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  1. Rorschach Avatar

    I was half listening to the NSW Health presser when McAnulty was asked (right after a question on alternate modelling that cases will skyrocket over Christmas once restrictions are lifted): “Without weighing into the debate … what are the health benefits of of only having vaccinated in cafes and restaurants?”.

    McAnulty: Mumble Mumble greater good etc and left the stage abruptly.

    Two things:

    What debate would that be? That vaccines are useless for preventing spread?

    We see how politicians and minions handle media – if you as a verboten question, question time ends (and you have nothing for your editors).

  2. Top Ender Avatar
    Top Ender

    Meanwhile in sunny Queensland #1:

    A terrified anonymous eyewitness at the scene said about 40 men arrived in cars on her street, got out and then start attacking each other with weapons.

    “They had shovels, metal poles and huge swords and were attacking each other and smashing vehicles,” she said.

    “They were very, very angry and yelling at each other in a foreign language that I couldn’t understand.

    “This is a quiet neighbourhood I’ve never seen before.

    “It was very scary. It was like it was a scene from a movie.”

    She said the men involved appeared to be of South Asian appearance.

    Meanwhile in sunny Queensland#2:

    A 16-year-old boy has been charged after allegedly stabbing a young woman multiple times as she sunbathed on a popular Mackay beach.

    Police allege Kaitlin Jones, 23, was sunbaking on Blacks Beach on Monday morning when she was confronted by an unknown male who then stabbed her multiple times in the neck and body.

    A 16-year-old boy later handed himself into police, before he was charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm late on Monday night.

    He is due to appear in the Mackay Children’s Court on Tuesday.

  3. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Re. Skanki Markson….after her editorial on Sunday night attacking Rowan Dean then interviewed her buddy Kerryn Phelps re. Covid. Phelps is a GP…she is not an expert in epidemiology or infectious diseases. Skanki had been going on about the Covid threat to small children….there is NO significant Covid threat to children.

    I note that last night Rita Panahi….filling in for Alan Jones… what I think was a deliberate dig at Skanki, last night had on someone who is an expert in infectious childhood diseases.

  4. 132andBush Avatar

    Zipster says:
    September 14, 2021 at 11:34 am

    Anyone hazard a guess as to the gender of this bugmen?

    Not sure.

    By the appearance I would suggest Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker cooked it up in their lab, after first providing an equal share of starter DNA.

  5. John H. Avatar
    John H.

    September 14, 2021 at 9:46 am
    uh oh

    US removes its missile systems out of Saudi Arabia | Latest English News Updates | WION

    Will be deployed to Guam, Okinawa, and the Philippines. Stuff Saudi Arabia, rich enough to defend themselves.

  6. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Old School Conservativesays:
    September 14, 2021 at 10:45 am
    H B Bear says:
    September 14, 2021 at 8:12 am
    Poor ol’ Mavis. Even he is having trouble with the Liars as Bambi attempts to keep her snout in the trough at Teh Paywallian.

    Why does such an insightful writer like Mavis leave out of his excellent critique of Bambi the key question – what hold does Bambi have over the faceless men?

    Squirrel grip?

  7. Barking Toad Avatar
    Barking Toad

    ACT Chief Poo Denter has extended lockdown for 4 weeks until 15 October.
    Based on medical advice.
    FMD these people are insane – there’s a couple of people in ICU – probably with other problems.
    Looks like BWS will be getting a longer workout.

  8. Top Ender Avatar
    Top Ender

    As Frolicking alludes to, bands on tour were routinely swarmed by groupies in my experience as a sound and lighting tech in the 1980s.

    I was working at a concert of one of the biggest Aussie groups when the tour manager decided before they kicked off, to get some girls. He went out to the backstage loading dock where swarms of them were congregating. The howl that went up as he opened the door and went out was like something from the Colosseum. When he held up his arms and shushed them silence fell. He announced that six girls “to see the concert from the wings and to party with the band afterwards” were required, and this time the crowd response was as per baying wolves.

    From the look of the girls they were all about 15. For all I know this is the same today.

  9. Barking Toad Avatar
    Barking Toad

    Bull Shitten on Fox advocating Covid Passports to get a feed etc.
    After all, we have drivers licences and to go overseas you need a passport.
    GAGF you fat titted pretend jogger!

  10. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Moo loos.

    Researchers are toilet-training cows to reduce ammonia emissions caused by their waste (13 Sep)

    To potty-train the calves, a process they dubbed MooLoo training, the research team with scientists from FBN, FLI (Germany) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) worked backward. They started off by rewarding the calves when they urinated in the latrine, and then they allowed the calves to approach the latrines from outside when they needed to urinate.

