have gone before us.”

    Ahead of the Saturday night blockbuster, Aunty Joy performed the Welcome to Country in the middle of the MCG.

    “You are most welcome to the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people,” she said.

    Aunty Joy made headlines in March after she was controversially dumped from performing a Welcome to Country during Barack Obama’s speaking tour in Melbourne.

    At the time, Aunty Joy said she was removed from the proceedings for being “too difficult” after she asked for a support person and wanted to give Mr Obama a gift.

    “I have been shocked and distressed by the way I have been treated by event organisers. I am 78 years of age. I have never been treated or spoken to in this way in the past,” she said.

    Event organisers later issued an apology.

    Thinking someone is a selfish bitch. Murphy should be counting her lucky stars that she is doing anything like this at all, since women were forbidden from doing anything like a ‘welcome’.

  41. Black Ball Avatar
    Black Ball

    Murphy is Langton. Langton is Murphy! (HT Ace Ventura)

  42. Jorge Avatar

    Indolent, thanks for your gleanings.

    From The Weekly Dish above, this piece by a gay man was most informative:

    No one held a news conference and announced that from 2015 on, after Obergefell, the gay rights movement had changed its entire rationale. But they sure gave hints. The Human Rights Campaign, once a relatively moderate group, replaced “gay” and “lesbian” with the acronym “LGBTQ+” and expanded the word “queer” to describe anyone gay, lesbian, transgender, or even straight who defied heteronormativity. They changed the flag from a simple rainbow, to one that included some races (only black and brown — no Asians or whites) and transgender ideology. Their building in DC is festooned with a massive banner declaring their mission: “Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter.” Their new head is a woman who calls herself “queer,” not lesbian.

    Then they quietly changed the meaning of the word “gay” so that it no longer referred to same-sex attraction, but to same-gender attraction; and changed the word “men” to include people with vaginas and uteruses, and the word “women” to include people with dicks and balls. Checkmate for the gays! We are all now just bigots with “genital preferences,” just like the Christianist right used to claim. Just to add to the confusion, hundreds of new “genders” were adopted — because some teens on Tumblr once invented them and queer theorists loved them.

    Gay hook-up apps now include biological women seeking gay men and straight men looking for chicks with dicks. “NO MEN” some profiles now say — on what was once a gay man’s app. There are fewer and fewer exclusively gay male spaces left. Lesbian bars? Almost gone entirely. Lesbians themselves? On their way out. Dylan Mulvaney is exemplary of the new queer order: a femme gay man who had to take female hormones to stay relevant. (Compare and contrast with disco icon Sylvester’s view of gay liberation: “I could be the queen that I really was without having a sex change or being on hormones.” We are going backward, not forward.)

    Then the queers upped the ante and did something we gays never did: they targeted children. If they could get into kids’ minds, bodies and souls from the very beginning of their lives, they could abolish the sex binary from the ground up. And so they got a pliant, woke educational establishment to re-program children from the very start, telling toddlers that any single one of them could be living in the wrong body, before they could even spell.

    Kindergartners were told to pick a pronoun, and thereby a sex, as soon as they arrived.

  43. Jorge Avatar

    Martin Amis gone at 73.

    There’s that number again.

  44. rosie Avatar

    Joy Murphy complaining about disrespect when she doesn’t attend anything without being paid a hefty fee.

  45. calli Avatar

    Thanks Tom.

    I’ve saved the German weather forecast image. Very hard to laugh at that.

  46. calli Avatar

    Aunty Joy Murphy.

    Not a happy Irishwoman?

  47. Miltonf Avatar

    It’s all so manufactured and phony. To further a nation wrecking agenda. Cribbed from Canada. Like multiculturalism.

  48. Miltonf Avatar

    Why have a sit down down dinner? Shouldn’t it be kangaroo round a camp fire?

  49. Miltonf Avatar

    Or isn’t that good enough for our effete elites?

  50. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    I’ve saved the German weather forecast image. Very hard to laugh at that.

    Here you go Calli.

    Hot weather maps show exactly when and where Britain will face scorching 25C blast (20 May)

    Scorching! It’s a headline in the Express today that’s worthy of the WIP.

  51. flyingduk Avatar

    Diesel stores for 4-5x longer than petrol (around 12-15 months) this way, you can power your home and car from the same fuel source.

    I have successfully used both petrol and diesel stored for 2 years, with the appropriate stabilisers.

  52. Diogenes Avatar

    Yeah, sad news today from my neck of the woods.

    Norah Head locals calling for consultation period to be extended for Hunter Offshore Wind Zone (Ncl local news, 20 May)

    A few people in the group are friends of ours. They were not happy when I pointed out that PEP11 which they also opposed would have had less impact on the coast.

  53. Farmer Gez Avatar
    Farmer Gez

    Climate change weather report.

