Open Thread – Tues 23 May 2023

Harbour of Trieste, Egon Schiele, 1907

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  1. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Friday fright night.

    Impressive and worrying at the same time.


    You Are Watching a Movie

  2. JC Avatar

    Should be in quote

    That may be so, but if I refuse to interact with them then I reduce my chances of getting 0.9 of a litre of fuel when I am paying for 1 litre. I also reduce my chances of getting food from a hot box that has been a week past its use by date.
    I won’t do business with people whose culture permits them to lie and cheat, and has been part of their culture for centuries.
    I’d think it a fairly rational decision.

  3. Robert Sewell Avatar

    Dover Beach:
    Are you OK with me forwarding the original message?

  4. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Govt Covid Stupidity

    I’d wonder how many times would the turtlehead drive into a service station and immediately determine the site is owned by Indian folk and therefore won’t buy his usual 4 litres of 95.

    Someone doesn’t know the owner of every servo within a 300km radius.
    Some folk do know their local merchants & suppliers.

  5. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    caveman says:
    May 26, 2023 at 7:37 pm
    Just watching the swans n carlton start ,the welcome to country spiel just said that the digiknees invented what is now known as AFL.


  6. Farmer Gez Avatar
    Farmer Gez

    You can’t fiddle with fuel bowsers.

  7. JC Avatar

    Obviously, those “thieving Indians” aren’t people he does “ business” with so he doesn’t know them.

    Who drives into a service station and asks the background of the owners, numbnuts?

    I suppose you’re sympathetic to these sort of lowrent racist diatribes. For that matter who cares where nurse Betty buys his 4 litres of petrol a week.
    Also, stop insinuating yourself in discussions which are not your concern.

  8. mem Avatar

    Has anyone actually ‘seen’ said abuse? Or is it just in the head of a ridiculously overrated ABC media petal?

    Do remember that Tan is about to publish a book and publicist has probably told him to get his profile up. Create a bit of a stash at ABC, take leave on pay, attend writers festival, complain of being victimized, do an interview or two, then back to work at ABC , then launch his big indigenous book prior to referendum. Yep, job done.

  9. Robert Sewell Avatar

    Fair enough.

    Gulgong doctor Nebras Yahya told the local ABC that contract negotiations had broken down because the health district wanted to reduce his pay by 40 per cent and support more patients with telehealth.

    What you’ll find is that a lot of these places can get doctors, but only at prices and conditions they want to pay. And frankly the deal isn’t worth what they want to pay.
    What you’ll also find is a lot of these small places can get nurses – some of whom are old farts and really know their stuff, but they also get youngsters who through no fault of their own just aren’t up to the whole Remote Area business and are working outside of their scope of practise.

  10. JMH Avatar

    Do remember that Tan is about to publish a book and publicist has probably told him to get his profile up. Create a bit of a stash at ABC, take leave on pay, attend writers festival, complain of being victimized, do an interview or two, then back to work at ABC , then launch his big indigenous book prior to referendum. Yep, job done.

    mem – can’t ague with what you’ve outlined here. I reckon you are more than likely on the money.

  11. calli Avatar

    Quantum of Solace on Gem. It’s the most visually beautiful Bond film. Excellent cinematography. Wolfman will have to do the Bonds one day, and everyone will have a different opinion.

  12. Robert Sewell Avatar

    Colonel Crispin:

    It took a while but I eventually discovered that pattern is the transgender pride flag.

    The yellow bit was pineapple (crushed) I would hope.

  13. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Friday fright night.

    I reckon within a year, discerning deep fake videos from reality will be increasingly difficult with the use of CGI.

    Obviously this clip is fake because your brain says f*ck off! … a store that big? The tech at disposal now is incredible. A few teaks to avoid mirroring and repetition and bingo! The potential fool people is real. Damage can be done with people that are easily manipulated. Daily television watchers are the first port of call.

    However, once people find out this tech does exist, and is exposed … how long can it last?

    Backrooms – Level 232 (found footage)

  14. Farmer Gez Avatar
    Farmer Gez

    Felt like a bowl of ice cream and only vanilla in the freezer. Good quality strawberry conserve in the pantry.
    Why the hell didn’t I do this before?

  15. Robert Sewell Avatar

    I’ve forwarded the original email for you.

