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  1. On board. It’s the catamaran Saint John Paul II built by incat Tasmania in 2019, the sea is calm and I feel fine.
    Train trip never got closer to the sea than one or two kilometres, pretty obvious why when I bothered to look at a map.

  2. After travelling today and catching up with my mate who I discovered is a lefty wit his second wife around and a conservative when se can’t hear I am scrolling back so only catching up slowly. The he’s a she or is it a she’s a he I do not know. I have only known 3 prostitues in my life and not in the Bibliacal sense. The first one a friend from a broken home with Daddy issues and a Mother who showed far too much to the male friends of her daughter. A young lady I worked with who had no skills but an immaculate body who thought that being paid for being laid was pretty good as she never got enough anyway. Don’t ask me. And a family member that was going bankrupt and her degenerate husband thought that would save their lifestyle and she couldn’t face the humiliation he was a bi sexual. As far as she was concerned it never happened. I no longer have anything to do with them. I’ve never understood this prostitution thing. Some guys I’ve known get off on it and some women can’t wait to give it away. Just seems strange to me, but that’s me.

  3. Pozzallo apparently has a few points of interest but on the trek from station to ferry only the abandoned remains of a castle a local noble family started building in 1930.
    And the footpaths have all been turned into little front porches so you have to take your chances on the road.

  4. My mates granddaughter visited recently, she spouted all the marxist bullshit a 14 yr old can. Taken to task over anatomical differences on the dog and the bitch he has, she could not distinguish that they didn’t choose their gender but accepted that the male couldn’t produce a pup. Did you notice that only the male lifts his leg and the female squats. Yes. Why do you think this happens. Reality hit the road. Next day, he produces a picture of a young girl. Granddad, why do you have a picture of me when I was little coz I never had a dress like that. See that picture of the room my great grandfather is in. Yes. Is that the same room your photo is in. Yes. That photo of you is over 120 years old and I don’t know who she is. Granddad you’re spooking me out. He doesn’t know who it is but its definitely his granddaughter 120 years ago. Amazing. My niece is the spitting image of my grandmother.

  5. C.L. says:
    February 14, 2023 at 12:03 am

    Dover, thank you for Twitter link to Claes G. Ryn’s Hubris Kills Diplomacy.

    Same here a great read.

  6. An observer can be deeply suspicious of Russia and, most recently, greatly bemoan its invasion of Ukraine and still regard U.S. policy toward Russia as a tale of arrogance and missed opportunities.


  7. Ed Casesays:
    February 13, 2023 at 10:09 pm
    What’s Jacinta Price’s grounds for opposing The Voice?
    She started out touring with Labor renegade Warren Mundine, now she’s switched camps.
    What’s Price’s claim to fame?
    Has she any achievements to her name?

    What’s your claim to fame?
    Have you any achievements to your name?

  8. Got to start valentines by swapping spit with 13 nubile ladies (Uni girls) and 5 hairy miners.

    Minesite D&As, you filthy perverts…

  9. At a bar, Tony’s, using WiFi because my Italian windtre refuses to work. I even tried turning it off and on.
    First task will be a new sim, I have directions so there’s that.

    I’m near the ferry port for Sliema to Valletta ferry, a mystery solved.
    Everything is in English, there is even a Mark and Spencer shop next door
    Also the Maltese word for Queen is Sultana.

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