Rabz’ New Year’s Eve Radio Show

Cats – it’s New Year’s Eve 2022.
Let’s have some celebratory tunes. Preferably songs we may not have heard during the course of this most infuriating year.
Here’s hoping that 2022 is better than 2020 and 2021.
An idle hope, it may be.
However, we can still bring in the New Year with a burst of optimism, misplaced or otherwise.
Bonus points for those nominating their favourite track of 2021 and why.
No prizes for guessing mine! 🙂

Old Parliament House “set on fire”

Police officers stand in a line in front of a burnt door.

The Australian left are as stupid as the American left and just as vicious and malicious. This may be the most disgusting story I may have ever come across in Australia in many years: Old Parliament House’s front door set on fire a second time as protests in Canberra continue. Not even for the first time, but the second time. And if it is the second time, this was no accident but deliberate. What a repulsive lot these people are. I found this particularly striking.

Commander Linda Champion from the Australian Federal Police said the fire likely began during a smoking ceremony performed by protesters, which police were aware of and had approved to occur.

“There was a small smoking ceremony and that is something that we had agreed with a lot of the members who were attending each day as part of a peaceful protest,” she said.

“It then became a little bit out of hand and then when ACT police went to respond, that’s when it was greatly exacerbated.”

A smoking ceremony! In North America I can sort of see the point, since that is where tobacco comes from, peace pipes and all. But here? Such an unimaginative lot who have no ideas other than to destroy, with no concept whatsoever what it takes to build or to cherish one’s heritage and history, never mind the source of our freedoms and prosperity.

Firefighters clean the damage from a burnt-out doorway.

Firefighters clean up the fire-damaged entrance to Old Parliament House

Let me bring this added detail up from the comments with much gratitude to Cliff Boof. I knew none of this which will teach once again never to depend on the media to keep me aware of what’s going on.

“The Australian” reports that no arrests have been made.

On 10 August 2021 activists representing Extinction Rebellion committed acts of vandalism in Canberra. On 24 August, four of the activists had all charges “proven but dismissed” by Magistrate James Stewart. Magistrate Stewart remarked to one of the activists, Eric “Sergeio” Herbert, “Your actions arose out of peaceful demonstration to further local, commonwealth and world attention to climate change and the inevitable effects it will have on the world community”. Canberra ‘Duty of Care’ rebels have court cases dismissed or given $20 fines – Extinction Rebellion Australia (ausrebellion.earth)
The above link includes the following statement attributed to Herbert: “Today in the ACT court of law it has been reaffirmed that property damage and public disruption in this rebellion are required to enforce the law and protect the occupants of this land. This outcome has provided me with the unimpeachable understanding that the ACT Judiciary are willing to stand behind us as we enact our lawful indispensable duty to bring down this government through. That is our Duty of Care.”

So it will be interesting to see, if arrests are eventually made, how the ACT judiciary will react.

P.S. This bloke Herbert tried a similar trick in Newcastle a month later and was arrested but unfortunately for him Mark Latham’s missus was the Magistrate.

WolfmanOz at the Movies #2

Everyone loves a line and a quote from a movie

Whether it be dramatic or comedic there’s always a pithy line or two from countless movies that everyone can either relate to or enjoy.

One of my favourites, is from a now often forgotten comedy from the early 1930s, Dinner At Eight.

It’s still priceless in its’ timing and delivery:

Interestingly the movie’s screenplay was co-written by Herman J. Mankiewicz, most famous for co-writing Orson Welles masterpiece Citizen Kane.

So, what’s your favourite line and/or quote from a movie ?

Also, what makes it so special/memorable for you ?

Virus propaganda, or is it dimwittedness?

This morning’s editorial in the Australian: “vaccines remain Australia’s best weapon against infection. As chief medical officer Paul Kelly pointed out…two-thirds of people in ICU in NSW are unvaccinated.”

There are two things amiss with this sloppy statement. First, vaccines do not prevent infection. These days most people who become infected have been vaccinated. It’s just a matter of fact, which even journalists could discover if they looked. As a weapon against infection, vaccines are therefore next to useless, if not totally useless.

Second, Kelly’s statistic on the status of those in NSW in ICU’s is meaningless as it stands. Among other things, we need to know how many of those in ICU’s have contributory health conditions and, vitally, whether those health conditions dissuaded, many or all, of the “two-thirds” from being vaccinated.