  54. Tom Avatar

    Britain will face scorching 25C blast

    As BoN says, that’s worth a headline in Week In Pictures.

    Now you know why all those 10-pound Poms got on the boat after the war, craving a northerly blast of Outback summer at 45 degrees Celsius — no place for warm Pommy beer.

  55. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Aunty Joy Murphy”

    Not my “aunty”. But one thing is for sure, if da “Voice” gets up, I’ll be ticking the “indigenous” box every time I’m forced to fill out a government form. And that’s not lying, coz I am indigenous.

  56. rosie Avatar

    Joy Murphy has also published a bunch of children’s pictures books.
    The sort of books you’ll find in public libraries and day care.
    Nothing like having multiple profit centres.

  57. flyingduk Avatar

    After being ‘on the point of falling’ for weeks if not months, I wonder how true this is, and what comes next.

  58. rosie Avatar

    Sometimes I get the feeling that much of the angst of urban professional aborigines is they didn’t get first pick of the houses on St Georges Rd.
    We lost our land.
    A very non-spiritual view of ‘country’.

  59. calli Avatar

    I hope the “blast” lasts. In in Wales and then Cornwall next month.

  60. P Avatar

    Cancel culture’s war on tolerance
    By Dr Kevin Donnelly – May 21, 2023

    That the tenor of public debate has been debased is beyond doubt, as proven by the number of personal and vitriolic attacks against those daring to argue “no” to the referendum incorporating the Indigenous Voice in the nation’s constitution.

    The Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson, for example, describes the leader of the opposition Peter Dutton as an “undertaker” and the Liberal Party as committing a “Judas betrayal” for arguing against the referendum.

    Even more insulting and offensive is Pearson suggesting the Liberal Party’s Julian Leeser, in arguing against giving the Voice the power to influence both parliament and the executive government, wants to force Indigenous Australians to be tattooed or made to wear a badge on their clothing.

  61. Miltonf Avatar

    Don’t think I’ve been in a public library for decades.

  62. rosie Avatar

    Any news on the compulsory acquisition of Calvary hospital?

  63. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Those drag queen story hour stories don’t write themselves. Oh wait, now they do.

    Striking Transgender Hollywood Writers Picket Outside Netflix Offices: ‘Give Us Trans TV, Not ChatGPT’ (19 May)

    Striking transgender Hollywood writers and their supporters targeted Netflix offices in Los Angeles on Thursday as part of the Writers Guild of America’s ongoing work stoppage against the studios.

    Dozens of transgender writers congregated outside Netflix’s building on Sunset Boulevard near the 101 Freeway with WGA strike signs reading “They/Them Causing May/Hem”; “Give us Trans TV, not ChatGPT”; and “My pronouns are pay/me.”

    My pronouns are no/hell no.

  64. rosie Avatar

    I’ve only visited with grandchildren.
    The curating is predictably green left.
    The ACT one even had videos in the children’s section on child transitioning.

  65. Miltonf Avatar

    Why do these activists keep their British names? I don’t get it.

  66. Miltonf Avatar

    Getting rid of council libraries and cutting rates would be good. It’s like being forced to pay for the ABC.

  67. Miltonf Avatar

    Good article at spiked about the sharp suited, soft handed London lawyer ‘sir’ Keir Starmer.

  68. Eyrie Avatar

    If there is diesel, there will be petrol. Otherwise what will they do with the petrol fraction of the barrel of oil?

  69. bons Avatar

    I love the way ‘Please Explain’ depicts Pocock as the brain shocked musselbound simpleton with his head still in the scrum.

  70. Dot Avatar

    My pronouns are (f^%$ you,) pay/me…

    Ah yes, I too sometimes identify as Tommy de Vito/deSimone.

  71. Perplexed of Brisbane Avatar
    Perplexed of Brisbane

    May 20, 2023 at 8:16 pm
    I feel sick just posting this.

    A wind energy company has pleaded guilty after killing at least 150 eagles

    A conundrum for the green types. Save Gaia by fans. Kill Gaia by fans.

    Maybe they will have to start putting grilles around them like domestic fans?

  72. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Aunty Joy Murphy.

    I suspect it is pronounced Anti-Joy Murphy.

    I presume the AFL spectators were similarly outraged – Welcome to Country ceremonies and QWERTY rounds being so close to their hearts.

  73. shatterzzz Avatar

    Don’t think I’ve been in a public library for decades.
    My back fence adjoins the local library .. can’t remember the last time I went in there …
    always get my books from op-shops ……!

  74. lotocoti Avatar

    Has Parramatta apologised for ruining the Rabbitoh’s indigenous round?