  16. Crossie Avatar

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:
    May 26, 2023 at 3:32 pm
    “They fight with each other, they’re disrespectful, they’re entitled”
    A black Jamaican shop owner in Montego Bay shared secret eye-rolls with me after she’d had to put up with a particularly awful display of entitlement in her shop from a loud black American tourist.

    I must admit that in my travels the only rude American I encountered was a black female academic, brusque and sour when I tried to talk to her while assigned to the same table for lunch, almost as if she didn’t want to be on the tour.

  17. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Wolfman will have to do the Bonds one day, and everyone will have a different opinion.

    My cousin drove me past Ian Fleming’s house once. It was a privilege.

  18. calli Avatar

    I think of all the franchises that litter our screens, but the Bonds have to be the most successful and consistent by a country mile.

    Only a matter of time before the culture orcs get to it.

  19. mem Avatar

    Has anyone else noticed that the word transition/transitioning is now being used for dying or passing, as well as “regendering”. How do I know whether my young nephew is dying or mutilating himself when he says Aunty Mem, “I’m transitioning”?

    “This news of Sheldon Reynolds transition is very sad for all of us who knew and worked with him,” Bailey wrote on Facebook, praising his fellow Ohio local while including a photo of the band’s greatest hits sheet music book.

  20. WolfmanOz Avatar

    calli says:
    May 26, 2023 at 8:39 pm
    Quantum of Solace on Gem. It’s the most visually beautiful Bond film. Excellent cinematography. Wolfman will have to do the Bonds one day, and everyone will have a different opinion.

    Already done Bond.

    As for Quantum Of Solace, agreed it’s is visually outstanding . . . but as a Bond film the 2nd poorest Daniel Craig film (the worst was the last No Time To Die).

  21. JC Avatar


    As a former Vicpol cop, obviously suggesting you’re a genius (just kidding), can you explain how the base loser ( the Turtlehead) would know he was being diddled by .1 of a liter? No fuel gauge is that accurate. Perhaps, being a genius, you have the answer.

  22. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    May 26, 2023 at 8:39 pm
    Quantum of Solace on Gem. It’s the most visually beautiful Bond film. Excellent cinematography. Wolfman will have to do the Bonds one day, and everyone will have a different opinion.

    The Jason Bourne franchise came along and changed everything with Bond films. It gave then a kick up the arse and are yet to rival it.

    ( :

    jason bourne extreme ways music video”

  23. Robert Sewell Avatar


    As a contractor for thirty years I got ripped off A LOT. Especially when I was younger . Mostly it was over doing extra work for no extra money.

    Best comeback I ever heard was in a small country town where a new bloke machinery operator set up business. He quoted on a smallish job – removing old grid and gate and putting in a new one (supplied)
    Got the machinery out to the site and had offloaded when the owner turns up, notes he was already starting the job and says “I reckon we need to renegotiate the price.” and proceeded to knock a few hundred off the price.
    Young bloke says nothing, just digs out the grid, reefs it out of the ground, and hooks up the new one.
    Turns off the machine and stands next to the dirty great hole in the ground, and the pile of dirt blocking the road in, and says to the owner “I think we need to negotiate the price again. Ten percent more than I quoted, in cash, now.”

  24. feelthebern Avatar

    but the Bonds have to be the most successful and consistent by a country mile.

    The fast & the furious have feelings too.

  25. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    It gave them…

  26. P Avatar

    After our marriage in 1964, we would walk each Sunday evening from Mass at St Canice’s up Roslyn St in Kings Cross and on the corner of Darlinghurst Road, almost opposite our flat, we would purchase a book or two from the old second hand book seller. Over many months we both read every one of Ian Fleming’s Bond books. We both loved them.
    Our reaction to the films was different. I was always disappointed and my husband loved every one of the movies.

  27. JC Avatar

    The GOP for the 24 election lineup is incredibly good.

    Trump, De Santis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott. (Vivek runs a service station and steals a couple of cents a gallon, but otherwise he’s brilliant).

  28. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Lang’s estate wasn’t in great shape but I was told every train out of Tom Price was $300k I the bank. Don’t know how accurate that figure was.

    I’m reading Geoffrey Bolton’s history of Western Australia. Lang Hancock and one Charles Court were bitter enemies.

  29. calli Avatar

    Thanks Wolfman. Old Timers Disease…I’d forgotten about that (even though I’d commented). 😀

  30. Robert Sewell Avatar

    Milton F:

    Why are these repulsive, spoilt cry bullies indulged?