    Over the course of a few weeks, the research team successfully trained 11 out of the 16 calves in the experiment. Remarkably, the calves showed a level of performance comparable to that of children and superior to that of very young children.

    I’m trying to think of a Merkel and Ardern joke out of this story but maybe that would be unwise.

  11. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    More Chips excerpts.
    Lots more at the link.

    Was anyone in the English upper classes not a fruit or pervert?

    Saturday, May 2

    I went for a preprandial stroll in the blue and green loveliness of Kelvedon and I was assailed by strange longings, longings almost unmentionable! I am becoming more sexual.

    I thought I would have given anything to be taken into the woods here, stripped and then whipped by a fat middle-aged severe woman! Why does one have such urges? Such strong, impossible desires. Do all men have them?

    Sunday, May 3

    Mrs Harris, mother of four children and wife of my gardener, has become a hoyden or perhaps harlot in her husband’s absence, and the soldiers here run after her like dogs after a bitch on heat.

    Tuesday, May 5

    The King should never be allowed to broadcast: it is deplorable and he sounds almost idiotic.

    Friday, June 12

    I found Jay Llewellin [an MP and minister] in my bed and he stayed and loved me for an hour — now this morning I am tired.

  12. 132andBush Avatar

    Kerry Chants DNA.

    This +This

  13. Barking Toad Avatar
    Barking Toad

    “I’m trying to think of a Merkel and Ardern joke out of this story but maybe that would be unwise.”
    BoN, Monty Python would have a ball with that.
    Derek & Clive would be even better.

  14. Winston Smith Avatar


    Beijing Biden Moves to Spy On Everyones’ Bank Accounts Using Tax Evasion as an Excuse

    It would appear he’s accepted advice to double down on the agenda now becuase the mid-terms are going to be very ugly.

    I think you’ve called that one correctly.
    The Democrats thought they would be able to get their agenda through by stealing one election, but it’s not working out that well for them.
    They forgot that having the FBI, CIA, the Military command apparatus, the House, the industrialists and the media, would deliver the marxist/fascist State they wanted to impose on the US.
    They didn’t count on the most powerful bloc in the country – the People.
    With Marxists, it’s the one thing that always bring them undone – the little people. Their Paradise on Earth and the Perfectability of Mankind will always founder on one thing – Human Nature.
    We just don’t get along with tyrants.

  15. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    new open fred
    All the cool kids are there.

  16. sfw Avatar

    My latest audiobook is ‘Friday’ (1982) by Heinlein, written after his peak but just before he began turning incredibly long inane books that didn’t make much sense. Friday and her boss are discussing the decline of civilisations. He foresaw Australia in 2021.

    Decaying / Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms:

    Particularism. It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it is not the whole population.
    Losing Faith. Before a revolution can take place, the population must lose faith in both the police and the courts.
    Economic. High taxation, inflation of currency, and the ratio of the productive to those on the public payroll. A country is on the skids when its income and outgo get out of balance and stay that way – even though there are always endless attempts to wish it away by legislation.
    Silly-season symptoms. Like a law that says it is illegal to be naked in your own home, if anybody can see in. Another example, it is against the law to refuse credit to a person merely because that person has taken a bankruptcy. Laws like this are unenforceable and cannot be repealed, either. Any law that cannot be enforced weakens all other laws. Treating credit as if it is a civil right.
    Violence. Violence, Muggings, Sniping, Arson, Bombing, Terrorism of any sort, Riots are obvious symptoms. But little incidents of violence, pecking away at people day after day, damage a culture even more than riots that flare up and then die down.
    Conscription. Conscription, slavery, and arbitrary compulsion of all sorts; imprisonment without bail and without speedy trial round up the package.
    Number one symptom of a Dying culture: Rudeness.

    A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot. The symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health or poor breeding, but as proof of his / her strength.

  17. Crossie Avatar

    hzhousewife says:
    September 14, 2021 at 11:16 am
    They’ve done it for footballers plus WAGS.
    The WAGS who agree to go are prostitutes when they know that there are people unable to travel similar trips to see dying relatives. They could try to negotiate substitutes and at least prevent people dying alone.

    WAGs are not chosen for their brains or compassion by no-brains footballers. What is amazing is that the league’s PR people did not see the potential for an enormous media coup. I’m starting to think their PR people are chosen on the same criteria as WAGs.

  18. Winston Smith Avatar


    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty
    Sovereignty? What sovereignty?

