Open Thread – Christmas 2021

Adoration of the Shepherds, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, 1650.

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  1. Crossie Avatar

    It seems a lot of people in my area bought fireworks. It’s fabulous!

    Happy New Year 2022 and may it be kinder to all of us.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Happy New Year, fellow Cats! A blessed farewell to the challenges and science of 2021 and a big hello to 2022 and the opportunity to do better.

    It can’t be that hard.

  3. MatrixTransform Avatar

    thank fuck that’s over

  4. Arky Avatar

    thank fuck that’s over

    It’s not over until I say it’s over.
    I hereby declare this year as 2021 Part 2: The Shittening.

  5. Thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Is it too early to remind people that hope was the last of the horrors in Pandora’s box and soon 2021 will be “ the good old days”…

    Hope everyone has a better one this year anyway.

  6. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Just the same beat over and over again for hours and hours.
    Doof Doof Doof, de de de de doof doof…

    They’re playing the same music next door – in protest, I’m playing “Chanson Des Partisans” and “Tiens, Viola Le Boudin” at full throttle , but I don’t expect their tiny, uncultured, little minds to have the slightest idea….local cops will be along soon…

  7. Arky Avatar

    Or is it 2020 Part 3: The Shit Strikes Back?

  8. Rockdoctor Avatar

    Happy New Year y’all…

  9. Thefrollickingmole Avatar

    200 people rioted in Feraldton on Boxing Day.
    In Rangeway.
    Which explains why it’s both not really reported, and everything you need to know about who was likely to be involved.

  10. Arky Avatar

    .. They’re playing the same music next door

    Music? You’re a generous man.

  11. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure

    Arky’s neighbours must have brothers, who live next door to me.

  12. Crossie Avatar

    I think Arky’s neighbours have family in every suburb in Australia, I’m surprised my neighbour’s house is quiet tonight, must be at someone else’s party.

  13. Indolent Avatar

    Happy New Year everyone.

  14. Arky Avatar

    It’s so bad, I’d kill for bagpipes right now.

  15. MatrixTransform Avatar

    wished the missus a happy new year and held out my arms
    she moved in, “pash… pash … new year’s pash”, she says.

    lasted a second

    dont pash or everybody gets covid

  16. Arky Avatar

    Oh great. It’s coming back around to that part that sounds like someone tipped five kilograms of half inch UNC nuts and bolts into a washing machine…

  17. Rabz Avatar

    Happy new year, Cats, although it will probably be worse than the last two years combined.

  18. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    It’s so bad, I’d kill for bagpipes right now.

    If somebody can link to the howlingly lovely Scots lass, preforming “Loch Lomand”…

  19. Rabz Avatar

    Arks – just go with it, Squire. Grab the heaviest pot or pan in the kitchen you can quickly rustle up and start bashing your head with it.


    Think of it as an example of performance art, if nothing else: “Arks re-enacting Australia’s response to Bat Flu from February 2020 on …” 🙂

    You know it makes sense … 😕

  20. areff Avatar

    Tina Arena doing in Black in Black sorta sums up 2021.

  21. srr Avatar

    Dug out the dirt in 2021, planted the little feller’s tree in 2022, found the pup to be as solid with all manner of nearby explosives going off as the dog. who’s as solid as a rock, joyfully chatted with the distant family … I hope everyone has a New Year as grand as all all the other stuff I’m not free to talk about.

  22. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Tina Arena doing in Black in Black

    what’s with the space suits?

    that was weird

  23. MatrixTransform Avatar

    one thing I noticed in the burbs was that it was very very subdued

    things aint right

  24. areff Avatar

    missed the space suits.

  25. Arky Avatar

    Next door neighbours gone to bed.
    My turn, bitches.
    The chain, Fleetwood Mac, Fucking eleventy.
    Anyone else want to fuck with me?

  26. Arky Avatar

    You loving me now, fuckers?

  27. Arky Avatar

    Listen to the wind blow, homos.

  28. Arky Avatar

    Watch the sun rise…
    With a hangover to the tune of a two stroke at full noise…

  29. bespoke Avatar

    December 31, 2021 at 11:55 am
    On “niceness”. I take your point. Some of us are natural (or perhaps more accurately, acquired) peacemakers.