    To answer my own question, I think the Marxist establishment likes to rile ordinary decent people so when they fight back, or just express annoyance, the establishment can call them ‘racist, redneck, uneducated’ and deserving of punitive treatment. It’s been imported from the US I suspect like so many things that ail us.

    Yes, we have one here who indulges in abusive language so when the target of their anger replies in defence, he can scream at them to cover the fact he’s blown a stack of money on the foreign exchange game.
    It keeps trying to draw me out, but doesn’t succeed.
    9 attempts in the last month.
    It must be frustrating.

  31. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    I must admit that in my travels the only rude American I encountered was a black female academic,

    All but two of the Americans I have met traveling were Nature’s gentlemen and gentlewomen. I met an American transport magnate – the archetypal Southern gentleman, from South Carolina – who was surprised to find an Australian who had heard of the Civil War.

  32. cohenite Avatar

    Being a former cop, and occasionally reading the crap you post, I’m pretty certain you’re not very bright.

    I didn’t know you were a walloper before you became a shorter head prefect. That explains that firm but fair tone which infuses your comments.

  33. Robert Sewell Avatar


    What is encouraging is that the comments I have been reading elsewhere run about 99% to NO. I hope this manifests at the time we have to put pen to paper.

    When we finally find out the date the Referendum is held, the previous month will be full of tear jerker stories of how we are all racists for wanting Aboriginal children to starve in the desert, puppies and kittens denied their daily milk because the communities have no power to run their fridges, etc etc etc.
    There will be absolutely no questions asked about where the $34Billion has gone this year, nor the $100 Billion from the last three years .

  34. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    how we are all racists for wanting Aboriginal children to starve in the desert

    Didn’t you know? Aboriginal souls will be crushed if the referendum is defeated.

  35. Razey Avatar

    The first time the FFI

    This actually looks like a good specky on the ASX. Thanks man.

  36. Robert Sewell Avatar


    Have you heard of the Normans, Angevins & Plantagenets?

    Bit difficult to do business with them Dot.

  37. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    Dot, at 7.06 and apropos of the AK:

    If it hit the femur old mate would have been well oil beef hooked.
    It may simply pass through muscle with “minimal” damage.

    It might go in with minimal muscle damage. When it comes out the other side – that’s when it gets all explodey and ouchy.

  38. Crossie Avatar

    Bruce of Newcastle says:
    May 26, 2023 at 8:47 pm
    Wolfman will have to do the Bonds one day, and everyone will have a different opinion.
    My cousin drove me past Ian Fleming’s house once. It was a privilege.

    I was on a coach tour out of Portland, Maine that went through Kennebunkport. The coach stopped at a bay so we could take photos of the Bush compound. A nice pile.

  39. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    the archetypal Southern gentleman, from South Carolina

    He had some very witty, MOST politically incorrect jokes, told with a Southern drawl…

  40. sfw Avatar

    Poor JC, he sometimes posts stuff of interest, unfortunately he also seem to indulge in mind altering substances at times, then drifts into puerile abuse of those who don’t slavishly approve and join in his ad hominem attacks on others. He seems to think he’s some sort of wit, when in fact he just exposes himself as some sort of bitter and mildly intelligent person who fortuitously did reasonably well for himself. His favourite term of abuse is ‘turtlehead’. He has used this juvenile insult on those who don’t partake in his cheer squad. It’s sad really.

    Since his favourite targets have drifted away he has now decided that I’m to be next, I feel JC that you’re a low grade bully, you probably would’ve been the semi tough kid in school. The sort that had a ready insult or jest (at a juvenile level) to throw at those who wouldn’t bend to your will. Your followers would’ve been the low IQ bullies that had neither the strength nor courage to point out what a dick you were.

    JC, go ahead and throw all the insults you want, I don’t care, I know what you are, I’ve dealt with dicks like you for years. After I drift away from here you will do what all bullies do, move onto another target you perceive as ‘soft’. So keep drinking, keep up the puerile slanging off and slowly keep sinking, it doesn’t matter, you mean nothing to me and most others. If on the other hand you want to stick to what you know and explain yourself without insults, I’ll listen.

    Anyway I’m off to Historic Winton for the weekend, hoping to have a bike ready for next years event.


  41. Rabz Avatar

    Sacré bleu!