    That $34 Billion a year will make for some nice tax cuts for us all.

  19. Winston Smith Avatar


    Enforcing trivial and absurd demands, the purpose of which is to develop the habit of compliance [my bolding]. (a) Forced writing – Most P.W.’s are required to write and rewrite answers to numerous questions – frequently, exceedingly trivial questions. They are given only very general instructions and forced to rewrite answers over and over again until “an acceptable” version is completed. In this way, the tendency to seek to understand and satisfy the interrogator’s wishes [my bolding] is fostered.

    Very much the same technique used by Jihadists with victims getting the heads cut off and appearing nonchalant about the process. No one sees the preceding thirty or so attempts to lull the victim into a false sense of security.

  20. P Avatar

    1:10pm Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney –
    The Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 14th September 2021

  21. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    More Chips excerpts.

    Good Lord!
    I thought that was satire.

  22. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    maybe she and women like her

    Yes, CL, Hairy was also outraged that Rita kept up this linguistic pretense.
    I pointed out that she would probably be in breach of some anti-discrimination laws and be removed from her role at Sky if she didn’t stick to the very precious pronouns. I agreed with Rita that having a separate ‘trans’ league would be the only way out of the current impasse, for it was disgusting to see a man floor a woman and punch her in the face bleeding copiously from the blows while the crowd were supposed to see it all as OK. Rita was clearly distressed by it, and so was I. Hairy was completely outraged and wanted to punch out the guy doing it. The before and after pics of him were revealing; he’s been a male bodybuilder, he’s lost weight but not his still strong musculature, as shown by the ‘match’, which was no match at all.

  23. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Damm. I came here to say “New Fred” but got seduced by Chips.

  24. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    we will never meet again

    Cassie, Rabz, Jupes, Tinta and other Cats from Cat Drinkies, we will all meet again, at ours if there’s no sensible pub open. We intend to return to normal social life. There will never be a QR code/Vaxx status passport on our front door.

    I’ve just had my second AZ jab this morning.
    To maybe protect me, my choice. It doesn’t have to be yours.

  25. Old bloke Avatar
    Old bloke

    Rabz says:
    September 14, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Incidentally, there was a 6.3% swing against labore in Fowler in 2019. Be interesting to see the extent of the swing against labore that Bambi inspires.

    If Cossack ran as a candidate in that seat he’s have a good chance of winning. He’s been making a lot of noise about the tight restrictions in western Sydney compared to the eastern suburbs, and the plight of the ethnics in Fairfield and surrounds.

    If he picked up 20% of Labor’s vote, quite possible with KKK as their candidate, and engaged with those who are politically disenfranchised (18% informal vote last time), his primary vote would exceed the Liberals, whose preferences would get him over the line.

    Unless, of course, the Liberals preference Labor over Cossack.

  26. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    So I’m warning youse all, jabbed or not, I could still be a double-jabbed Covid Carrying Kitteh.
    Are ya still gonna let me hug youse hello? 🙂

  27. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Old Bloke

    Unless, of course, the Liberals preference Labor over Cossack.

    The UNiparty will always, always, UNite to protect mutual interests.

  28. Arky Avatar

    I agreed with Rita that having a separate ‘trans’ league would be the only way out of the current impasse,

    No, the way out is to ban the discrimination that is female only leagues.
    If women are equal, they have to compete with men in all things.
    If they belong in police forces, infantry regiments, fire departments and the cold hard world of politics, then they belong in the same sports leagues as male athletes.
    If that means the end of women winning Olympic medals, getting paid to play tennis, soccer etc. SO BE IT.
    Then, maybe the over 50% of the population who have come to believe all sorts of stupid things about the equality of humans will be forced to face the truth: the only respect in which men and woman are equal is that they are so in the eyes of God as are all humans are by dint of being human beings.

  29. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Unless, of course, the Liberals preference Labor over Cossack.”

    Which is precisely what they’ll do. The Liberals will also preference the Greens over Cossack.

  30. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    I remember how the Liberals preferenced the Greens before the Australian Liberty Alliance in the October 2018 Wentworth by-election.

  31. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    If Cossack ran as a candidate in that seat he’s have a good chance of winning. He’s been making a lot of noise about the tight restrictions in western Sydney compared to the eastern suburbs, and the plight of the ethnics in Fairfield and surrounds.