    The need to be seen as ‘nice’ can be very toxic. On the extreme end you have battered wives repeatedly forgiving and ending up dead. It can make you blind to the obvious sines.

    Every one of those cases likely has an enabler that thought he was a quiet, helpful etc.

    When people continue to excuse/enable out of solidarity they forget there are other parties involved that bare the real world consequences.

    And we’ve both read many stories of men and women who are very good at playing the victim exploiting genuine empathy.

  30. Arky Avatar

    I can go days without sleep

  31. Arky Avatar

    Hear that?
    That’s Stevie Nicks.
    Screeching her syphillitic lungs out.
    Get used to that.
    That’s all you are going to hear every time your head hits the pillow.

  32. Arky Avatar

    I can still hear you say, you’re never going to break the chain…

  33. srr Avatar

    If they can do it in California, what the hell’s wrong with Australians –

    Royal?Peasant @Shazlandia
    Here’s how it’s done?
    After thousands of parents and children refused to comply, the California School District was forced to reverse its COVID19 VaccineMandates, after a San Diego judge struck down the order.

  34. Arky Avatar

    Bespoke actually becomes literate after midnight.

  35. Arky Avatar

    Damn your love, damn your lies…

  36. Arky Avatar

    Whiskey, baileys and milk.
    Don’t judge me, cunts.

  37. srr Avatar

    Happy New Year, New Mind & New Life –

    The role of doubt in a life of faith | John Lennox

    Jan 1, 2022
    The Veritas Forum

  38. Arky Avatar

    Running in the shadows…

  39. Arky Avatar

    Teeing The Chain up for the fourteenth time.
    You feel me?
    Doof Doof Doof it ain’t’t.
    You likey?

  40. Arky Avatar

    People who mistake me for a nice guy make a huge mistake.
    A warning to the terminally stupid and the musically illiterate.

  41. Arky Avatar

    I know you have had it hard.
    All the best to you in 2021 bloke.

  42. Arky Avatar

    Or 2022 even.

  43. Arky Avatar

    Alcohol poisoning.
    Great way to start Thea year.

  44. Helen Avatar

    Yeah well hope this year is better for you one and all

    No brilliant would be better

    Hope this year is brilliant

    Some brats with crackers woke me up at 12.30 I thought about ringing the police and then nah what sort of an old bag thing would that be. Go for it chillen.

    Now I smell smoke, best check the house is safe.

  45. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure

    Just closed up now.
    Verrrry quiet, far more quiet than could normally be expected.

    Vaccination requirement to enter a pub is I believe the reason for extremely low public turnout.
    Wasn’t just my place. The street was dead. Nobody had more than a half-dozen or so people, at best.
    Traffic of almost zero.

    They’ve spent 2 yrs upending everyone’s lives.
    Then…. they walk away from the whole Covid caboodle, coz numbers have got out of hand & they’re unable to cope with the spread, so redefine “contact” as having been more than 4 hrs in a clinch with a confirmed case, and they just walk away from everything, coz too hard. Testing doesn’t matter, isolation doesn’t matter, thousands nay tens of thousands of cases and they shrug shoulders; “Take panadol &.. er.. don’t get in touch again

    Not that long back just one case was enough to have them shutting down entire cities, contact tracing (albeit ineptly) every supermarket and newsstand a positive tester visited, & generally putting on a panic like as if Milat was on a spree.

    Now it’s “meh”
    Yet today cops came & checked vaccination certificates, lectured the pub next door as if he’s a truculent child in case he’s forgotten about the vaxx mandate. (ffs; they really have no idea what life is like off the govt teat: Since the day of the vaxx mandate his trade would be reduced by 70% or more & he’s laid off several staff)

  46. Gabor Avatar

    Hey Tom!
    Just in case you haven’t noticed, you are on the old OT.

    Happy New Year, one an all.

  47. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    I don’t think the Black Prince was a Director if its the guy I’m thinking of

    A retired senior officer?

  48. Arky Avatar

    Now I remember why I stopped drinking heavily.
    Because I become a complete raving lunatic arse.
    Sorry everyone. Sorry..
    Sorry neighbours.
    Sorry 2022.

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