    A certain controversial opinionist and much loved Cat commentator* may have found himself inadvertantly pictured (by an all knowin’ surveillance state) on his seemingly interminable journey to Beijing to obtain (or otherwise demand with menaces) some mythical footage of events within a cellulite laden house sized bottomage blessed gliberal imbecile’s Ozzie parliamentary office in the early hours of Saturday 23 March 2019 …

    *Hint – he’s the one in the muddle … 🙂

  42. Crossie Avatar

    calli says:
    May 26, 2023 at 8:50 pm
    I think of all the franchises that litter our screens, but the Bonds have to be the most successful and consistent by a country mile.

    The first Bond film I ever saw at the movies was with my husband when we were still dating. We continued the tradition until he died. I have not yet seen the latest one.

  43. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    Meanwhile, Seven Nilligan is promising another round of anti-Catholic vilification on next week’s Four Corners. Yawn.

    Instead of Four Corners (who but a brain-dead Stalinoid would watch it anyway?) I think I’ll return to the High Court website to watch some of the High Court tearing Kerri Judd of the Victorian Office of Political Prostitution (sorry, Public Prosecutions) to shreds. It was a very enjoyable way of whiling away the Covid lockdown.

  44. Razey Avatar


    I’m an expert a scrolling past the moronic posts from the usual knuckleheads on here. I stay for the 20% of useful, insightful posting from the very smartest on the Cat. The 20% hit rate is a lot better than twatter or da ‘TV’.

  45. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    What’s worse than a 95 year old woman dying after being Tasered by the jacks in a nursing home?

    That would be a local buffoon trying to raise his profile by lying about being the ‘family representative’ when speaking to the media. Naturally. The Tele:

    A controversial activist is standing by his claims that he represents the Nowland family, despite a fiery clash with distressed relatives outside Cooma Hospital the night the 95-year-old grandmother died.

    Oh nice. Nice.

    Andrew Thaler was livestreaming on Facebook from the Cooma Hospital car park on Wednesday night as family members arrived to say their final goodbyes to Clare Nowland who had been tasered by police a week earlier.

    I’ve seen this pumpkinhead on the picture wireless, pretending to be the ‘family rep’.

    As he gave “developing breaking news” that the officer involved in the incident was going to be charged, a large car horn can be heard in the background. The horn came from a vehicle carrying family members.

    When the driver spotted Mr Thaler he reportedly accelerated and blasted the horn. Mr Thaler continued to record and approached the family members and became involved in a scuffle with one of Mrs Nowland’s sons.


    Police sources say Mrs Nowland’s children had asked last week that media representatives be notified that he was not speaking on behalf of the family.

    Despite this, Mr Thaler has been quoted in newspaper interviews and appeared on television across the country and internationally.

    Jesus wept. More front than Myers, this bloke.

    On Friday he shared messages he had received of abuse and made a post saying:

    “Cooma locals. This is tame compared to the abuse I’ve been copping from everywhere. The locals are the worst. Every single one of them are cowards. Cooma is the coverup town. I have permission to speak from members of the Nowland family. I have not received one single dollar for my efforts. We want truth.”

    I bet this dude’s a massive SovCit ocean-going Radio Rental nuffer trying to get his profile up, along with a raft of single-issue conspiracy theories that make Faulty look rational. At this family’s expense.

    This can’t last long.

  46. Top Ender Avatar
    Top Ender

    Ian Fleming’s Bond books are beautifully written. A real craftsman, but they move along well as stories too. Collected them all years ago.

  47. Rabz Avatar

    Old Lefty

    OL – you have a way with words and concepts that is very practical (and just bloody good, FFS).

    You have obviously renounced collectivism, what year might this have happened?

    This is not a “stroogle session”, Squire – just trying to find some common denominators here. 🙂

  48. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    Andrew Thaler, last week:

    Just days before the 2022 federal election, an independent candidate running for the seat of Eden-Monaro has pleaded guilty to intimidating a woman.

    Andrew Evan Thaler, 49, admitted he intimidated her with the intention of causing her to fear physical or mental harm while at Polo Flat in NSW, which is just outside Cooma, on 23 February 2018.

    Also Andrew Thaler:

    Thaler is a candidate in Eden-Monaro, currently held by Labor’s Kristy McBain.

    On the section of the Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) website that lists the seat’s candidates, he is described as a “Bitcoin Ecosystem Developer”.