    Yes. Gladys should halt this ban on movement between LGA’s so that more people can get to enjoy the facilities of the harbourside areas, the beaches and bushland reserves. When overseas and we see private beaches were are always both proud and smug in announcing that in egalitarian Australia there are NO restrictions on entry to ANY of our beaches. Times long gone, under current tyrannies. Small LGA’s are particularly badly served, without the parks and other amenities of the bigger ones. No-one’s going to get Covid in smaller groups outdoors anyway. And a car trip with the family makes a Covid safe and pleasant day’s outing.

  32. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    we are ..

  33. Bons Avatar

    hzhousewife at 11:26.
    Congratulations. By far the most telling comment on the whole Covid tyranny.

  34. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    I remember how the Liberals preferenced the Greens before the Australian Liberty Alliance in the October 2018 Wentworth by-election.

    Yes. You only have to look at their ‘preferences’ to see how they are thinking. And be completely turned off them.

  35. cohenite Avatar

    A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot. The symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health or poor breeding, but as proof of his / her strength.

    NK is very polite. Despite being a student of the greatest literary figure ever in the world, Jane Austen, who had as a theme that good manners were a form of morality, I think the left have so undermined the conventions and destroyed prevailing morality that you cannot be polite to them. Too many conservatives think being reasonable and well mannered in discussions (sic) with the scum of the left will enable you to prevail. It won’t. The left laugh at manners, decorum, politeness. Look at how they react when gutless media types apologise for something they did 20 years ago. For the left manners, decorum etc is a weakness and a sign they can continue to attack.

    Nor can you wait until the left turn on themselves, which they do. You have to understand that the left is implacable because this is all they do: attack and empower themselves. Nothing else counts or matters to them. They may cloak their disgusting acts and words in moral causes but it’s all bullshit. They hate you and want you dead.

    Fuck them.

  36. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    September 14, 2021 at 1:42 pm”


  37. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    Even Prince Andrew is hiding from the Democrats. The Family doesn’t have much firepower these days.

  38. Old bloke Avatar
    Old bloke

    A question regarding the indemnity afforded medical practitioners dispensing the jab….

    Anyone who takes the jab has given their “informed consent” to partake in this vaccine experiment, and the medical practitioners are not liable for any resulting damages.

    How does this “informed consent” work? I’m not aware of all the reported adverse events following injection of these concoctions, but they are about three or four pages long. If someone went to their GP and requested a vaccine, is the doctor obliged to read out all reported adverse events to properly inform their patient of the associated risks?

    Every vaccine injection would then entail a lengthy consultation, is this what is happening?

    Should a patient suffer harm as a result of the vaccine, and if their medical practitioner didn’t alert them to the possibility that such harm may result, then the patient did not give his or her INFORMED consent. Could the patient in this case sue the medical practitioner?

  39. Rorschach Avatar

    It will be most instructive to watch the Cali Recall Election count tomorrow. I am predicting that the outcome will be not known on the day…

    There is already a LOT of scuttlebut re improprieties.

    And I suspect that they [the DS leftards] may underestimate the amount of steal necessary.

    There are signs that the left is on the nose BIG TIME. The chants at the stadium, the disrespect at the 9/11 memorial … and compared to the crowds that greeted DJT wherever he went, the crowds gathered to diss Biden are huge. Here is one form Cali just recently:

  40. cohenite Avatar

    The great Jennifer Marohasy has a post at the Spectator about the GBR. I can’t post there so this is my response backing up what Jennifer has said:

    There has been NO increase in sea temperature around the GBR and into the Pacific ocean around the East coast of Australia as a comprehensive BOM study shows.

    As Jennifer points out there was NO GBR until a few thousand years ago: see Sahul Time maps:

    Recent studies show the main impact on the GBR is FALLING sea levels:

    The GBR is part of the propaganda of alarmism. As with other parts of alarmism there are no facts in that propaganda.

  41. Rorschach Avatar

    The great Jennifer Marohasy

    Yeah … I love Jen. The times on her blog were great! [Those were the days where Bird unleashed against the climate pushers… he was SENSATIONAL value then!]

  42. Rorschach Avatar

    Could the patient in this case sue the medical practitioner?

    I am guessing that these will be very interesting questions in the future. Of course – I’m saying that in hope … hope that the totalitarian gov’ts allow that!

  43. Farmer Gez Avatar
    Farmer Gez

    Howard would ask himself –
    “What would Menzies have done?”
    Morrison –
    “What’s the plan Scooby?”