ICU’s may be dealing with the same cohort of people: those with serious underlying health conditions. A subset risked vaccination. While a larger subset didn’t. It might still be the case that those with serious underlying health conditions are better off being vaccinated. But the statistic, as it stands, doesn’t reveal that. It certainly, as it stands, says nothing about the benefits of vaccination for those without such underlying health conditions,

I don’t know the facts. Kelly maybe does. In any event, we are not being told.  What we have is yet more superficiality. I’d call it propaganda, but that’s maybe giving too much credit to the powers that be. Limited people quoting and requoting statistics that they don’t understand. A more intelligent and enquiring press would be handy.  

“If science can’t be questioned it’s not science, it’s propaganda”

In early November Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers caught the coronavirus and then announced he was going follow Joe Rogan’s advice and take Ivermectin.

Rodgers was back on the field a week later playing football.

That is from Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on Ivermectin: Many Teams Behind the Scenes Are Treating Players with Same Treatment That I Got. The Packers are the Green Bay Packers which is an American professional football team and Aaron Rogers is their star quarterback. That is, he is a multi-million dollar asset, whose availability to play on any given Sunday will have a major influence on the success of the team. 

And to keep him playing, they gave him Ivermectin, which is a treatment that is apparently used throughout the National Football League. 

Meanwhile football stadiums are filled week after week with maskless fans who have zero fear they will contract any of the Covid variants while sitting with thousands of others watching the game.

The Quest

Thinking of my boy who now has the requisite 2 kids and a mortgage and yesterday’s constrained xmas visitation to the new flat which they’ve just taken possession of.

We had to do the Rapid Antigen tests which were mandated or else we’d be the ones that ruined xmas. Of course, both the missus and I failed … well, we got zero which, these days is apparently a pass.

Anyways, it settled them all down except the daughter in law. Beautiful, creative, and intelligent, she still had to have the windows and doors open anyway. I suppose it was to give the virus easy ingress and egress and no reason Continue reading “The Quest”

Covid madness in a single moment

This has gone round the world a hundred times already but just in case you missed it. An astonishing confrontation between a crazed [maskless] woman and some male trying to get through a flight while drinking [and therefore also maskless]. It is women [and men] like her that are keeping us from returning to normal life, where we all just go on about our business.

The story is told more comprehensively here. She was also arrested when the plane finally landed.

And for what it’s worth, which is next to nothing to people like these, 150 studies show masks ineffective, harmful.

THE STORY CONTINUES: EXCLUSIVE: Raiders cheerleader turned high-flying realtor is revealed to be the ‘Delta Karen’ – arrested for vicious assault on 80-year-old passenger who took his mask off to eat (and she wasn’t wearing a mask either!). Naturally not covered by the American media but in the Daily Mail in the UK.

  • Delta passenger Patricia Cornwall was arrested by the FBI on Thursday after getting into an altercation with a male passenger for not putting his mask on
  • Cornwall, 51, was a former cheerleader with the Las Vegas Raiders, according to her social media
  • She worked as a real estate agent in Los Angeles but appeared to have relocated to the Florida panhandle in recent months 
  • The older male passenger had been eating at the time he was approached by an unmasked Cornwall and told to ‘mask up’
  • The pair shouted expletives at each other with Cornwall hitting, scratching and spitting at him during the row
  • She was then pulled to the back of the plane by crew members and other passengers where she was detained for the remainder of the flight
  • Cornwall was taken into custody when the plane reached Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Other passengers and flight crew members reported also being injured as a result of the attack 
  • An FBI source told DailyMail.com that Cornwall is due for an initial hearing on Monday at the Federal Courthouse in Atlanta 

What I had not known was the age of the mail passenger. That, too, is revealed.

A high-flying realtor who worked for Coldwell Banker and Berkshire Hathaway in California has been revealed as the ‘Delta Karen’ who was arrested by the FBI for attacking an 80-year-old passenger on a plane after he removed his face mask to eat – while she was herself maskless. 

Such an astonishing story is so many ways. It really is time to give up on masking the population. What is more astonishing to me is how everyone in America seems free to travel about, with or without masking up.

A Christmas Message from Zemmour

Here is a translation of Zemmour’s Christmas message completed by malmesburyman here. He’s well worth following on Twitter. The video appears at the end.


My dear countrymen, my friends:
Tonight, Christianity celebrates Christmas. But not only Christianity. For one need not be Christian to celebrate Christmas. It suffices to love the West in general, and France in particular.
The night of Christmas Eve begins the celebration of a civilization – ours – that has enlightened human history. A civilization that believes man is absolutely free, whatever his birth, his past, his environment, his path.

Continue reading “A Christmas Message from Zemmour”