    Sounds familiar. Also Andrew Thaler:

    On Thaler’s website, he says he has been self-employed in the scrap metal business for 25 years and is an electrical fitter tradesman whose skills cover “nearly every (blokey) discipline imaginable”.

    Very familiar indeed.

  49. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    Andrew Thaler:

    NIMMITABEL man and would-be politician, Andrew Thaler, has been called out by 2GB radio presenter Ben Fordham over Thaler’s claims he was a “spokesman” for the family of the elderly woman allegedly tasered by police in Cooma last week.

    Following the event in which a now charged police officer is alleged to have used a Taser on 95-year-old Clare Nowland, a resident of the Yallambee Lodge aged-care facility, Thaler made numerous posts and live streams on social media. He stated he was a “spokesman” on the basis he was acquainted with some family members.


    In describing him as “a long-time failed political candidate” and “a rotten character”, Fordham stated that “this lunatic does not represent the Nowland family – he is a pest… and a parasite.”
    In the livestream of the “highly distressing” incident, Thaler is heard to respond: “I’m not a nobody, I’m giving the world the news.”

    ‘Long-time failed political candidate’. Oh my word. I bet he’s got a newsletter.

    Canberra radio presenter Stephen Cenatiempo had previously warned Thaler not to call into 2CC after Thaler posted derogatory and sexist remarks about then Minister for Women, Regional Health and Mental Health Bronnie Taylor and then member for Monaro Nichole Overall.

    Really familiar country here.

  50. Robert Sewell Avatar

    Nearly one in 20 petrol bowsers audited nationally have been under-pouring petrol, according to the National Measurement Institute (NMI), meaning thousands of motorists may have been getting less fuel than they paid for.

    From 2019.

    Nine fuel retailers have been fined a total of $15,750, after being found short measuring customers during a national audit by the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

    In addition, $6300 in fines to a further three companies and, for some severe and repeat offenders, four referrals to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions are still being considered as part of NMI’s enforcement activities.

    From 2019 also.

  51. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    James Bond?

    The most underrated? George Lazenby.

  52. Rabz Avatar

    As he spouted “developing breaking news …

    … from his various orifices”

    The braindead lamestream meeja, Cats.

    Wilfully misrepresenting when not blatantly lying about various (alleged) events, again.

    Just don’t do it, you poor crazy kids … 😕

  53. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    Roger Moore destroyed Bond for me.

    I won’t be upset when he finally passes.

  54. Farmer Gez Avatar
    Farmer Gez

    Yes they’re inspected for accuracy and action taken if found to be out of spec.
    All the dodgy pumps were run by Indian roadhouse franchisees, eh Rob?

  55. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    Bond replacement

    I have always favoured Jason Statham. A voice coach could have killed that annoying whine of his. BUT … I think he’s too old now.

    Next choice is Henry Cavill. He can be suave and tough at the same time too.

    However, I believe the next 007 is a female.

  56. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    All the dodgy pumps were run by Indian roadhouse franchisees, eh Rob?

    Pay for 5 litres. Get 4.5 litres of fuel and half a litre of diarrhoea. On your pants.

    Which you then throw out the window.


  57. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    I’ll leave you with a Friday night song. I think I would like this played at my funeral. (Yes, the black dog’s back.)

  58. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Cop that cop. “marshmallow in a uniform” … not related to recent events.

    A great character in play.

    Raymond Reddington and officer Baldwin court scene”

  59. Indolent Avatar
  60. Rabz Avatar

    Goils that go out and play

    Beauty, Cats. It is being decreed as “exclusionary”.

    Collectivists – never losing an opportunity, imagined or otherwise, to divide people and set them against each other. A seeming paradox, yet it is not.

    They will all end up existing under the same unrelenting (soviet) grey mediocrity.

  61. Rabz Avatar

    I really hate communism, Cats.

    The three most obscene idiotologies to have cursed humanity are as follows:

    collectivism …
    … much, much daylight …
    … nayzeeism

    We are rapidly barrelling into a new dark ages, where collectivism with chinaman characteristics will be our future. At least it will finally give me an excuse to go full Hollweirdo on their California Bungalow sized backsayeedahs …

    Just Let me go! 🙂

  62. Pedro the Loafer Avatar
    Pedro the Loafer

    Bruce in WA @ 11.17pm.

    It’s late at night and the dark shadows sometimes appear unbidden.

    Your Celtic Woman’s Going Home is a great accompaniment to them.

    Mine is a lifetime of regret for one I left behind. The Bush Girl.