  44. Winston Smith Avatar

    Cassie_ I have a strong suspicion that bird shit on us her last night…

  45. Winston Smith Avatar

    Boambee John:

    We are no longer in the 1960s, when the Goulburn school closure threat worked.
    After the confiscations of private farming land to save the ‘vironment were approved by the High Court, confiscation, without compensation, of the religious hospitals would be hard to stop. At the least, it would involve a series of court cases, and few, if any, state constitutions include “just compensation” clauses.

    The first paragraph was the most significant – the States can do whatever they want, it’s the Feds who are hamstrung by the law and our Constitution. (Yeah – Our Constitution – what a damn laugh.)

  46. cohenite Avatar

    Just following on from my previous comments about why conservatives are getting beat – basically because they still think there are rules – here are a number of short essays at the American Greatness site all dealing with this failure of tactics by conservatism against communism and the left:

    At one level the right has fought so hard, in wars and by just working and supporting the Western infrastructure that a combination of entitlement and reliance on that social structure has led to ennui and laziness. The left are nothing if not energetic. The right has contented itself with some speeches, some articles and letters to the editor while the left through violence, subversion, intimidation and Gramscism, has captured the very institutions the right expects to protect them. Those institutions are now owned by the left and being polite won’t get them back.

  47. Indolent Avatar

    filling in for Alan Jones

    Any news on how he is and when he’ll be back? We seriously need him.

  48. Winston Smith Avatar


    Biden is steadily removing support for US allies across the world. This is a deliberate act to open the oilfields up to China.

    O’Biden/Harris – the best investment China has ever made.

  49. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Cassie_ I have a strong suspicion that bird shit on us her last night…”

    You mean he came here?

  50. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    You mean he came here?

    It stands to reason that he’d try again eventually.

    Bird is rat-cunning and revels in the grief and anger he causes. He’s actually worse than Grigory. Because Grigory, for all his nastiness, will actually pull his head in when called out forcefully enough. Bird just persists with ever-escalating calumny until he is smashed back into Timeout Corner.

    He hates not having a platform (despite having his own blog, which has seen no traffic since 2016), so feels compelled to come and wreck ours. I’ve no idea why, as he has admitted his beef was with Sinclair.

    Sinc has no influence or directive power over the running of any Cat, so that excuse is gone.

  51. Winston Smith Avatar


    That would be it calli, bought a grater for mum yesterday to make mock fish – potato.

    I bought a grater for an old mate who is blind – he reckoned it was the most violent story he’s ever read.
    boom tish.

  52. Winston Smith Avatar

    TopEnder/ZK2A/Boambee John:

    At the same time, one Army Reserve Platoon commander noted that, of his whole platoon, there were five issue rain jackets……

    I understood the RODUM system was supposed to stop these sorts of things happening.
    Has the issue been sorted out?
    It really does show the contempt for the common soldiery that the system fails to fix such an important issue.
    I suppose we can always buy some from the Chinese.

  53. Winston Smith Avatar

    Rex Anger:

    What is the rule now in Viktoristan?
    Country folk can travel, but not into Yarragrad? Or Vicki-verka?

    It duzzenmatta, Rex.
    As soon as you get used to the Rule, it will change.
    That’s one of the stages of subjugation.

  54. Winston Smith Avatar

    A link to the Greenwald article where he dissects the hypocrisy of the Faceless Serving Class.
    If the article doesn’t enrage you, then you are emotionally prepared for the Marcist* Regime heading your way.
    *Marcist = Marxist/Fascist blend of Corporatist Tyranny. (It’s clumsy but someone with more imagination can think of a blend of the next collectivist disaster to befall Mankind.)

  55. Winston Smith Avatar

    Bruce of Newcastle:

    The government had given a dozen contradictory or unclear statements on the use of domestic vaccine passports in the past ten months since Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi first mentioned that they could become a part of Britons’ everyday life, to which Michael Gove, later to become the head of a review on vaccine passports, had told media the following day: “I certainly am not planning to introduce any vaccine passports and I don’t know anyone else in Government [who is].”

    The eight classifications of coercive interrogation are:-
    (a) Isolation
    (b) Monopolization of attention
    (c) Induced debilitation and exhaustion
    (d) Cultivation of anxiety and despair
    (e) Alternating punishments and rewards
    (f) Demonstrating omniscience and omnipotence of captor
    (g) Degradation
    (h) Enforcing trivial and absurd demands
    Source: “Communist interrogation methods.“
    Which one is being used?

  56. Winston Smith Avatar

    “I want out, and if a reverse pineapple up the quoit is the only way for politicians to save face , that will have to do.”
    I don’t think so, unless the politician is the one getting the pineapple and I am administering it, then OK.

  57. calli Avatar

    Guys…new thread…yesterday!

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