  75. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “First they came for the women …

    The Queers Versus The Homosexuals”

    It was always about children and access to children. Andrew Sullivan says what another gay man, Andy Ngo, also says. However. there’s a difference between Ngo and Sullivan, Andy has the foresight to ask the hard questions that Sullivan really doesn’t want to ask, because Sullivan is still caught up in the rah rah of the 1970s and 1980s “gay rights” successes, but deep down I think Sullivan knows what started this and where it will end up. I heard Sullivan on Spiked last year saying that there will be a backlash. However unlike Sullivan, Any Ngo is prepared to state the obvious, that perhaps the push for gay rights helped ignite and foment this current “queer/trans” gunk, and that maybe this “queer/trans” gunk is an inevitable consequence of the push to destigmatise homosexuality, the push for SSM, gay adoption, gay surrogacy and so on. I feel sympathy for many older gay men and women, they fought long and hard for basic rights and now those rights are being steamrolled and eroded by drag queens reading to children and cocks in frocks.

    I’ve been thinking about “gay rights” lately, specifically male homosexuality. The push for “gay rights” began in the 1960s and really mushroomed in the 1970s when many countries removed penalties for gay sex and so on. However, when AIDS erupted in the 1980s, many of us knew the obvious, that the disease was a direct result of promiscuous gay sex and gay lifestyles originating in bath houses and in the heady steamy gay cultures of San Francisco and New York…caveat….AIDS wasn’t started by lesbians, lesbian culture is not promiscuous and lesbian culture is not a threat to children. Gay men refused to take any personal responsibility for AIDS, although a few brave gay men such as Larry Kramer did speak the bleeding obvious about gay promiscuity and urged gay men to stop having sex. Whilst not all, many gay men are predatory, gay sex is brutal and animalistic (Mark Latham’s words are 100% correct) and gay men can have hundreds if not thousands of sexual partners. I remember speaking with a rabbi about this decades ago. As in Christianity, Judaism doesn’t hate the homosexual person, what it frowns upon and condemns is the homosexual lifestyle and particularly, the homosexual sexual act which is considered barbaric and animalistic, and given what many gay men do, that’s a tad unfair to animals. It’s fair to say that the 1980s and the AIDS crisis was probably the last opportunity we had to put gay militancy back in its box, instead various governments fell for the spin and lies of the various nascent gay lobbies and insisted everyone was at risk from AIDS. That has always been a lie. The gaslighting about homosexuality took off in the 1980s, to protect gay men from any blame for AIDS, even though most of the population knew who was to blame. I have often thought gay male sex to be fundamentally anti-nature and when you treat nature with such contempt, nature will reply in a very cruel way.

    I remember a terrible argument in my home back in about 1991 or 1992, I can’t remember which year but I clearly remember the argument, I had a gay friend over along with a female friend, who was and remains quite a left of centre feminist. The gay man was quite insulting about women and our body parts, the plain truth is that many gay men are insulting about women, many don’t like us and many like to make casual derogatory remarks about female genitalia which is why I find Alex Greenfilth’s delicate perturbations about Mark Latham’s blunt words a tad hypocritical because knowing gay men as I do, I find it hard to believe Mr Greenfilth himself hasn’t said derogatory words about vaginas, vulvas and so on, but I digress, this gay friend made a comment that day about how it didn’t matter how you contracted AIDS, everyone deserves our sympathy in exactly the same way. I remember feeling the tension in the room and then it exploded because my female friend said that was ridiculous, her sympathy lay with someone who contracted AIDS via a blood transfusion, not someone who’d gotten the disease by shoving his dick up another man’s arse in some bathhouse in Darlinghurst. They nearly came to blows and both said to me later that I was to make sure that they were never in the same room again. But you see, my female friend (who’s still a friend, the gay man is not) was right, and therein lies the rub, we’ve indulged homosexuality for the last forty years, even during the AIDS pandemic. We let the genie out of the bottle and it’s running amok, and we are unable to contain it. However, as Andrew Sullivan at least recognises, there will be a backlash, there will will a reckoning. How and from who? Well, we can’t look to conservative parties across the West, they are utterly captured, a perfect example of this capture was last week, when the state member for Brighton in Victoria, a man named James Nobody, probably excited because he’d just managed to help expel a “terrorist” mother of four children from the party, was vewy, vewy upset because he didn’t receive an invite to the ‘drag queen reading to children’ event at parliament house in Melbourne. Yep folks, that’s the sorry state of so called right of centre parties across the west. I used to think the reckoning wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, but now I’m not so sure, perhaps I will see it given the way progressivism is causing the West to hurtle off the highway and down a steep cliff. And what will that reckoning entail? Well, it’ll involve a few factors but the biggest….Islam. They won’t kowtow to this, and for that they have my respect.

    Apologies about the long rant!

  76. Top Ender Avatar
    Top Ender

    Can anyone attending the footy or similar large gatherings where these Country ceremonies are held advise? Does the crowd shutup and listen?

  77. Indolent Avatar

    Apologies about the long rant!

    Kudos, not apologies. Very well put.

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