  63. JC Avatar


    Thanks for saying I at times post interesting stuff. You never do because you’re a boring old plod .

    I don’t have “favourite” targets .I found the Caribbean turtle’s comment about Indian people disgusting, dishonest and offensive so I responded . Trust a worthless former Vicpol schlep to find fault with my comment while fine with the Turtlehead’s..

    You must have been really really tough in that uniform.

  64. Pedro the Loafer Avatar
    Pedro the Loafer

    Cold night at Casa Pedro, a large log fire, a big fat overstuffed armchair and a bit too much Cab Sav brought on the melancholy.

    ‘Nite Cats.

    Tomorrow brings another sunrise.

  65. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    Mine is a lifetime of regret for one I left behind. The Bush Girl.

    Beautiful. My regret is more not being able to go back and say “Sorry. God I’m so sorry’.

    Goodnight all.

  66. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    ‘Nite Cats.

    ”Nite, mate’

  67. Muddy Avatar

    Hang in there, Bruce in WA.

  68. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    Hang in there, Bruce in WA.

    Yeah, I will. I’m going upstairs to give my wife a big hug and a kiss goodnight. She’ll wonder what’s got into me, but I’ll still get a big smile.

    Life can be good sometimes.

  69. Rabz Avatar

    Hey, Miss Personage – time may pass, but you will always remain Teats Peanuthead’s willing whore.

  70. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Tom is tapping his feet waiting for the new thread.

  71. JC Avatar

    Enjoy your time in Winton and don’t forget to wear the uniform.

    The turtle head posted a dishonest, disgusting account against Indian folk and I reacted.

    Tbank God that in your eyes it makes me a bully towards that worthless deranged heap of feces. You keep defending stuff like that.

  72. Black Ball Avatar
    Black Ball

    Terry McCrann yesty:

    Phew. Thank goodness for all that ‘free’ wind and solar electricity flowing into the grid – keeping price rises down to just 20-25 per cent for this coming year.

    Who knows what price rises would have been if we’d stuck with all that black and brown coal? Try, minus – to stress, that’s minus – around 75 per cent.

    For the last few years, the madness in the deliberate destruction of our electricity system has been like the boiling frog exercise.

    Prices have gone up relentlessly every year as we shut down and blew up the stations that delivered plentiful, reliable and cheap electricity; and we’ve sort of absorbed and adjusted to the ‘rising temperature’.

    But in the last year – and now, also, prospectively for the year to come – prices are ratcheting up dramatically. Suddenly the ‘hot water’ has become decidedly noticeable and even more ‘uncomfortable’ for 26m ‘frogs’. Do you think; do you really thunk, that there might be some – I dunno – vague connection?

    That all this supposedly ‘free’ electricity not only ain’t free at all, but is indeed pretty damn expensive?

    With anyone with a functioning brain – there’s a very, very long list of those, headed by our national twerp-in-chief Chris Bowen, that clearly don’t – it is not and quite simply can’t be ‘free’.

    At the most basic, the wind doesn’t turn into power behind that switch in your home; the sun doesn’t shine directly into your appliances.

    You have to spend money, you have to build things, to turn the wind and sun into electricity, just like any other form of electricity apart from lightning.

    But it gets worse, albeit in a way that’s difficult to comprehend to Bowen et al.

    If you want to use a lot – even more, all – wind and solar – you actually have to build two generation but also to some extent distribution systems.

    That’s all the so-called turbines – actually, just lazily rotating bird-killing blades – and solar panels, which do a passing good job of frying assorted wildlife.

    Then in addition, you still have to build the real electricity generation system to provide the power when – have I written this before? – the wind don’t blow and the sun don‘t shine.

    This second mass of infrastructure could have been, should have been, used to be, the actual, first and only, power generation systems.

    The ‘second build’, of all those wind and solar so-called generators, is a complete waste of money.

    But also, money that has to be recouped in prices – when it’s not being recouped in billions of dollars of direct taxpayer subsidies; along with the basic reality that the free electricity is not only not free but the most expensive you could invent.

    The proof of this is laid out in stark and undeniable terms in the AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) statistical record.

    Back in the early 2010s, electricity was coming out from almost entirely real power stations, at a wholesale cost of around $30 to $40 a MWh, from SA to Queensland.

    In 2022 it was between $80 and $160; in 2023 so far $105 to $150; and who knows what in 2024.

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