1,513 thoughts on “Open Thread- Weekend 16 Oct 2021”

  1. ZK2A:

    Who could be deported if the new laws passes?

    A very good case would be for the makeup of the tribunal to become public. Then to gaol them.
    What Tribunal is this, anyway?

  2. Cassie Of Sydney:

    Bolta shows greta tarting around a night-club; let’s hope some soyboy knocks her up and she fucks off.”

    I think even soyboys have better taste and more sense.

    Cassie – the motto of an 18 year old male with a gut full of beer and a stiffy is “It’s not her personality I’m after.”

  3. Dover Beach:

    Old bloke says: October 18, 2021 at 2:41 pm
    CBD is dead!
    omfg … this video made my day.
    what a p1sser !!

    Not sure what is happening here, but when I attempted to go back to the link, the pages appear to come up in no sequential order and I was unable to access this particular page by using the new comment/old comment link.
    It’s been doing this since the site started and while you’ve managed to cure most of the issues, this one keeps arising.
    Using Brave on Win7 because I’m an old Fogy.

  4. ZK2A:

    Israel has been accused of assassinating a Syrian intelligence officer in the Golan Heights as part of its strategy of preventing Iran gaining a foothold there.
    An Israeli sniper shot Midhat as-Saleh, a Syrian former MP, with “treacherous bullets,” the Syrian government said.

    Jeez that’s sad. All those years funding and training nutcases to slaughter innocent Israeli families in their beds.
    Hope there’s a video I can put up on replay for my screensaver of the shot.

  5. Gab:

    Her daughter tried to get a priest in to administer Extreme Unction but the hospital prevented him doing that because ”she’s not close to death”.

    There are pricks in all walks of life.
    Our problem is identifying and terminating them.

  6. Fling Pigs:

    Can the Australian Military equivalent be trusted???

    I have very strong doubts that the upper echelon is capable of carrying out their duties.

  7. Tinta:

    The unfamiliar criticism and calls for journalists to engage in blanket advocacy of legislation did not sit well with journalists, who protested that they do not act as cheerleaders for a political party or a partisan agenda.

    The media is pissed off at being treated like the ten dollar crack whore it is.

  8. Winston! There’s a new thread over there >>>>>> waiting for your pearls of wisdom.

    This one’s dead as a post.

  9. Knuckle Dragger:

    It’c clearly obvious what will happen next. An all-chick ‘current events’ show, preferably with an also all-chick production crew.
    Expectation: A panacea of all-estrogen equality and fairness, with all assembled feeling strong and confident and supportive of each other, with absolutely no backstabbing or snide, back-handed compliments on age, hair, makeup, martial status or gunt.
    Reality: The opening fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

    IIRC… (Some Cats may remember this one from a few years ago.)
    There was a feminist who had an office business and she got rid of all the men because ‘way too much friction between the sexes”.
    The business folded after the office imploded from faction fighting, complaints, and just the toxic environment.

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